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Are Pheromones a Type of Aphrodisiac Comments Off on Are Pheromones a Type of Aphrodisiac

Can pheromones be used as Aphrodisiacs? First, let’s learn a little about pheromones and aphrodisiacs. Pheromones are substances that are released by animals and humans and it’s used mainly to attract the opposite sex and stimulate his sex desire, while aphrodisiacs are substances used by humans to increase his sex desire and to improve his/her sexual ability.

While scientific data varies, some scientists have showed that humans have pheromones, however, showers, perfumes and perfumed soups or shampoo removes them. Scientists have stated that the apocrine glands in some organs in human body release human pheromones, such as nipples, axillae (underarm), genital area, eyelids and outer ear.

On the other side of the coin, humans use Aphrodisiacs to increase their sexual desire and ability. Despite interest in aphrodisiacs there are few scientific studies done on them. There are two major types of aphrodisiacs, psycho-physiological, like smell related (pheromones in animals). The second type of aphrodisiacs is internal, which is ingested materials like drugs, alcohol and some kinds of food. The most well-known foods that are associated Aphrodisiacs are ginseng root, asparagus, oysters, honey and bananas. There are others as well and it’s said that they contain substances which can affect your hormones and increase the blood flow to genital organs and maybe they have some psychological effect.

The question remains, can we use pheromones as Aphrodisiacs? Depending on the information we discussed, human pheromones can be used as psychological Aphrodisiacs. However, in order for them to be effective, you need to be within close range because of the limited human olfactory ability. If you haven’t tried pheromones yet, I strongly recommend trying them and experiencing the positive effects to your confidence with the opposite sex.


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