Pheromone News December, 2002

December, 2002
Letter from the Prez:

Dear Readers,

Hope you are all happy and enjoying the holiday season in some form or other. This is the first ever Christmas in the US for my wife and kids, so there is a lot going on around the house in preparation. See this month’s survey if you want to sound off about the effects of the holidays.

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And, oh yes, don’t forget to smile!
Bruce Boyd
Bruce Boyd
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IN THIS ISSUE OF Pheromone News:

*Last Month’s Survey & Contest Results
*pheromone Q and A
*pheromones in Context (part 1) by James V Kohl
*This month’s “Free pheromones” Survey/Contest
*New Products –
*User Corner – Reader pheromone Stories



There were only 20 surveys sent in this month, which is an all-time low for the Phero News survey, but we stilled picked out our two winners at random. (1:10 chance of winning!!!) They have been notified by email


Krish and Tim
each win a $30. Gift certificate at

What is love?

* Love is doing all of the little things: a little touch or hand squeeze every now and then. Also, taking care of the little tasks so your significant other doesn’t have to.

* Love is wanting to wake up to that same person for the rest of your life; no matter how old, saggy-baggy, wrinkled and white hair life has aged you or them.

* Love is being there – no matter what.

* Love is a decision to accept another unconditionally, which starts with that little butterfly feeling inside, which can be encouraged through the right pheromones.


* Love is wanting to wake up in the morning with that special person.

* Love is when you give and don’t expect anything in return.

* Love is just finding out that your wife has totaled your brand new Mercedes along with your very expensive custom fit golf clubs that were in the trunk and the first and only thing that comes to your mind is “Is my wife okay?”

* Love is a wonderful, exhilarating feeling of unity, of oneness, of caring, of joy.

* Love is when you are sick with the flu or a nasty head cold, (complete with messy hair and a red nose)…yet your guy is there with soup and tissues and a warm hug.

Q and A:

Q: How is testosterone and androstenone related? Does cardiovascular exercise raise pheromone levels? Or just weight bearing exercise? Could I just work out minimally and still expect pheromone spikes? Or do I have to work out hard to expect anything?

A: There is almost certainly a strong relationship between your testosterone level and the rate at which your body produces either of the two “andro” pheromones, as it is testosterone that breaks down into these pheromones on the skin. Exactly how long that takes or if there really are spikes of pheromones is hard to say. I don’t think any research has been done on that. There has of course been lots of research done on the effects of exercise on not only testosterone but growth hormone and a number of other factors. I’m sure that if you look around you will find mountains of information about how the various types of workouts affect testosterone levels. I am convinced that you have to go for quite a good burn and get quite pumped up to get some real results, as is the case with almost everything in life. I work out 4-5 days per week, and lift fairly heavy for 40-60 minutes and then jog or ride a bike for 15 minutes or so. Then I sit in the jacuzzi or sauna for a while and then eat and eat and eat. I have a feeling that a good workout raises your pheromone levels, but, in any case, highly recommend it for general health and sense of well-being. Make sure you eat well. You can’t produce anything on junk food.

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Good luck,
Bruce Boyd
Pheromone News
Legal Disclaimer: I am not a doctor, and therefore none of the information contained in this newsletter should be construed as medical advice. It is only my personal opinion based on research papers and books I have read on pheromones, my own personal experiences and those of others who have written to me.
pheromones in Context- part one
By James Vaughn Kohl author/creator: The Scent of Eros

Each time I hear someone say: “Humans are primarily visual creatures,” I wonder how much longer it will be until everyone knows the truth. Humans, like other warm-blooded creatures that nurse their young (i.e., mammals), are primarily olfactory creatures (dependent upon the sense of smell). Our lives develop based upon exposure to chemicals from our social environment, as do the lives of other mammals. There has never been any scientific support for a visual approach to behavioral development, and there never will. In contrast, the olfactory facts have always seemed clear to me. I imagine these facts are clear to quite a few others as well, but let’s take a look at them.

Before we are born, there is a sex difference in our olfactory system (i.e., our sense of smell). At birth, this sex difference ensures that male infant responds to the pheromones of his mother with a hormone surge, which does not occur in female infants. That’s because a female infant and her mother are of the same sex: both females. The characteristic hormone response at birth that we see in mammalian, including human, males is exactly what we can expect to measure when a male is exposed to the pheromones of the opposite sex. Beginning within minutes of birth, this hormone response changes the “wiring” of the male brain; and it continues to alter this wiring for several months. What happens is that pheromones from a mother help to make her son more masculine.

If a mother nurses her son from her breast, her infant son will associate her natural body odor with comfort, with food, and with his mother’s breast. Even if mom feeds her son from a bottle, he’s likely to be by her side during the process and he will receive sufficient odor stimuli to make these associations. But there is another association many people either don’t know about, or don’t want to talk about. Mothers of infant males repeatedly report that their child will get an erection while nursing or being bottle-fed. The erection is due to pheromones from the mother that alter hormone levels in her son.

The pheromone-induced erection may be even more important to mention when discussing associations between pheromones from the mother and their effect on her son. When nursing from the breast a male infant also receives visual input. He sees the breast while also reacting with a hormone response to his mother’s pheromones. This is a very basic association, and one that has powerful effects later in life. For example: every breast is large to an infant male, and most males somehow develop a preference for large breasted women. Usually, this preference shows up at about the same time as the hormones of puberty begin to “kick in,” reaching higher levels like levels present immediately after birth. This timing helps to ensure that a biological reminder: a conditioned response to pheromones will drive an adolescent male to his appreciation of the pendulous female breasts. Accordingly, this drive is part of a sex drive that began to develop, based on sex differences in the sense of smell that are present from birth.

Can I prove that a mother’s pheromones cause her son to prefer women with pendulous breasts? No. There is no way that anyone can perform studies from birth to puberty on human males. Too many variables are involved. So, neither I nor anyone else can prove that this is what happens. On the other hand, we have animal studies that assure us: when a mother’s nipples are scented with lemon, her mature sons will prefer to mate with lemon-scented females. Also, we know that human mothers and their children are capable of mutual odor recognition. An infant knows his mother’s natural scent, and a mother knows the scent of her child soon after birth. Is it going to far to say that these scent preferences correlate with sexual behavior later in life? Let’s “see.”

When it comes to what an infant male sees, it is the same thing as what an infant female sees. And, simply put, you can’t get to a sex difference in anything unless there is some sex difference involved in the processing of some form of sensory input. Since there are no sex differences (at birth) in any non-olfactory sensory input, there can be no biologically based reason that males develop a sexual preference for breast development in women, while females do not. Besides, no other animal develops characteristically pendulous breasts. Breast size has nothing to do with the amount of milk produced. Small breasts are just as capable as large breasts of nourishing an infant. However, large breasts are capable of increased pheromone production and distribution.

The pendulous human female breasts are modified scent producing glands. They have their origins in the armpit (an area of significant pheromone production/distribution). From an evolutionary perspective, it seems likely that as women lost chest hair that could trap pheromones linked to increased sex appeal, that this modification was beneficial to women. Women develop modified scent glands (i.e., pendulous breasts) that assist in pheromonal communication, while also providing a visual stimulus linked to physical attraction.

Humans are not primarily visual creatures. Some people think we are, because they don’t think about the effect pheromones have on hormone levels associated with visual input. Most of us think about what we see, and often ignore the powerful effects of pheromones that typically act on the subconscious.

I will mention a contrasting approach to the topic of breast development for comparison. Long ago, Desmond Morris proposed that pendulous female breasts developed as a visual signal to males (one that mimics the fleshy buttocks), while the frontal approach to sexual intercourse was becoming popular. This theory has no biological basis; there is no direct connection between visual input and hormonal changes that affect behavior. Nevertheless, the “fleshy buttocks” theory is still taught to psychology students at most universities. So, on one hand we now have a biologically-based olfactory explanation for pendulous human female breast development, and on the other a theory that lacks any biological basis. As more people become aware of the biological facts, it will become easier to explain human behavior. pheromones will play a very important role in such explanations, as you will see when reading additional articles from this series in forthcoming months.


Odds of winning are usually about 1 in 25
Survey/Contest time!


As a child I grew up living for Christmas. Maybe it was an era, maybe it was just being a kid, but life was good in December when I was young. Nowadays, we hear a lot about “holiday depression”. Have times changed or have we just grown up? This is a big change from the normal PheroNews surveys, but I thought we might share our feelings about the holidays and what they mean to us.


How is the holiday season affecting you?
Happy? Sad? Stressed? Chillin’? Looking forward to spending time with family? With the year’s biggest holidays around the corner, how is it going for you and why?


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User Corner

“In my job I have daily contact with hostile females. Since using even a little of The Edge, the woman are now friendly, better natured, and I have been told twice in 2 days how good I smell and have been asked once what special cologne I wear. I must admit, I am impressed.”



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