Pheromone News April, 2004

April, 2004

Hello Again Readers,

Whew! What a week. Thank God it’s Friday.
Sorry we missed you last month, but I’ll try to make it up to you today. So, without further ado….
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Bruce Boyd

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*pheromone Q and A
*Feature Article: Not all Roses
-Bruce Boyd
*New Products
*pheromones in the Cinema
*User Corner; Reader pheromone Story
pheromone Q and A:

Q: I am a 40 year old male interested in attracting women under 30. What product would you recommend? Is androstenol a good pheromone for attracting younger women?

A: It is generally accepted that you need at least a little androsteNONE (or possibly androsteRONE would do) if you want to score. The possible exception being very young guys (early 20s). To give you an idea of what I am getting at: androsteNOL has often been branded the “chattiness” pheromone. Thus the success of Alter Ego, NPA and Edge, all of which have sophisticated forumlas but lean heavily on their adnrosteNONE component for success. At your age, I would try one of these 3 products. Alter Ego is a premixed cologne. NPA is an additive product, which you add to your own cologne and Edge comes in several different formats.

Q: I can’t seem to get the products to work. I’ve tried everything. I’ve tried (pheromone Additive, APC, Passion pheromone Attractant). I’ve tried them by themselves, I’ve tried mixing. I go to clubs, and nothing happens. Any ideas?????

A: If that is the pheromone additive they call NPA you have there, that should do the trick. It is very good with APC too by the way. Try taking a hot soapy shower before you go out. Then put the NPA and APC together on your wrists. Rub your wrists together to work it in a little. Try that for a while and see what happens. Maybe vary the amount you use a little. Start small and work up to more and more.

If you are in your 20s or younger and/or big and/or muscular, probably NPA is too macho for you and you are making yourself scary. You need to back off into something like SOE. That you can get in packets cheaply.

If all the pheros seem to make no difference at all rather than making things worse, especially if you are young, then I would take a look at other issues:
Social skills
Hair style
Image you project (biker?, stock broker?, CPA?, jock?)

Also, botttom line is that the products are guaranteed to work. Don’t ever worry that you have been had. That will just make it harder to get results. You can easily get all your money back, no problem. So, just relax and have some fun. If it works, great, you got it made. If not, you get all your money back and maybe you learned something.

All the Best,

Feature Article: (reprinted from previous issue)
Not All Roses
-Bruce Boyd

I came across a fascinating article on the internet some time ago entitled “Can Animals Really Smell Fear?” by Sharon Lynn. On rereading it again this morning however, it finally dawned on me how crucial this information is to a useful understanding of the role that pheromones play in our daily lives.

To review for a moment, if you’ve been reading the Pheromone News, you may remember that pheromone production is closely tied to hormone production in the body. In fact, hormones are the building blocks from which pheromones are made as they (hormones) are secreted out of the body in our sweat and acted upon by the bacteria on our skin. Since most folks reading this e-zine are interested primarily in pheromones in their role as sexual attractant, we have focused mainly on the known sex-attractors, namely: copulins and the two andro pheromones (androstenone and androstenol). Quite naturally enough, these pheromones are strongly linked with the production of their corresponding sex hormones, but is that really all the information that is of interest to us as social creatures?

Here is an illustration. In the world of commercial pheromones for men, we are looking at only two available active ingredients, androstenone and androstenol. As the “andro” would seem to imply, in nature the production of both of these pheromones is directly related to the well-known male sex hormone, testosterone. And from what I’ve read, it seems reasonable to assume for the time being, that if a certain male is high in testosterone, he will be high in the popular male andro pheromones as well. Now, as you may or may not know, when professional athletes take “steroid” drugs, what they are actually shooting for (literally) is a dramatic increase in testosterone levels, which in turn is well-known for dramatically increasing muscle mass, strength, and endurance, AND apparently pheromone levels. So, does taking steroids automatically turn one into the hotest stud-muffins in town? Well, as we say here in Japan, “so nani amakunai” (it ain’t that sweet). After reading the article about animals and fear I realized the innate weakness of testosterone boosting programs as a means of achieving pheromone dominance. High testosterone may well lead to high sex pheromones (of which we know of only two so far), but can just as easily break down into any of thousands of other pheromones that may have positive, neutral or even very negative effects on our social situation. Towering youthful or drug-induced sex hormone levels are also linked to higher levels of the cortico-steroid or “stress hormones” in the body, which I am now convinced break-down into their own particular stress pheromones on our skin and breath. The message “I am seriously stressed out here” may be of use if you are waving a gun around and trying to get a bank guard to open a safe for you, but is not likely to get you where you want to go if you’re looking for the love of your life at your local church social.

“Stress pheromones?!?!” Smelling like fear? Don’t believe it? A writer and dog trainer for the “K-9 Academy, Law Enforcement Trainer’s Resource Center” says you can easily train a dog to “pick out people who are afraid” and continues: “a guilty person’s odor is coming out like a smoke bomb and smells of fear.” And another trainer, Morris R. Atwell, who works specifically with dogs that are being trained to find dead bodies, relates that although on occasion they have the opportunity to use “real live” dead bodies for training, when none are available, they must use dummies and a synthetic bottled scent (ie: commercial pheromone-like substance!). I swear I am not making this up…the fragrance goes by the name “Fear and Trauma.”

Woman at the fragrance counter (in a soft breathy voice): “Would you like to try our latest men’s cologne? It’s veeeery sexy! It’s ‘Fear and Trauma’ by Calvin Kline. They say it brings out your ‘inner cadaver’. It drives me wild! Try a little.”
Male Customer: “ know, I’d really love to, but um, you know..I promised my wife I’d straighten out my sock drawer this afternoon, and I really have to be going now…”

But in any case, don’t forget to smile!
New Products

pheromone gel packs
These are really great. They are single/double use packets which contain a non-oily gel version of several of our best selling products (more to come in the future). Easy to carry in pocket or purse and can be applied to large areas of the body after showering without overdosing and/or getting oily.
Go here to have a look:
You can also get a couple of freebies here today:

pheromones in the Cinema

–From “Don Juan De Marco” starring Johnny Depp–
It’s an old movie, but if you haven’t seen it and are interested in what makes romance happen and what makes it *not* happen as well, drop everything and run out and rent this movie NOW! In fact, you might want to buy it and maybe even memorize a few parts.

Here is Don Juan’s reaction to a question regarding the depth of his love.
“Have you ever met a woman who inspires you to love until your every sense is filled with her? You inhale her, you taste her, you see your unborn children in her eyes and know that your heart has at last found a home. Your life begins with her and without her, it must surely end.”

User Corner

Hello Bruce and company,

I just wanted to take a moment to let you know how PLEASED I am about my discovering your website and the pheromones! I read information on the forums and decided on SOE, NPA/w and PCC. Well, I AM DEFINITELY a SATISFIED customer! I LOVE what these products do for me alone, but it has boosted my husband’s interest in me as well! He has an acute sense of smell and realized that I was doing something different; I blamed it on a new lotion. Of course I spiked the lotion with NPA/w maybe too much. I have since added more lotion to the container to dilute the NPA!

I have experienced several “hits” outside home. On a recent trip to New York as I took a seat on the subway. The woman across the aisle from me started freshening her makeup after I’d been there for about 5 minutes. Later, on the same subway a young lady sat next to me and within a couple of minutes she too began freshening her makeup. Here at home just yesterday, while in the grocery store. I got a very definite “Hello” from a guy! At first I was shocked then I remembered I had on the pheromones! It was pleasant and returned an enthusiastic “Hello” even though my 10 year old son was right there with me.

I have just ordered EW because of the comments I read on the forum. I plan to continue using these products for a long as I can afford them. So far I’m ordering very secretively because I don’t want the hubby to know I just want the results! With all the raves about Alter Ego/w I will be purchasing this product next month for my birthday!

Thank you all!


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Bruce Boyd



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