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I hope you enjoyed reading this guide, since I’ve spent some time writing it; I’ve tried to put here everything I managed to learn about pheromones, both from other members’ posts and from my own experience, but obviously this can’t be the definitive reference.

I’m sure I have forgotten something, and I hope that anyone who finds leaks/mistakes/typos/etc will report them, to make this guide a good starting point for newbies and a valuable reference for gurus.

Sorry for any grammar error! English is not my native language.

Bye and good luck with your mixes!


– Credits

Thanks fly to:

Bruce (for giving the Cookbook a stable home in the Love Scent Pheromone Store’s Reference Library)
CptKipling (for having written the JB-X Guide, and for his grammar check on v.0.1)
FerroMone (for his -nol to -none informative post)
Oscar (for his killer high-quality informative posts)
Theseus (for spotting a mistake in SoE Gel pheromone concentrations)
Tom (for making a little sense in the cookbook organization in v.0.4a)
Whitehall (for his “Wetter’s Better” recipe)
Everybody in the forum who tests mixes and reports hits!

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If you are new to pheromones or are a first time user, please take a look at the Newbie FAQ and Product Guide first as these should answer most of your questions. If anything isn\'t answered properly here, or you want more information, visit Love Scent and browse the forum.

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