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Appendix A – The JB-X Guide (by CptKipling)

It took a while, but now people seem to be trying this out in large numbers. Some have questioned it as the next JB#1, well, let’s see.

Introduction: The Theory
Jambat’s basic idea was similar to the creation to JB#1, but this had the potential to become a much more powerful mix, due to the already high concentration of -none in RM. NPA is renowned for getting strong, overt sexual hits, whilst in my experience, RM was a slightly less potent sexual pheromone product, but it has a great scent and gives good results in a professional environment. If these attributes could be combined, the result would be an excellent mix.

The Mix: Ratios, application, alternative use, etc.
The generic mix is 7 parts RM to 3 parts NPA (this ratio has been used with NPA in the past, and is known to be able to suppress the smell of pure NPA). Due to a mistake, the mix I ended up with was more like 3:1. This gives a more RM, which might prove useful because of recent speculation that NPA’s scent would blossom in the RM, with the NPA scent overpowering the RM.

Application is as usual. I stayed away from heavy arm/wrist application, as this can give a very potent “aura” around you. The places I settled on are behind the ear (1 drop each that should be spread to the upper neck), back of the neck (2 drops, spread across shoulders), and the forehead (1 drop). Be aware that this is a strong dosage, and should be used as the upper bound of application, and even then give it an hour or so to air before you hit the streets.

Sexual hits: An interesting alternative in application is to put a drop or two into your hair. This can be done when mixed with gel, or before styling. It is useful to increase the dosage of NPA, the scent of the gel (or whichever product you choose to use, I found that it doesn’t matter), will cover up the added NPA smell. Be warned that it will make your hair a bit greasy, so either pre-mix it with the hair product, or spray on after application of the product, before or after styling. I found that increasing the NPA dose was very effective for getting sexual hits, with no negative signs of an overdose.

Professional use: Slightly decreasing the NPA used will reduce the sexual potency of the mix, while still achieving the same respect as before.

Findings: General, friends (male/female), environments (work, shops, clubs, pubs etc), and effects on self.

In my personal opinion, this mix has lived up to expectations. It is effective in a wide range of environments, and best of all, it gives a wide range of reactions.

Male friends of mine have been more confident around me, but they have tended to be more respectful, more so with heavier NPA. There have been some slightly unusual -nol like reactions, such as increased chattiness and friendliness, but the change in male friends was negligible, probably as they already know my signature. Female friends (especially ones that I do not see that frequently) are a lot more touchy-feely and flirtatious, showing the typical reactions from a girl who wants to get a sexual reaction from me. This is something to be careful of, as they can tend to become frustrated if you do not react.

In the working environment, there have been definite signs of colleagues showing more respect, and I had to tone down the NPA dosage because I was getting the beginnings of some sexual reactions. My boss, who is a woman of about 55, at a guess, showed signs of increased respect and was hesitant to criticise my work. I would recommend a relatively weak dosage for use at work, to avoid any negative reactions.

When out in public places you will get a lot of very noticeable reactions, most notably: a lot of eye contact, DIHLs when a girl has been exposed to JB-X for more than a few moments, seemingly random physical contact etc. Once when at a small supermarket a girl come up behind me and put her hand on my arm, we started a lengthy conversation and she was constantly staring into my eyes, but as I was meeting my girlfriend in five minutes I thought it best not to pursue it any further. When in the queue, everyone seemed to be looking at me, men choosing not to join my queue, girls in front staring etc. That day I was wearing more NPA, an extra dab behind each ear, with the excess wiped across my forehead and the back of my neck.

With pubs and clubs the reactions were mostly the same, a lot of hair flipping, eye contact and DIHLs whilst using more NPA. Many very strong hits, suffice to say, the mix is great fun in this type of situation. I recently used this at a wedding reception, and I guess the alcohol helped but I can remember thinking how funny it was that women from about 15 to 30 years old were giving me a lot of attention. Incidentally, the wedding was for my boss’ daughter, maybe the pheromones had some influence on my invite.

Some people have said that this mix is unstable and unpredictable, and I have noticed some strange -none reactions (fear in men, avoidance in women), but predominantly the reactions were good with most people, and then a few did not react, but I find this with pheromones anyway.

When wearing this, I noticed that it has the biggest affect on me of any other mix, which may be purely psychological. My confidence was boosted hugely, I felt as if no one could touch me.

Further testing: SMPO, SOE, APC.
As I am in the lower age bracket for pheromone use (below 25), which means that I am already producing -none in relatively large amounts, I thought that it would be a good idea to include some -nol in the combination somewhere. The -nol products that I have are SMPO and SOE, so I did some testing on these two, as well as using some other ideas that I have had. Because mixing two scented products is generally a bad idea, I decided not to actually do any more mixing, but just either apply the SMPO or SOE over some NPA, or apply it to different parts of my body.

I applied 3 drops of SMPO to one wrist and then rubbed my wrists together, ending up with most of my lower arms covered. There was definitely a positive reaction to this, an increased intensity of chatty/friendliness, but personally, I do not think that the scents blend very well.

I thought SOE would be an interesting addition. It has -nol with some -rone, and is a favourite product of mine on its own. I began to think that these other two pheromones, when used with the two seemingly different types of -none (NPA more of a sexual attractant, RM more sophisticated) and the “secret” ingredients of NPA, would create a very potent mix. As I only had gel packs, dosage will be referred to in terms of fractions of packets. I started out with the usual NPA heavy mix for stronger hits, and then put a quarter of packet on my neck/upper chest area, and another third onto my lower arms/wrist.

I noticed significantly more attention from younger girls, and actually got better and more frequent hits than JB-X on several occasions. Whilst I had not noticed much negativity from younger girls (none that I can remember actually), they were definitely a lot “warmer” with the added SOE. I would say that this mix is good alternative to JB-X for younger users, although I did have a lot of good hits with pure JB-X. I have not tested this other mix extensively at work, but the results so far are not too different to JB-X, with the added mood elevator properties of SOE. As far as a ratio, I would say that something like 2:5:5, but I would avoid actually mixing these together, and just use the same alterations for JB-X (i.e. more NPA for sexual hits) and then apply sufficient SOE, perhaps as much as a 3:2 (JB-X:SOE) or 2:1.

Comparisons: Say if you were in a club, wearing JB-X, you would get JB#1 type hits, with something extra, perhaps sophistication. You would be getting sexual hits and respect from your targets.

With this other mix (call it CK#1), I found that you get all of what JB-X gives you, plus the effectiveness of SOE. I have not actually noticed any negative reactions from this mix, although more testing is needed.

I would also recommend not mixing JB-X in a bottle, because this is very limiting, as you cannot alter or tweak it to your own specification. What I did was mix up a batch in an atomiser, apply a small amount (dab not spray), and then apply some more that is in your desired ratio for the occasion over the top. I found that the NPA smell increased slightly in the bottle, so this is probably beneficial scent wise.

I also had another idea, one that came to me while reading an article about pheromones on the net. It said that for a pheromone product to actually work, it had to combine with your own natural pheromone signature. This site was selling a body lotion pheromone product, so I was sceptical, but I decided to apply the theory. I mixed up a small batch of some APC, SMPO, and unscented TE. The mix was mostly APC and SMPO, with a little TE so that I could spray it (ratios 5:3:2 ?). After getting out of the shower and waiting a few minutes (to dry slightly), I applied three sprays to my chest and rubbed all over my abdomen and arms. After I had left it to dry, there was only a trace of the APC scent. I then applied JB-X on top of this and had my best day of hits, but this may be a coincidence.

Scent Memory Trigger
I have been experimenting with using scent triggers for memory in relationships, and it has raised some interesting points. When I first started seeing this girl, I was wearing APC and JB#1, and recently, now things have changed slightly, I tried using something with an APC scent to see what reaction I got. It surprised me, she acted much in the same way as she did when we were first going out.

“Charging” Time
The issue of charging time was brought up a while ago on the forum, meaning that certain products needed time to settle to attain maximum effectiveness. JB-X did not seem to need this, but I think that it is a good idea to wait an hour, because it would be quite easy to OD.

As to the question of which is better, JB#1 or JB-X, I would say that they get different reactions, but JB-X can work out cheaper, and it can be used at work whilst also achieving JB#1-like sexual hits, with some added power.

Enjoy this mix, I know I did, but be wary of ODing, there is a lot of -none flying around. Comments and criticisms (constuctive, of course) are welcome.

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If you are new to pheromones or are a first time user, please take a look at the Newbie FAQ and Product Guide first as these should answer most of your questions. If anything isn\'t answered properly here, or you want more information, visit Love Scent and browse the forum.

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