Pheromone News March, 2003

March, 2003
Letter from the Prez:

Dear Readers,

Two issues in a row… and on time (more or less)!

Big news this month is the pheromone Convention in Las Vegas, Nevada. It will be held at the Tropicana Hotel (Hawaiian room 4) Saturday March 22nd from 1 to 4 PM. James V. Kohl, author of the definitive work on pheromones, Scent of Eros, will be our key note speaker and will be available to sign books and answer questions after his presentation. There will also be plenty of new products on hand to test, free samples, door prizes and more. Phil Stone from Stone Research Labs and I will be there too. Tickets are $10. at the door, but free to Love Scent pheromone Store customers and Forum members. Keep an eye on the Forum for further news.
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And, oh yes, don’t forget to smile!
Bruce Boyd
Bruce Boyd
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New from Germany

Pheromax unscented sprays
Large 14 ml spray with box and 2 ml covert atomizer hides in key chain.
Separate formulas for men and women.

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IN THIS ISSUE OF Pheromone News:

*Last Month’s Survey & Contest Results
*pheromone Q and A
*pheromones in Context (part 3) by James V Kohl
*This month’s “Free pheromones” Survey/Contest
*New Products –
*User Corner – Reader pheromone Stories




Malique and Chris P are our contest winners this month. Their surveys were selected at random and they have both won $30. worth of products from Love Scent pheromone Store. They have been notified by email.

What fragrances turn you on?

Women’s Responses:

* I love the smell of fresh cut cedar! My husband and I go out and cut all of our wood every year, and there is nothing like it!
– 30, Married

* I love Eternity on my husband. It drives me crazy.
– 29, Married

* My boyfriend . Not when he’s all sweaty or nasty , but when he’s had any easy day and I can bury my face in his hair of put may face on his chest and just a nice long inhale. I love the smell of HIM!

* Not too much expensive cologne, the whisper of it on a cheek, is enticing. If I like a man, every part of him smells delicious.
– 38, Single

* The scent of Canoe on a man, 4711 cologne, ylang-ylang, sea air, fresh-cut grass, dark chocolate and the way a man smells after mowing the lawn or the smell of his clothes after a walk in the woods in Autumn.
– 61, Divorced

* The scent that turns me on the most is when we are making love, I love to smell his body, all of it! That is when he is the most sexy to me.
– 50, Single

* You probably won’t believe this, but my favorite smell was my ex-boyfriend’s “natural smell”. I thought he smelled better the day after he took a shower.
– 28, Single

* I’m really into fresh-smelling citrus scents and tropical scents such as coconut. I also love that combination of sun, sand and water that you always smell like after a day at the beach.
– 19, Single

Men’s Responses:

* I’ve got to say that vanilla is probably the scent that most intrigues me. I’ve had a powerful affinity for it since puberty. A girl I used to fool around with was always doused in it, and I suppose the fragrance made an impression on me in the formative stages of my sexuality. It has a very feminine softness to it, and I’ve always associated it with sex.
– 21, Single

* Honeysuckle does it for me. Tangerine essential oil always makes me happy. Wonder what the two combined would do for me.

* Fragrance: ‘Cranberry scented lip balm from the Body Shop’. Perfume: ‘Tommy Girl’.
– 18, Single

* My ex-wife wore honeysuckle, and to this day the scent just has such a positive effect on me. Any scent that is overpowering is a turn-off. And anything that has a “sharp” alcohol-based scent is equally bad. The sign of a good scent is one in which you want to move closer to the wearer.

* CK’s Infinity always smells good on a woman. But you can’t beat that warm body smell that a woman has when she has just got out of a warm bath.
– 40, Single.

* The scents that turn me on…this is a funny question because a couple of years ago, I was dating a girl who was incredibly sexy, charming, and wonderfully adventurous. So adventurous that she was having adventures with other guys at the time. But to get even with her, I dated one of her friends. And they both used the same kind of lotion, a pear scent. From that point on I always joked that falling in love with a scent was safer than falling in love with a female. Because each time you met a new girl, you could entice her to use that certain kind of lotion, body spray, perfume, shampoo, etc, and it would seem like nothing had changed. The face would change, but the smell remains the same. My favorite scents for girls to wear now are light fruity summer scents. And Pear Glac� is at the top of the list.
– 22, Single

* Certain floral scents, especially roses and lavender. I read once where the scent of lavender also changes your brainwaves to alpha, creating a more suggestible state of mind.
– 64

* Vanilla turns me on. When I smell vanilla, or a scent with vanilla noticeable in it on a woman, I simply want to eat the woman right then and there. I’m not sure what I mean by “eat”, but it simply drives me wild, though not exactly sexually aroused.
– 33, Single

* The scent of tanning oil/lotion does something for me. Part of its attraction may be the whole context of carefree fun on a summer day at the beach and watching beautiful tanned bodies, but I think the intrinsic smell of coconut oil by itself is enough to evoke strong pleasant feelings in me.
– 39, Single

* I’m partial to the smell of sandalwood incense, probably because that’s the scent I used to put on, along with the candles, when my ex-wife and I were having a romantic evening. Even now the scent conjures up good memories.
– 52, Separated

Q and A:

Q: I have been told that pheromones are steroids, and in higher dosages have to be sold AS steroids (not generaly avaliable to the public), but lower dosages can be sold as a fragrance.

A: pheromones are steroids, as are cholesterol and DHEA and countless other day to day substances many of which you can pick up at your local health food store. There is a very distinct group of steroids which have been designated by law as “anabolic steroids” (meaning they are used for building muscles). These are strictly controlled and can not be purchased by the public. Other than those few, the legal system has expressed no particular interest in steroids that I know of. One steroid that was *previously* classified as an anabolic steroid and has since been released from that status, androsterone, is now used in some pheromone products. To be on the safe side, chemists at the plants where many of our products are made have consulted directly with the FDA to make double sure that there is no trouble using androsterone or any of the other pheromones used in the products we sell. On some occasions they have given guidelines as to how concentrated to make the products, but this is not written down in any laws that I know of, and I have no idea where they come up with these figures.

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Bruce Boyd
Pheromone News
Legal Disclaimer: I am not a doctor, and therefore none of the information contained in this newsletter should be construed as medical advice. It is only my personal opinion based on research papers and books I have read on pheromones, my own personal experiences and those of others who have written to me.
pheromones in Context- part three
By James Vaughn Kohl author/creator: The Scent of Eros

pheromones condition our visual response to pheromones from the time we are born. Each time we are exposed to pheromones through contact with others, pheromones cause changes in hormones that cause changes in our behavior. Scientists often refer to “critical periods” in our life, when the influence of our environment has more potent effects. When it comes to the effect of our social environment, pheromones can have extremely potent effects during these critical periods. Examples of the link between exposure to pheromones, changes in hormones and changes in behavior help to establish the validity of this approach to the development of our sexual behavior.

Puberty is a critical period during which changes occur both in the body and brain. As puberty approaches, boys and girls begin to take interest in members of the opposite sex, and courtship rituals run their course. This course varies little. It sometimes seems that we are programmed to exhibit certain behaviors, as we become more sexually mature.

Courtship behaviors include many examples of how pheromones influence us. When the opportunity arises during courtship, a boy will put his arm around a girl, which exposes her to pheromones from his underarm area. Next, we find the girl with her head on his chest, or we find him trying to get to her breasts. The breasts and the chest (especially a hairy male chest) are prime areas for pheromone production and distribution.

Things begin to heat up, more fondling occurs, and more skin is exposed. Heat increases pheromone production; naked bodies allow for more pheromone distribution. Sexual intercourse is the most likely result of a rather predictable sequence of events, which all seem to correlate well with pheromone production and distribution. But the link from pheromones to sex doesn’t end with intercourse.

The ultimate sexual intimacy is oral-genital sex. When we watch animals sniff each other’s genitals, we know that they are evaluating a potential mate. Any decision to mate will be based upon odor cues. If oral-genital sex between a man and a woman seems somewhat similar to the behavior of other animals, that’s because the production and distribution of pheromones from our genitals contributes much to our pheromone signature.

After examining the courtship sequence and links to pheromone production, it is more difficult to assert that humans are primarily visual creatures. Nevertheless, some people just don’t seem to fully understand the sexual significance of pheromones. It seems very unlikely that oral-genital sex would be a means to visually assess a partner’s attractiveness. What would we be looking for “down there?” A pheromonal approach strongly suggests that one of our most intimate sexual acts is driven by our need to satisfy our lust for the pheromones of a mate, and fully assess their reproductive potential.

One recent study showed that men prefer the scent of women who are in the most fertile phase of their menstrual cycle; the ovulatory phase when sexual intercourse is most likely to result in pregnancy. This phase also is when women are most likely to become sexually involved with someone other than their primary partner. Another study showed that women who go out dancing expose more skin (are more scantily clad) when they are in the ovulatory phase of their cycle. More skin exposure also means more pheromone distribution, especially when dancing.

Heterosexual women will frequently dance alone, or with another woman. Heterosexual men rarely, if ever, dance alone or with another man. Picture a scantily clad woman in the ovulatory phase of her menstrual cycle, one who is exposing more skin than other women on the dance floor. What is she accomplishing? By now it should be clear to you that she is sending pheromonal signals. These signals may go unnoticed by the men who are focused on her visual appeal. But pheromones affect hormone levels whether or not we notice them.

Since there is no direct link between what we see and hormone levels, we can be very certain that the underlying purpose of a scantily clad woman on the dance floor is to send chemical cues. These cues invariably become linked to her visual appeal. We think about what we see; and ignore the unconscious affect of pheromones on hormone levels.

We should not ignore the fact that dancing is a part of courtship behavior in nearly all, if not all, cultures. Undoubtedly, courtship dancing predates historical accounts of courtship. In Western culture, “fast” dancing with a female partner almost always occurs before a man gets a chance for a “slow” dance. Fast dancing heats up the body, increases pheromone production and distribution, and provides information about hormone levels to a dance partner. If the pheromone chemistry isn’t right, fast dancing will not lead to a slow dance. If the chemistry is right, a man and woman get the opportunity for even more pheromone exposure to their partner, and this opportunity helps them to further evaluate a potential mate.

We also should not ignore the fact that courtship dancing in Western cultures historically did not include fast dancing. Instead, ballroom type dancing prevailed. A sophisticated woman would never think about exposing more skin than any other woman exposes when dancing. So not much could be done to impress a man with her chemistry. On the other hand, ballroom dancing often included the raising of an arm, with accompanying exposure to pheromones from an area containing what has been referred to as a human scent organ. Next time you’re out dancing, think about why you’re there and what you’re doing as you distribute your pheromones.


Odds of winning are usually about 1 in 25
Survey/Contest time!


Big change of pace for this month’s survey. For one thing, this time *everybody* who sends in a complete survey gets a prize. As usual, we will pick two folks for the $30. product prize, but this month (and this month only), we will send out a small sample size packet of Scent of Eros pheromone gel to anyone who sends in a complete survey.

NOTE: We will *NOT* respond by email to completed surveys. (unless they win the $30. prize). We will *NOT* respond to any emails asking “Did I win?” or “Where’s my prize?” or “Please Fed Ex my sample” or “Did you get my survey?” or anything else regarding the survey. I am anticipating getting a LOT Of them and there just is not time. We will send the samples anywhere in the world, but *only* by normal first class mail. So they could take a while to arrive in some corners of the world and we won’t even start shipping them until we are ready to go to press with the results the following month. So, please be patient. The samples will get sent.

A little “if/then” logic for this computer age


A. You send in a survey
B. All the questions are answered
C. Your mailing address, including a name, can easily be found in the survey.
We will send you a sample of Scent of Eros.
Nothing happens

Don’t worry about getting spammed or junk mailed. We have never in the history of the company sent anything to anyone other than things they ordered or overtly signed up for. You won’t get any junk mail; just the sample, possibly stapled to a single sheet of paper. We also will not make your name public in any way. We only need it to send the sample to you.

The reason for the samples is that we would like to use the survey this month to get an idea of what sort of people are interested in pheromones. This is of interest to us for business purposes so we feel you should be rewarded for taking a moment to help us. We will put the collected data into next month’s newsletter. (without names of course)


1. Are you male or female?
2. What is your age?
3. What is your nationality?
3. What is your marital status? (single, married, etc)
4. What is your occupation?
5. How often do you purchase perfume/cologne of any kind?
6. Have you ever purchased a pheromone product?
7. If yes, did you find it effective?
8. How often do you purchase pheromone products?
9. Are you interested in or planning to buy pheromone products in the future?
10. If no, what is your interest in the Pheromone News?
11. What would make it easier/safer for you to buy pheromone products?
12. Any other comments about pheromone products or Love Scent pheromone Store?

If you would like a free sample of Scent of Eros pheromone cologne, include your name and mailing address here:

Thank you very much!!!
Bruce Boyd

Send your completed survey to:
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From Germany: Pheromax concentrate sprays.

At Love Scent pheromone Store, it seems we have spent all our time working on products that utilize the latest in pheromone technology and areas like packaging have fallen by the wayside. Every time the holidays roll around, I find myself scratching my head and wondering what it would be like to have a product that would make a nice gift. Well, finally we have something: Pheromax products. They come in two formats: 14 ml spray in nice solid silver and black box, and a 2 ml atomizer hidden in a very sturdy metal key chain. Very spiffy looking and very concentrated.
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Also, keep an eye on our forum for the latest Pheromone News.
pheromone Forum. Use the “search” function or just browse around.


User Corner

I am not that experienced using pheromones but I now know that Pheromax works! While talking to a hottie at a bar she finally confessed that all she could think about was kissing me. As long as you have some suaveness and don’t talk your way out of sex with a woman. Believe me, many guys do this by talking too much; take an interest in her as women love to talk. This is the edge you can use with confidence. Thank you love-scent for carrying quality products!


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