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The Products

Ok, now that we know a little more about our friends, it’s maybe time to know how we can get our hands on them. The seasoned pheromone guru might want to try the Pheromone Chemistry Set, which features high quality reagents from Stone Labs. With this one you get bottles with pure pheromones (none, nol and rone), no fragrance or anything added, and you are ready to cook your mixes. This is a very hard approach if you don’t know what you’re doing, though.

More commonly, people (a vast majority in fact) prefer to use off-the-shelf products, which can be worn alone or mixed with other products to make your killer supercombo. In addition, off-the-shelf products may come with useful bonuses, like added fragrance or some additional ingredients that you can’t find in the Chemistry Set.

Let’s see some of them, in no particular order, with a focus on what pheromones they contain. Knowing more about these products is useful before reading the mix section. Note that a full table containing all this and more is available at:

Product Table

APC – Androstenone Pheromone Concentrate.
Contains: none @ 0.05mg/ml
Notes: Good fragrance (commonly used in mixes), but very low concentration of pheromones.

NPA – New Pheromone Addictive
Contains: none @ 0.48mg/ml + some secret ingredients.
Notes: One of the most effective products available at Love Scent Pheromone Store. It is often referred to as the “Harley” of pheromone products, if you get the idea..

PPA – Passion Pheromone Attractant
Contains: none @ 0.15mg/ml
Notes: This one is the flagship product by Stone Labs. Remember the quote about none “less is better”? Guys at Stone Lab probably did when they made PPA, and some reports on the forum state that they might have made a good choice; PPA exists in two versions, old scent (white label bottle, the scent reminds the one of a suntan oil) and new scent (blue label bottle, the scent has the same fragrance of RM’s). Which one’s better is a matter of personal taste, as usual.

SoE – Scent of Eros
Contains: nol @ 0.4 mg/ml, rone @ 0.1 mg/ml
Notes: This is a very successful product by JVK (one of the most effective for younger people), and is primarily based on nol.

SoE Gel – Scent of Eros Gel
Contains: nol @ 0.0693 mg/ml, rone @ 0.0173 mg/ml
Notes: This is the gel version of SoE, and comes in handy packets. A packet contains enough gel for two application, maybe three depending on how much you want to apply.

SPMO – Super Primal Musk Oil
Contains: nol @ ? mg/ml
Notes: Used mainly as a carrier fragrance, this cheap product is reported to contain nol, but at unreleased concentration. My personal guess is somewhere between 0.04mg/mL and 0.07 mg/mL, but it has recently been speculated that it could be some more.

PF – Pheromol Factor
Contains: nol @ ? mg/ml
Notes: Created by Dr.Dodd, this product is reported to contain nol, but alas, concentration has not been released.

PI/m – Primal Instinct for men
Contains: none @ 0.5 mg/ml
Notes: Great none concentration, this is one of the most powerful none products available. It’s available unscented (well, apart from the none smell) or ylang-ylang scented.

PI/w – Primal Instinct for women
Contains: nol @ 1.1mg/ml
Notes: Great nol concentration, even more than the individual reagents of the Chemistry Set. It is also reported to contain copulins, a woman-only pheromone.

AE – Alter Ego
Contains: none @ 0.15mg/ml, nol @ 0.15mg/ml, rone @ 0.15mg/ml
Notes: Lots of pheromones here, it’s one of the few ones which have them all. Musky fragrance, nice results.

TE – The Edge
Contains: none @ 0.12mg/ml
Notes: Will make you good at playing the guitar! Seriously, some people tried it and couldn’t report hits as good as the ones they got with other products, while others find it OK. It probably depends on the wearer personal chemistry (see below). It comes in both unscented and sandalwood versions. Note that this is essentially a diluted version of NPA, so the mysterious “secret ingredients” should be here too.

– Using the products as standalone

Before starting the mixes section, I’d like to make a point clear: using the products alone, without mixing them, can and *does* work. There are many products (RM and SoE just to name a few) that have been designed with a consistent phero content and an added fragrance, so to be used standalone. The idea behind mixes is *not* that the products can’t work alone, so we mix them to make it work, BUT instead: given that the products work well alone, there is no reason why they shouldn’t work better when mixed.

For instance APC recently was reported to bring awesome hits, when used in medium/large quantities, without having mixed with anything. I have personally tried it, and noted that the fun started with a fragrance-heavy dosage, four dabs and higher. Not as effective as using JB#1, at least for me, but yet enough result to report. Jambat himself got his very first hit by using APC only.

So if you want to really get the best from your phero arsenal, you can take your time by testing products also without mixing them. It may seem strange to read this in the Phero Mixer Cookbook, whose readers usually sold their souls to the mixing approach… But in the end you might have learnt something useful about the best phero configuration for you.

– How to store your products

This is a very important topic, raised more than once on the forum. A good answer to the question “what is the best place to store my products?” is “a refrigerator”… But let’s face this in detail.

The products you are using, especially the most concentrated ones, fear mainly two things: direct exposure to sunlight and direct exposure to air. Both have pretty easy workarounds, since it’s enough to screw the cap and keep the bottle in an unexposed place. In these conditions, products’ strength will not be hurt for several years; by that time, you will have probably already used the whole content of the bottle.

However you may happen to have a long lasting product, or a product that you use sparingly. If you really feel that that bottle is going to last a *long* time (I’m using years as a measure unit here) you might consider refrigeration… If you share your refrigerator with your wife/girlfriend/lover/etc, this might be a difficult task, so good luck!

It’s worth pointing out that pheromones seems to have a good heat resistance; in the informative sheet that comes with the Chem Set, it’s stated that should the highly concentrated pheromones recrystallize, one could warm the vial up to 150 degrees Celsius, to make them redissolve.

– The Mixes!

I know, you have skipped all the previous parts just to get here. Well, I can understand you — this is where the real fun begins. But before we really get into it, a bit of theory won’t hurt.

First of all, please note that not all products use the same carrier: for instance, PI, APC and SoE use oil, while NPA, TE and Attraction use alcohol. While this might not interest you, it’s a fact that some products don’t mix well, and if you use an atomizer you might have some bad surprises.

Imagine you put in an atomizer two products that don’t mix well (PI/m with Attraction is a good example); the products would separate (PI/m on the bottom, Attraction on the top) and if you forget to shake the bottle before spraying, you get a full smelly load of PI/m, with no Attraction. Even if you shake your atomizer, if the products don’t mix well there is a high chance that only a product will end in the tube to be sprayed. So the #1 advice when using these mixes is to dab, not to spray. Or, similarly, use a roll-top bottle (and shake it well anyway before applying).

The key idea about the mixes is that by adding products together, you can maximize the advantages of them, while reducing the downsides; if you watch Dragonball Z, you aren’t new to the concept. Advantages of a product can be

  • nice fragrance
  • good concentration of pheromone you want to use

The downsides can be

  • smelly none in the product
  • weak concentration of the desired pheromone

And if you note, they are each other’s opposite, so mixing seems to be a good idea.

Another thing to keep in mind is the following: if you have a mix that doesn’t work, it’s not likely that throwing some more stuff into it will make it work. If you notice, most mixes are made of two products. It’s true instead that if you have a working mix, you could well try to add something to make it even better.

One last thing which is often underestimated: *all* successful mixes are based on theory, and one of the main parameters to track is the final concentration of pheromones. If you have a nol-only unscented product @ 0.3 mg/mL and you mix it 1:1 with a nol-only unscented product @ 0.5mg/mL, you’ll end with a nol-only unscented mix @ 0.4 mg/mL, which is pretty useless since it’s the average concentration of the sources; you’ve basically diluted the most concentrated one. But if one of the two product was scented, the mix could be the way to go, since you’re adding a fragrance; if the fragrance was strong you could start to tweak the ratio, aiming to have (for example) a nol-only scented mix @ 0.45mg/mL. Or you could try adding some none product, or maybe… (you got it)

That’s the way a mix is born. The following part is testing it… But we’ll talk about it in the next section. Before the recipes a little explanation: if you read for example “APC + NPA @ 7:3″ that means “Mix 7 parts of APC per 3 parts of NPA”. In other words, “For each 7 volumes of APC, there must be 3 volumes of NPA”. The recommended dosage is just what it says to be: a “recommended” one but possibly not the best one for you. You might get better results with more or less.

Let’s start with the mixes!

– JB#1 (The Champion)
APC + NPA @ 7:3
Author: Jambat
This is the one that started the mixing fever. It’s reported to gain women’s attention quickly, and is more sexually oriented than socially. As Jambat puts it, “great for clubs and pretty much anywhere else.” Nice scent thanks to APC, and raw power courtesy of NPA. The author reports that it’s atomizer friendly and seems to work better that way.
Recommended dosage: Two atomizer sprays, not too much higher than this.
OD risk: Yes.

– JB#2 (The Wizard)
SPMO + NPA @ 7:3
Author: Jambat
This will get women chatty, talkative and friendly; so this is more socially oriented. It’s good on one-to-one dates. If you don’t like the fragrance of SPMO, no problem! Just choose from the vast range of primal oils (9 of them including SPMO) that Bruce provides. Recommended dosage: like JB#1 but without the upper bound.
OD risk: much lower than JB#1 but it’s still there.

– JB#3 (The Quandry)
PF + NPA @ 7:3
Author: Jambat
Very unstable, even on people that reported hits with it. There isn’t a way to tell the effects of this one on women, except to pick it up and try it yourself.
Recommended dosage: n/a
OD risk: n/a

– JBM#1 (The New Guy)
PI/w + NPA @ 7:3
Authors: Jambat + marz
This is a *good* one! Very heavy on nol, but still with the none boost by NPA, this mix is basically an enhanced version of JB#2, only that it’s a bit more expensive… But according to the reports, your money is spent well on this one!
Recommended dosage: three dabs
OD risk: see JB#2

– DD#1 (no name provided by the author)
SoE + NPA @ 7:3
Author: DonaldDuck
The first mix to feature SoE. Actually JVK said that SoE is better as a standalone product, but this mix is working really well especially for younger ones (around 25 or less).
Recommended dosage: three/four swipes around your body
OD risk: very little

– DD Lite (no name provided by the author)
SoE + NPA @ 19:1 (Shoe’s formula)
SoE + TE @ 7:1 (a.k.a.’s formula)
Author: Oscar + Shoe + a.k.a.
This mix is a DD#1 variation, modified to better match the “Less is better” guideline for -none. There are three authors for this mix because it’s the result of converging ideas that evolved parallely (that’s the fun of having several ideas developing in the forum! Usually the best one will come out). Shoe’s formula has more -none (remember that TE is basically diluted NPA), while a.k.a.’s is more -nol oriented, and both formulas are reported to work by the authors. Try DD Lite if you want more control over the DD#1, or if you have trouble getting DD#1 to work.
Recommended dosage: four dabs
OD risk: very little

– KR#1 (no name provided by the author)
SoE + PI @ 7:3
Author: krtel
Skeptics about this one say that “it’s DD#1 with PI instead of NPA”, but those two are different. Since KR#1 has PI -none results are consistent and more stable, but you might miss the raw feeling of NPA’s power. This mix will also give you PI’s confidence and respect aura.
Recommended dosage: four dabs
OD risk: medium

– PAN (PPA And NPA) (no name provided by the author)
PPA + NPA @ 5:1
Author: Jamboot
On the paper, this seems to be a clever mix, which adds PPA’s clean none effectiveness to NPA’s raw power, all with a nice cover fragrance (PPA’s); in addiction, PPA’s carriers seem to disperse NPA quite well… The overall price is very interesting too.
Recommended dosage: One/two dabs on neck/face, frequent refreshment (every hour) might be needed.
OD risk: medium

– JBDD#1 (no name provided by the author)
JB#1 + SoE @ 7:3 –> APC + NPA + SoE @ 4.9 : 2.1 : 3
Author: DonaldDuck
That’s what happens when you mix a mix! This one works very well for conversations and social response, in some cases even better than SoE alone. Note that I’m not sure about the 7:3 ratio; so if you have clearer details, please let me know.
Recommended dosage: n/a
OD risk: medium

– JBB (Jambat Bootleg)
APC + TE @ 1:1
Author: Jambat
Basically a poor man’s version of JB#1. The results aren’t as good but you could find it effective for you.
Recommended dosage: start by doubling the dosage of JB#1 and work around it.
OD risk: n/a

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If you are new to pheromones or are a first time user, please take a look at the Newbie FAQ and Product Guide first as these should answer most of your questions. If anything isn\'t answered properly here, or you want more information, visit Love Scent and browse the forum.

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