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Appendix B – Whitehall’s “Wetter’s Better” Cocktail

For your pleasure, I’m adding a non-pheromones mix to the Cookbook… It’s the famous MOJO juice by Whitehall, I’ll let him introduce it:

“Here’s a cocktail recipe for the most effective female lubrication enhancer I’ve ever had the priviledge of enjoying. Yes, I’ve always wanted to be a bartender.


  • Damiana Liquor
  • Nexcite Soft Drink (contains damiana too, available on eBay; formerly Niagra)
  • Maraschino Cherries in juice
  • Crushed Ice
  • Big, tall clear glass (crystal prettiest)

In the bottom of the glass, place a little crushed ice and add two or three cherries and a little of the red juice to make a red layer at the bottom. Fill the glass half full with more cruched ice taking care not to disturb the bottom layer. Slowly pour the bright blue Nexcite into the crushed ice to make a blue layer. Fill the glass with more crushed ice and add the yellow damiana liquor. Add another cherry to garnish.

The result is a tall cool glass with bright red on the bottom, a layer of bright blue topped with a layer yellow – very pretty!

The effects were astonishing – my female friend, mid-forties, was gushing so the bed was wet and usually she needs some extra lubricant.

Damiana has the effect of genital warming plus it can make one a little dopey, like really weak pot. I’ve tried straight herb in capsules and/or the extract before a date and had unsolicited comments that my penis soooo hot (thermally). That can be very impressive to a woman – big, wide, hard, deep AND hot. However, I haven’t gotten any comments or noticed any change due to the cocktail recipe although I’ll keep trying. Women also can have genital heating from the straight herb or the extract – that’s another pleasant effect.”

Damiana Liquor is a well known natural aphrodisiac, but you might have trouble finding it at your place: if that’s your case you can order it online, starting from here:

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