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What’s this “none”, “nol” stuff all around every post?

It’s the ideal starting point for this guide. Let’s see what those mysterious codes mean.

NONE: short for androstenone. If you have ever tried a pheromone product, it’s high likely that you’ve used this one. Androstenone gives you the dominant male aura, the alpha male look. Note that it seems to amplify your current mood: if you are down and depressed, people will usually sense this and you might be avoided. Instead, if you are up in mood, wearing androstenone is almost sure to bring you at the center of the scene. Androstenone also induces respect in other males.
Detectability: High. Androstenone has a strong smell that is detectable even with small applications. The usual companion of androstenone in a mix is a cover fragrance.
Pros: Alpha male look, respect by other males. Sexual responses.
Cons: OD (OverDose) risk consistent. See below. Moreover, wearing androstenone near a girl who is having her period is an unforgettable experience (in the worst sense), it will make her aggressive and closed.

NOL: short for androstenol. This could be the “good brother” of androstenone, since it triggers reactions from girls like chattiness, talking attitude, giggling and so on. If you are wearing androstenol, your chances of striking up a long conversation or getting introduced with a good impression are consistently boosted up.
Detectability: Stealth, almost unnoticeable.
Pros: Helps chattiness. Social responses.
Cons: None known.

RONE: short for androsterone. This seems to be the middle way between androstenone and androstenol, but little more is known. The opinions about this one range from being a component which would make any mix to fail to being the only component that makes a mix a killer one. Anyway, it’s contained in Scent of Eros which is constantly getting nice results, so the truth is probably more towards the last one.
Detectability: Stealth, almost unnoticeable.
Pros: Seems to be a good additive for mixes.
Cons: Relatively big quantities in a mix are reported to make the mix fail. Otherwise, no other one is known.

A1, A-1, Andro-1: stand for androstadienone, possibly the most unknown. It seems to act as a mood enhancer for women, and it mitigates PMS (Pre Menstrual Stress). It is almost sure to be an ingredient of Realm for Women, BTW Erox’ approach to pheromones is directed at making products that should work on the wearer making him/her more confident and attractive, oppositely to the main tendency which is to make potential targets attracted to the wearer.
Detectability: Lighter smell than androstenone, but it’s still there. It can be worn alone without many risks however.
Pros: Women mood enhancer, PMS mitigator.
Cons: Men could get annoyed and depressed by it, if exposed for too long.

COPU: short for copulins. They are present in Primal Instinct for Women, and are produced naturally by women during their time of ovulation; they are excreted into the vaginal fluid. Copulins are geared towards attracting men when it’s the best period to mate, and they are reported to increase the sex drive of both partners during lovemaking: testosterone level in a male will increase of about 150% after 15 minutes of exposure to copulins, while a woman can get excited while being exposed to her own copulins. Men also can wear copulins, and the results are various: if a woman detects them on you, she might go the sexual way since she smells copuling usually during lovemaking, but she might also see a male as a female rival (since he has a feminine signature).
Detectability: Medium. Women might report that they stink if applied in large quantities (COPU OD?)
Pros: Closely related to lovemaking, so you’re sure to touch (at least subconsciously) that key. Wilder lovemaking.
Cons: Women might act jealous and see you as a rival.

The OverDose risk

Also known as OD, this is the nastiest downside of wearing none. You must be careful while applying your favorite none based mix, because if you apply too much of it, you’ll see people avoiding you, being aggressive towards you, and some weird things, along with strong none smell detectable around you.

Quoting Bruce, the laws you should remember when using none are “Less is better” and “There is a fine line between ‘Damn! This guy makes me horny!’, and ‘Damn! This guy needs a shower!'”

Personal Chemistry

When reading some posts, you might find clues about how much one’s personal chemistry influences the type and amount of pheromones to apply, to get best results. The idea behind it is very simple and it’s probably a good approximation of how things are in reality. Everybody has his own personal pheromone signature, which at present we don’t know how to detect. Pheromone products are used to complement the already existent signature; for example if you could discover that you have a lack of none, your best bet would be to use a none product. Think about the equalizer of your home theatre.

Directly connected to this one, there is the idea that knowing the pheromone signature of a target, you might be able to derive a pheromone mix to best match your target’s, and therefore having the best chances of getting with him/her. This is however a very recent idea and is not supported by any scientific evidence.

Contacts and information

If you are new to pheromones or are a first time user, please take a look at the Newbie FAQ and Product Guide first as these should answer most of your questions. If anything isn\'t answered properly here, or you want more information, visit Love Scent and browse the forum.

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