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The actual mixing procedure

This is a commonly ignored issue, and the troubles that come up when one first tries to mix two products are usually the reason that makes a newbies give up, and he falls back to standalone products. Here you’ll learn some hints to get you started in the actual mixing works.

First of all, ALL mixes are based on parts; this means that you need a device to make them (usually in the form of drops). Some products (like NPA and SPMO) come with an integrated dropper, which is fine, but some others are shipped in a rolltop bottle, or even in an open-mouth bottle. There start the troubles: if there’s one that managed to do a batch of a mix, without wasting even a single drop, please raise your hand now. Hmm… Nobody, as expected.

I tried several devices for mixing, and I came up to the conclusion that using a calibrated glass dropper is often the best choice. It’s easily available, for example at the nearest pharmacy, it’s cheap (got mine for §0.50 each) so you can buy a dropper for each product you use (recommended), it’s easily washable (no plastic so the scent quickly disappears after a wash with common soap) and last but not least, it doesn’t make the same first impression of a syringe in your drawer, if you catch my drift.

For bottles like NPA’s, it’s fine to remove the plastic top dropper to better control the dosage using your own external dropper, but even using the integrated one can do the trick. For roll-top bottles like SOE’s you don’t have much choice, that roll-top must be removed; there’s no need to use brute force, a little pressure will do the trick. After you got the drops you need, you just put the roll-top back where it was.

A last note: it’s *not* needed to mix the products in a bottle, even if it’s a good solution if you often are in a rush when you have to apply them. Another approach is to mix the products directly on your body, for instance to apply some JB#1 you would put a dab of NPA on your throat, and about three dabs of APC maybe around your neck. It’s a more flexible approach, since you can “tune” the mix to your desire, but this way you can’t control the OD risk as well as you could do with actual mixing.

If you really care about details in what you do, and you use a nol/none mix, here’s a nice trick: apply the nol component on forearms or wrists, and the none component on neck and chest. While you are talking to a girl, wave your arms around (but please don’t act as a madman; just do it naturally as you normally do when speaking) to get her in your nol aura, then when she’ll get closer, she’ll be hit by the none and the fireworks will hopefully start.

– Applying on skin vs. applying on clothes

I’m writing this section in deep winter. With cold weather, pheromone diffusion is a bit more difficult, and since you are all dressed up, there are less exposed skin areas where you can apply your products. Moreover the pheromones will probably be smeared by the internal part of your clothes, which is not exposed and therefore effectiveness will be reduced.

Another issue of applying on skin is for people who use to sweat a lot (like myself, actually): the sweat will start to wash the pheros away, which is not good if you can’t reapply… So you might choose an alternative solution: applying on clothes. You have to watch out for some things, however.

First of all, most pheromone products are oil-based, and if you apply on some colored tissues, the applying spot will be marked until the next wash. If you wear a t-shirt under your jacket/polo/whatever, its collar is a good place to start with. Another good choice is the collar of your leather jacket, that will tolerate oil and alcohol based products without problems.

A big plus of this application method is that pheros use to last more if applied on clothes; they haven’t to deal with skin bacteria and sweat, so you might find that your lucky t-shirt or jacket is still “active” even on the following days… But take care: if your goal is to take off those clothes with a gorgeous blonde, you might be a bit disappointed when you realize that your girl’s greatest interest in you is in that pile of clothes at the side of the bed! :)

Seriously, there is another thing you have to watch out for: since pheros are to be smelled, try to apply on body places aligned with your target’s nose. If you are short, applying on hair is a good solution (and go with -none in that case, that will compensate for your height… Not that it matters, but some girls have strange thoughts about the looks of the guys they pursue), instead if you are very tall, consider applying on chest and on hands.

– On the test ground

Well! You’ve chosen the mix to try, just filled that spare atomizer (or roll top bottle, or anything) and applied it… And now? This section is designed to provide some tricks for your mix testing.

A word on application: suitable application spots are chest, neck, wrists, hair (yes, really… but try the others first), forearms, face. For clarity on application modes, refer to the following:

Spray: No way. I’m *not* going to explain this. :)
Dab: With your hand on an open-mouth or dropper-top bottle, turn the bottle upside down, then apply with your hand. Before your hand leaves the bottle, make sure to turn the bottle downside up or you’ll have a nicely scented pavement.
Swipe: Open your roll-top bottle, and swipe that ball on the top on the application points.
Drop: Erm, apply a drop.

On a first test, what you don’t want to do is put the mix on and then incidentally meet your mother on the way. The best thing that can happen is that she’ll notice only the scent and will tell you nothing about it. Your mother will notice that something is “different” almost immediately, this is probably because the pheromone link between parents and children is very, very strong. She might start worrying about you because you feel strange to her, or tell you that you stink, even if you’ve not ODed. This is a result of applying the mix, since you’ve altered the pheromone signature that links you to her. Don’t worry however, things will be OK again as soon as you have the pheromones off of you.

Now you see that it is a good idea to hit the streets. Where to go? The list is endless: clubs, pubs, cinemas, Blockbuster stores, McDonald’s restaurants, and supermarkets, any place with girls in it. The most common sure-hit signal is the DIHL (Deer in Headlights Look): this means that the girl is staring at you for 5 seconds or more with a void expression on her face.

And now, the Golden Rule of using pheromones: instead of standing still, waiting for some girl to make approach, you *must* be at least partially active. Even a gaze might do the trick, if you smile to her or say “hi” it’s OK, if you walk to her and start a conversation it’s even better. Remember that no girl will chase you just because you smell good; it is very common that while wearing pheromones one will be approached by girls, but you must send them the message that this is OK for you, that you want it. And if you want to really get the best results possible, you only have to make the approach.

– Body language and hit spotting

When pheromones are at work, it’s hard to say what are the effects actively brought up by them. Unexperienced pheromone users will usually drop a successful product just because they can’t see the difference… While it’s actually there, hidden in a gesture or a gaze of your target. So, how to be sure? The key to see if you’ve hit is understanding body language.

The first thing to do is forgetting what your girl is saying about whether she does or doesn’t like you: take the words and trash them, she might say that you’re nice, beautiful, kind, but she doesn’t see you as a potential partner. On the opposite side, she might say that you’re a moron and that she hates you, while she’s actually attracted to you. In the most general case she won’t give you verbal hints… So what to do? Well, look at her, but train yourself to overlook face expressions, boasting postures, etc… Those are meant by the girl to be seen by you, and as we already agreed, we are not interested in any message that she is consciously sending us.

Instead, focus on her body. Try to spot unconsciously sent messages, like:

  • Open posture, with body openly oriented towards you
  • While sitting somewhere, her legs aren’t closed
  • She isn’t afraid to have her face near yours (there are lots of tricks to test this one: as a phero wizard, you might ask her if she likes your cologne. Don’t get closer to her, just expose your neck and let her come in)
  • She isn’t afraid of body contact (your imagination is the limit on how to test this one)
  • She doesn’t tap her feet, look away or nervously plays with her fingers (these are usually “I want to go away” signals)

As you can see, most of these are negative statements… if nothing bad happens, everything is OK.

Reading body language is easy on one-on-one situation, but it’s a bit more difficult if you are approaching someone. She’ll be in defensive mode, since you are unknown to her, so work a bit to make her comfortable and then you can start your reading exercise again.

Another thing that is often overlooked is the touchy-feely behaviour of the girls you are fooling with. If the girl you like searches actively for body contact, for example by touching your arm/shoulder/leg while speaking, you might think “hooray! it’s done!”… But please don’t, at least not yet. A few girls out there actually have this touchy-feely thing, and will behave this way with everybody, even people they aren’t interested in. So take your time to look at your target to see how she behaves with other guys (be discrete. There is one thing that girls in general don’t like, and it’s a guy spying them) before drawing conclusions.

And in closure, the usual “gaze from a distance” experiment. Place yourself at a distance from your target, speaking with your friends, etc… And keep a discrete eye out to monitor her gaze. If you catch her looking at you it’s a universal good sign (and by the way, don’t forget to smile at her!).

– Reporting hits in the forum

Awesome, isn’t it? You just came home from a wonderful night, after a gorgeous girl approached you, gave you her number and maybe already asked you if it’s OK for you to meet one-on-one the next day… You can’t keep yourself to post in the forum an enthusiastic comment about the night, aren’t you? Well, before you do it take a minute of your time to read here.

First of all, you can tell the whole story in your post (actually you are encouraged… There’s nothing like a good success story), but please follow these simple rules, they are very important to keep order in the forum and to avoid unnecessary posts. The following details have to be present:

  • Product or mix used
  • Applied amount in dabs, drops, sprays or swipes (for swipes, inches ” as measure unit is preferred), and the spots you applied to.
  • Eventual reapplications
  • Eventual existing relationship with the attracted girl(s)/guy(s)
  • Your age and maybe some details about your appearance and usual behaviour with the opposite sex (if you haven’t put none of these in your forum profile… BTW do it or you’ll probably be asked every time you report a hit)

Another very important point is that you should become able to distinguish between natural and synthetic attraction: in other words before reporting that a product works heavenly for you, *please* do try to see the difference between the days you use it and the days you don’t. It’s fun experimenting this way with your phero products/mixes, and this way you are sure not to bring up “false positives”.

For example if you hit a nice girl while wearing a half drop of APC, you can be sure that it has nothing to do with the hit, instead you probably showed the girl the best of your natural charme. Even when wearing DD#1 or some other averagely successful mix, it might be that it doesn’t work good with your personal chemistry, and that the hits you’re getting are just due to your personal attractiveness.

So, wearing the same product/mix over a span of several days, then trying not to wear it to spot the difference, helps you to see if it’s really working or if it has little or no effect for you. Once you are sure you got more hits than misses, you can safely report that what you’re wearing works for you and that will be actually helpful for the forum users.

Contacts and information

If you are new to pheromones or are a first time user, please take a look at the Newbie FAQ and Product Guide first as these should answer most of your questions. If anything isn\'t answered properly here, or you want more information, visit Love Scent and browse the forum.

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