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About the Cookbook and Disclaimer

This guide is intended for everyone browsing through Love Scent Pheromone Store’s Forum. I wrote it as a reference guide for all the pheromone dudes, be they newbies or gurus that summarizes and brings together all the wisdom written throughout all the posts at the forum. Obviously help, suggestions and corrections are more than welcome.

It is *not* meant, however, to be the definitive reference. There might be errors lying around, I did this in my spare time and nobody has paid me for starting it. In other words, I TAKE *NO* RESPONSIBILITIES for any actions of yours which were inspired by the reading of this guide. If there is an error on a mix recipe and you waste your products, it’s not my fault. If you apply too much cologne on your next date because I made a typo in the application section, and everyone avoids you like a stink bomb, it’s not my fault. If you however get the most of fun from your next date because of a killer mix you read here, it would be appreciated to notify the whole forum about the thing!

You can quote any part of the Cookbook on your next Love Scent Forum post without the need of crediting me; if you do it’s cool, but I’ll like it anyway. If you want to include any part of the Cookbook, or the whole of it, in *any* place, which is not a post on the Love Scent Forum, you *have* to include the header and the first section (which is the one you’re reading now) of the Cookbook, and the Love Scent Pheromone Store URL:

– Changelog:

(v0.5) Added:
Women’s section
Body language and hit spotting
Applying on skin vs. applying on clothes
…the usual typos extermination.

(v0.4) Added:
Whitehall’s “Wetter’s Better” recipe
PAN mix
DD Lite mix
“Less is better” guideline
Reporting hits in the forum
golem’s mantra for phero users
…even more minor typos have been exterminated.

(v0.3) Added:
Cologne spiking
-nol to -none conversion
How to store your products
…and some minor typos have been exterminated.

(v0.2) Added:
Copulins info
Actual mixing tips
Using standalone products
JB-X Guide by CptKipling
SoE Gel

Initial release

– People

I’ll also refer myself to some members of the forum, so let’s see who they are:

Bruce: This one is the man behind Love Scent Pheromone Store, Bruce Boyd. You have to thank him for having started the business, set up the forum and always providing new products, along with offering an unbeatable customer care. So thank him now. No, I mean it… Do it now.

JVK: James V. Kohl, a serious scientist who focus his research on pheromones. He is the author of “The Scent of Eros” book (of which I own one of the very first copies), and of the Scent of Eros (SoE) pheromone product. He is at a far higher level than anybody else in the forum, since he has all the scientific knowledge about the stuff.

Jambat: Also known as AtomicBoy, “hail to the king”, “mix wizard”, etc., he first got the idea of mixing two products to maximize the advantages and reducing the downsides of them. It’s the creator of many successful mixes.

DonaldDuck: Also known as Watcher, for some time he actually became sort of Jambat II, pushing new ideas and mixes. Now he’s active in the field test and has his own killer mix.

This said, let’s proceed.

– Introduction (short, don’t worry)

I first read about pheromones in a videogames magazine (I think it was C+VG?), back in 1995, when I was 15. They sounded interesting, and I took the time to surf the internet and find some valuable information; the hype that surrounded every web page about them was very similar: women would have started chasing you down the street and becoming crazily sex attracted to you if you were wearing the product advertised.

During the following two or three years, I tried four different products: an oil-based roll-top bottle pheromone product whose name I can’t remember, then a cologne that according to what I remember could be Yes for Men, then Contact-18, and finally one of the very first (and then discontinued) Erox’ Realm for Men small test packets (I still keep the empty envelope as if it was part of a collection).

The results I got from them were nonexistent. If one day I got what could be an interesting response, I would have applied lots and lots of the product the following day, only to discover that those effect wouldn’t replicate. Moreover, I simply stood still in local places, waiting to be laid, raped or anything by any of the girls there around. And nothing ever happened.

I got tired and forgot these products, damning myself for the money I had wasted. Not only I didn’t know how the stuff worked, I couldn’t share my experiences with anyone and thought that the whole the pheromones thing was a hoax. It must be said, however, that in these days several pheromone products *actually* were hoaxes, containing animal pheromones instead of man pheromones. Anyway, for me they seemed to be a loss of time.

Then, just some months ago, I casually discovered Love Scent Pheromone Store. The approach of this site was different from what I had seen much time ago; lots of info, lots of products to choose from, and a nice forum where everybody was talking about experiences, mixing tricks and pheromones theory, on which *all* mixes up to date are based. I said to myself “OK, let’s give them another try… If they don’t work even this time, I’m done with them”.

The rest is history, at least for me!

Contacts and information

If you are new to pheromones or are a first time user, please take a look at the Newbie FAQ and Product Guide first as these should answer most of your questions. If anything isn\'t answered properly here, or you want more information, visit Love Scent and browse the forum.

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