Pheromone Abbreviations

Abbreviations Commonly used at the Love Scent Forum

The confusing terms decoded…

-nol (or aNOL) = Androstenol (very slight or no odor, “friendly pheromone”)
-none (or aNONE) = androstenone (stinky, “alpha male”)
-rone (or aRONE) = androsterone (slight musk odor, may make other pheros work better)
$ = US$
1 Oz = 30 ml
A1 = androstadienone
AE = Alter Ego
APC = Androstenone Pheromone Concentrate
ASAP = As Soon As Possible
BO = Body Odor
Bruce = Bruce Boyd
BTW = By the way
CMIIW = Correct Me If I am Wrong
CO = Colorado
cops = copulins (female pheromone; raises testosterone in males)
DI = Delightfully Intimate Herbal Supplement
DIHL = Deer In Headlights Look
DIOS i.e. Deer In Outer Space look
EW = Essence of Woman
FAQ = Frequently asked questions
Fed Ex = Federal Express
IMHO = In My Humble Opinion
IMO = In my opinion
IR = Intimate Research (pheromone cologne supplier)
JB #1 = Jambat Mix #1 : 30% NPA and 70% APC
JB #2 = Jambat Mix #2 : 30% NPA and 70% SPMO
JB #3 = Jambat Mix #3 : 30% NPA and 70% Musk Oil
LOL = laugh out loud
LJBF = Lets just be friends
M = Man
NLP = Neuro Linguistic Programming
NPA = New Pheromone Additive
OD = OverDose.
Mild OD = women may be attracted but feel ill at ease, drunk girls may find you strangely alluring.
Moderate OD = older women may find you attractive, but most do not
Bad OD = most people start acting agitated, defensive, or even aggressive
Maximum OD = everybody clears out
OOT = Out Of Topics
OTOH = On the other hand
P10 = Perfect 10
PI = Primal Instinct
PIE = Poke In Eye
PF = Pheromol Factor
PCC = Passion Copulin Concentrate
PCS = Pheromone Chemistry Sets
Phero = Pheromone
PMS = Pre Menstrual syndrome
PPA = Passion Phero Attractant
PM = Private message
SOE = Scent of Eros
SPMO = Super Primal Musk Oil
SPO = Super Primal Oils
TE = The Edge
TEs or TES = The Edge Sandalwood
UPS = United Parcel Services
US = United States
W = Woman


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