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    Exclamation Long lost hit reports

    Originally labled: "A months’ worth of hit reports - [SOE, TE, NPA, PI, C7, AE, APC, WAGG]"

    Very important notice:
    These hit reports were suposed to be a months'

    worth. I don't even remember if I ever finished writing all the hits I had that month... I think


    Anyhow since then I've had many more hits which I never reported and probably never

    will. I even had much better hits than those listed here, believe it or not. But I'm not a beginner anymore and

    I'm not as enthusiastic about it as I was back then. Well... that's not entierly correct - I'm even more

    enthusiastic about it in terms of action... living it and making those hits happen (currently with a g/f... not with

    any random chicks), but I'm not as enthusiastic about the reports.

    Maybe in

    the future I'll find the strength, time & patience to report new hits. If for nothing else, then for the sake of

    later editing them into honest, real-life sex stories that may make my wonderful g/f horny and turn her on & wild

    So... untill then, I hope you enjoy these very much

    If anyone finds

    any of the lenguage here inappropriate or insulting in any way... Let me know right here and I'll go through the

    whole report and change it to a more politicaly correct version. I have no problems with that & I wouldn't want to

    insult anyone. I should be the one to take such a responsibility in case it is needed

    (The Old) Intro:

    Well boys, I’ve been away from the forums for quite a while.

    I’ve even left the threads - I myself started - stranded. I’m probably not gonna be visiting the forums too

    frequently in the near future either. However, there’s some good news too. One of the reasons why I haven’t been

    here for a while, besides laziness & the fact that I have somewhat of a life lol… is that I’ve been on the field –


    Admitably, I’ve had things to report for a long while now; and yet, I find that taking

    the time to report is much more difficult than I previously thought. Now I understand why the number of questions

    here is by far larger than the number of reports
    But fellas`, I intent on hereby compensating for that laziness,

    by presenting to you a months’ worth of hit reports, including as detailed as possible formulas, hit descriptions, &


    Now beware, this is gonna be a very long post

    Anyhow, I’m going to

    try and make this as organized as possible, by giving titles which should make it easy for you to read this report.

    Furthermore, I’ll try to write it so that if you skip a few parts (ex. If you’re not interested to read about a

    certain product\mix, & that part talks about that specific product\mix) – you won’t feel lost in my words &


    One last thing before we start reviewing my experiences…
    This report is not gonna spare any

    details, so I hereby declare that I mean no insult to anybody, and apologize if the content of the report might

    sound inelegant, or seem too dirty for your taste of reading
    Feel free to reply Your input is very

    Also, if you wanna know my age, how I look, and such details, you’d have to refer to my

    Introduction Thread, `coz writing all that info

    again, would make this report twice as long. Thanks.
    Don't worry though.. that thread is interesting

    as well

    The personal "research" of my natural


    Before receiving my huge pack of ‘mones, I wandered the streets seeking to

    assimilate info, about what kinds of reactions I get with my natural signature. The results seemed both good &

    ok-minus; in that that I got lots of looks & lip-bites wandering through the streets – which seemed great in the

    normal sense, but back then I thought "this’s gonna make it harder for me to recognize what’s the effect of the

    ‘mones". Still, I wasn’t complaining. It’s a good advantage I have, and I wasn’t about to let karma take it away

    just because I dare complain about it (i.e. being good looking, having a great clothing-style, a great

    walking-style & so on & so forth).

    Later on, I realized how much things like the mood I’m in, the hours at which

    I sleep, the food I eat, the amount of time I spend under the shiny sun, & such, affect my testosterone levels in

    particular and the reactions of the opposite gender in general. So I know now that even my natural signature is due

    to constant change in some level or another; and I consider that every day I can. I eat better, I put more effort

    into my Aikido workouts, and I try to stay awake during the days vs. during the nights. I consider the ‘mone

    experiences to be a great part of the incentive for this personal improvement; but that’s another story (I might get

    to it later on – or not – we’ll see).

    Anyhow, the reactions I got where no DIHLs. They were simple looks.

    Sometimes just looking at me, and some other times checking me out & going on to their ways. Once in a long while I

    may have gotten a look that stays with me even when I’ve passed the girl, or looks at me again a short while after

    I’ve passed her by. Girls that walked the same direction I did, didn’t usually seem to give a damn or look towards

    me – and I am good looking (ass included). When I was standing still, I tended to get more looks; not many

    more, but some. Especially if she was also standing close by. I even got some of those delicious lower-lip bites

    I like those ones. But now, after using the ‘mones, I know how much more I can get
    Besides, I’ve just

    bought new clothes, they looked good on me, and I felt great about my looks, so it radiated.
    Anyhow, that was a

    good week… without ‘mones. I got no numbers though, nor even a simple "Hello my name is Rachel. What’s yours’?". Up

    until the day I got the ‘mones, that is.

    Moving on…

    To the post office! to get my

    ‘mones (hit number -1):

    So the ‘mones arrived. It took some time… the post service here

    is… well… it works like shit But, the package has finally arrived… I had to make too many phone calls just to

    be notified that it has arrived; and ask to know where it was. Although they could have sent it to my home by the

    next morning, I just couldn’t wait such a new toy (ahem… tool. Yes I meant tool lol) is not something to be

    waiting for hehe.

    So I went out to get it. I was all dressed up (I always am… even at home. It simply makes me

    feel better), and I decided to go buy my little sister a present. I had set lunch with her, my dad, and his wife for

    the next day, so I thought why not buy her a present on the way (I don’t get to see her that much). On the way to

    the post office, I stopped at the nearest canyon. I bought her the present, and went to a juice stand to have

    something refreshing to drink

    At the juice stand, there were two vendors, a guy & a girl. I said hello, and

    the dude gave me a sampler shake. "Ooh that’s nice! Ok, I’ll drink it… hmmm good taste, but I want something else…

    what does this one have in it? Oh pineapple! I like pineapple. Orange? Yeah… interesting mix. Oh shit!! This

    is freezing my brains out!"
    Now I noticed the girl is starting to answer my questions… the nice dude was busy

    washing the mixer or something. And as soon as I said it was freezing my brainz, which I said with a smile… (the

    humble kind, yet funny one), while I was holding the place on my nose where the sunglasses rest (ya` know… like in

    "Friends"… "BRAIN FREEEEEEZE!!!"… right? ), she burst into laughter (it was kinda` silent, but loud enough for me

    to notice it).

    "Shit… you got something refreshing that ain’t that cold? Hehe" And she’s like: lol

    "maybe you’d prefer a simple orange juice?" "yeah.. that sounds great"
    She moves to the other

    side of the counter, and I follow her. I make a laugh with her about her having an easy time with the other dude

    doing all the heavy work for her & stuff, and she makes me the juice. I drink the whole juice right there… showing

    that I’m thirsty & if your as philosophical as I am (almost up to bullshiting lol), you might even say the way I

    drank represented that I feel confident enough to swallow life itself lol… or whatever.

    While she was making me

    the juice, I asked her two things I can remember: if she knows where the post office I’m looking for is… and what’s

    her name. People… for those of you who let this pass under your rug… ALWAYS ask for her name! Later on… way

    later… she told me that she only hit on me (oh yeah, we’re getting there ), because I asked for her name Let’s

    call her Gds, for no apparent reason lol.

    So I finished drinking my juice, and in one smooth move, said goodbye

    to the dude, and smoothly moved my look into her eyes, gave her a quick wink, and kept on moving to the post office.

    I didn’t say goodbye to her, didn’t wave, didn’t look back. No! I just winked & went (heahea! SssMoOth!!).

    After getting my ‘mones, as happy as I was about having them, I didn’t yet open the package, and I was thirsty

    again, `coz finding the post office was a reeeeal drag. So where else would I go, if not to drink some more of that

    great refreshing juice?
    Granted, this was not planed ahead, but it might as well have been. I went to the

    same stand, and said "Now, I want the bigger juice!" with a proud smile on my face, just as the smile of a 5 year

    old when he makes a joke he knows is gonna make everyone laugh… but with the spice of the smile of a 25 year

    old, right after getting laid all night long. And yeah, it caught her attention; as it was her again, not

    him, that rushed to the rescue and grabbed some fresh oranges right away.

    She asked me if I found it and tried

    to make some small talk. I went along, but not rushing too much into the talk. Leaving things open… while my body

    language is excusing it by acting as if this juice is gonna save my life, and I’m so dry that every word I say

    before drinking is a virtue & is coming out of grace.

    Again I drank the whole HUUUUGE glass of juice in about

    one sip
    Just before I took that humongous sip, I said "Thanks Gds., you made my day."
    As you can see, the

    double meaning here is simple and made her feel good either way. If she was to understand she made my day by giving

    me a refreshing juice, or simply by giving me the pleasure of meeting her, is not relevant. What IS relevant is the

    fact that I made a point of showing her I remember her name, without having to say "I remember your name", or making

    it too obvious in any other way. You see, in her eyes, I wasn’t exactly making a point of it, but I did

    remember her name

    And now to the real reason I call this a hit. I finished my humongous sip, and was

    about to go away… I didn’t for a minute think of taking her number. Why? Not because I was too cocky, or because I

    specifically didn’t want it… but because I was having such a great day, that all those smiles and small talk, were

    simply enough for me. And I was thinking "If she wants me, she’ll do something. And if not, then I’m off to my home

    to check out the new tool\toy I got".

    So as I was saying, I was about to go away when she said (now get this…

    it’s a juice stand in the middle of a mall right? And she says) "So do you come here often?" a small single

    giggle actually slipped out of my mouth.. when I think about it, I simply lmao… "No, actually, I come here

    very rarely. [pause] Why? Would you like to see more of me?". She blushed a bit, smiled, and nodded

    positively. "You’re welcome to take my number then…" She said ok… in a very shy way; and blushed just a little more.

    I waited a bit while she was washing the mixer & then she said I better take hers `coz her phone is in the

    storeroom, and she can’t go away from the counter `on the clock`. I said ok, took her number, and went on my way.

    I now realize that the mental state of the moment greatly affects the ‘mone signature. Not as greatly as the

    ‘mones we add maybe, but greatly. I was very happy that day, and I even got another

    checking-me-out look on the buss station.

    Anyhow, I call this the hit number -1, because it was with no ‘mones

    on (i.e. I had only my natural "very happy & healthy" pheromone signature on).

    SOE as a helper in relationships with 5 year olds:

    I once asked on

    the forums, if anyone thinks ‘nol products are likable on very young children. As I mentioned on the section above,

    The day after getting my ‘mones, I had lunch with my dad, his wife, and my 5 year old sister. I had some problems,

    previously, with understanding what my sister thinks about me, and feeling good with our relationship. For details,

    you’re welcome to read my post on a thread called

    "'None is a nighmare for children".

    So I

    decided to try SOE as a standalone, and check if it helps getting my little sister more friendly towards me. She’s

    usually very (too) talkative, and always tries to be the center of attention no matter what. Anyhow, I was also

    arriving with 2 big presents… so she kinda` has no choice but be happy to see me

    I have no details about the

    exact amount of SOE I put on. It was like:
    1 inch stripe distributed between the two wrists,
    1 inch stripe on the

    left side of my neck & another
    1 inch stripe on the right side of the neck…
    I think

    Anyway, it

    did work. Not only was my sister more gentle & friendly with me, but my father & his wife were too. And also,

    I felt that rush I’ve mentioned somewhere in the forums. SOE is a great product – it’s been one of the 2 most

    effective ones I’ve used; alone AND in a mix (we’ll get to that later on).

    SOE effect

    on ones-self:

    Well I don’t know if this is the way it affects everybody, but to me, SOE

    gave a rush when I first put it on. You don’t have to use much to see some effect on your behavior and even on the

    environment. It made me feel a bit more... hmm… happy. Like a small high. Not much of a high. Not like a drug or

    anything like that… but more like a smiling feeling. I find that it’s easier to… hmm… feel free to talk & smile to

    people. Whether they’re friends or total strangers. Moreover, it usually gives the same effect on those people that

    I’m talking with.

    The day I got the ‘mones, I put on a very small stripe of SOE under my nose or somewhere on my

    face – I don’t remember exactly, then I called a female friend of mine (yes, friend in bed as well ). The talk

    went SO smoothly. Not only I instantly felt that rush, but I also laughed more easily, and made her laugh like ten

    times more than she usually would. It was fun. And all that – when it only affected ME (as she was not smelling the

    SOE via the phone, I presume). Oh btw… this was the day before I went to lunch with my sister. After I got home from

    "hit number -1". Let’s call the female friend on the phone D.

    ‘Mone elimination

    (Prevent Build-up):

    I haven’t had a build-up experience this whole month. I assume that if

    I would’ve, I’d notice it. At least that’s what everybody’s saying here in the forums. I admit, I tried not to put

    much ‘none on; but it’s not like I’ve always used the minimalist manifesto.
    [I do strongly advise

    The Minimalist Manifesto to

    everyone though ]

    Further on you’ll see that I’ve sometimes used many products at once. And even had

    to stop and think, to be able to notice that I should also try them as standalones, even if just to be able to

    recognize each product’s specific effects.

    So no… I think the real reason I haven’t had build-ups, is

    because I’ve been using a sanitizer. It’s a product called "Hand Sanitizer" by "Purell". I don’t always use it, and

    still I don’t have build-ups. Maybe it’s because I’m 22 years young (?). Anyhow, each

    time I had doubts about whether or not it’s gonna build-up, I used the sanitizer on the applied spots.

    I took

    the idea from a great thread:

    PI is the Daddy of

    . You have to search through the thread to read his tips about it, but they’re worth it.
    In a

    nutshell: he says before he showers, he puts on some sanitizer, lets it dry, and only then gets into the shower.

    I usually don’t even shower after using the sanitizer. I take a mini-sanitizer-bottle everywhere. And I don’t

    always use it. Only if I think I might have to much ‘none on, or if I’m about to change the products I have on… so

    of course I don’t wanna add over what I have on… so I eliminate it with the sanitizer. It works people!

    If I do use it before a shower though, I let it dry before I get in the shower


    Quote Originally Posted by tenaciousBLADE View Post
    You can use a sanitizer. Click

    this link to see an example of a hand sanitizer I use myself.

    Or click this

    to see a video commercial of it.
    You distribute it on the skin, smear it a little, and let it dry for

    like 3 minutes. That's all you need to do. It usually clears the OD for me (but with every person it might

    be a bit different). I do it before I shower sometimes... it get's better results. But if you use it before the

    shower, wait 5 minutes between the application of the sanitizer and getting into the shower; that way it'll dry off

    and get even better results

    "What does that smell like to you?" – Good

    times with D. [SOE+C7]:

    So I got my ‘mones on Thursday, I got a number from Gds. (I’ve

    already explained this, and we’ll get back to her later on), the next day I went to lunch with my little sister &

    used SOE… which worked out well. And then, the same day (we’re in Friday by now) after I got home, I met with D.

    D. and I have a sexual history that started months before my ‘mone order. She’s deeply shy, but very smart. She

    has not much of a sex-appeal in the first impression. But she learns quick. In other words, all she lacks is

    experience. Look-wise, she’s a 7.5… well maybe 8, as she has truly beautiful breasts So

    I wasn’t sure at first, how I’m gonna know if it’s the ‘mones or not that turn her on.

    Well, as soon as I was

    sure she’s gonna come for the night, I added just a little bit of SOE. Including what I already had on, it would be

    2 inch stripes distributed between the wrists,
    1 inch stripe on the right side of my neck,
    1 inch stripe

    on the left side of my neck,
    About 0.5 inch stripe behind right ear,
    About 0.5 inch stripe behind left ear, and

    1 inch stripe on my (yup…)

    Then I also put some C7 (Chikara):
    2 midium sprays distributed on my chest,

    1 midum spray on
    And I might have also put 1 small spray on my long hair (this time the head hair).

    All that covered with Armani Black Code (After-shave balm).

    Note: These amounts up until now have been

    recollections of memory. I’ve written down the exact amounts of many of the times I put ‘mones on; when it’ll be

    exact, I’ll mention the words "exact amounts"

    Well, she came and she started kissing me almost right

    away. Nothing out of the ordinary there. That’s what usually goes on in our relationship… sometimes we sit and talk,

    sometimes we watch a movie or something, and sometimes we just start kissing and go on and on through the night

    So we kissed, she had passion in her, things moved on, we moved onto the bed, and then after a while, we

    start kinda`… like… talking while still doing some sexual stuff.

    And then, while holding my c*ck with her hand,

    and having her head very close to it, she says: "You have a very good smell around here" cool… I think to myself…

    now I get to know what the ‘mones are doing.

    She’s 20 or 21 years old by the way. SOE works great with the

    young… I know that much by now. C7 seems to be good as well with the young, but doesn’t have as stable

    results as SOE. With SOE, it always happens. With C7… when it happens it's very sexual, but sometimes it

    doesn’t happen. Note that I haven’t yet used C7 as a standalone, and it never gave me bad results… if it wasn’t good

    results, it was no results at all. And that might have been due to other products I used with it… more experimenting

    is necessary for a conclusion to be drawn.

    Anyhow back to the subject. "How does it smell to you, D.?" "To be

    honest," she replied, "This smell makes me wanna suck your c*ck." She said that with open eyes, looking right at me.

    Now, I’m the first guy she ever went down on. And yes, she did this before the ‘mones too; and she enjoyed it. But

    using a word like "suck" is (well, was… before the ‘mones) unusual for her. She usually says "go down". Yeah, I get

    that in the U.S. that doesn’t sound different at all. But here, when you say go-down, it’s like… more polite… more…

    out-of-the-bed slang. It’s not like it’s totally polite… it’s not something you’d say to an old lady on the

    street, but when you say "suck"… it’s like… dirty! That’s the word…

    So you see… the ‘mones were

    effective enough for her to feel a need to connect the scent with her will to be dirty in bed. And here I started

    having faith

    That night was wild. She screamed like she was getting (pretend)raped and likeing it. She

    really opened up. Now I’m not saying she’d be like that if it was our first date… not even with the ‘mones. But

    considering the wildness of this night vs. our mildly-wild sex before… well… the ‘mones did something!


    fact, that night was so wild, I had nothing left for the next night… which was a bummer… so let’s get to

    that LMAO…

    Happy B-day Lor.! [TE, WAGG, C7]:


    next day (Saturday), was the Birth-Day party of an old female friend. Out of 10 – she’s a 13!!!
    We’ve slept

    before.. long ago… years ago. Back then, she gave me the happiest smile in the world when she saw my c*ck, and she

    told me she never saw a more beautiful person as he cums. BIIIIG compliment coming from her! Back

    then we were both great friends, and f*ck buddies.

    Since then… once, when I had an open relationship, she told

    me I’m such a good lover, that she’d sleep with me even if she had a boy friend. We almost slept that night too… it

    was more than a year without sleeping with each other, and we both wanted to. We were at the sea, and we fooled

    around a bit, but then we each went to his own home. She told me "I too would like to come home with you and f*ck

    your brains out all night long.. but I’ve got work tomorrow, it’s already very late, and this is a day I can’t


    The time has passed - we haven’t f*cked for years. And this was a girl that had to tell me not to fall in

    love with her long ago, when we knew each other for like a week. F*cking her stayed a fantasy I used many times on

    my own (if you know what I mean lol ). Even after we f*cked several times – it stayed something I

    fantasized about doing again & again. She’s… to put it simply… HOT!!!

    Next time I met her it was in a big crowd

    and the next (after she’s been traveling in a few places around the world), she already had a boyfriend.
    I’m not

    the type of guy who can take advantage of the preposition she once gave me. I stayed a friend.

    So… after this

    LOooooooNG history lesson, let’s get back to that Saturday, shall we? … It was her B-day party, & she was gonna be

    the only person I know there. So I brought along my best friend, and a calculated load of ‘mones on me.

    Here are

    the exact amounts:

    TE {Essential Edge}: 4.5 dabs total=>
    1 behind the right ear & down the right half of my jaw

    1 behind the left ear & down the left half of my jaw line,
    1 distributed between the two outer sides of my

    1 on my chest,
    1 small dab on my (u-huh… ).

    WAGG: 3 dabs total=>
    1 on my chest

    (covering the TE),
    1 distributed between the wrists,
    1 distributed behind my ears( again – covering).


    1 spray distributed on neck & jaw line (covering) +
    1 very small spray on (hey… it works


    All of those spots, covered with Armani Black Code.
    In addition, I added…

    1 very small

    dab (taken with the original NPA dropper on) on the pants (above the zipper.. ya` know… so she’ll just

    HAVE TO look… which she did.. a lot ), covered with 1 spray of Dolce & Gabanna.

    This was what

    My friend & I arrived there only to find out we’re the first ones there. So when she arrived (with a

    bunch of friends), we were saving the sits. Lor. gave us each a hug, and set right beside me (on the ledge of the

    couch I was sitting on). Not much time passed before she swiftly moved from "beside me" to straight right "on me"

    heehee. Felt very nice, especially as she kept rubbin` her behind on my aspects lol. She was always somewhat direct

    with her looks & smiles, but this… this was definitely the effect of the `mones.

    We all drank some beers,

    and chatted for a while. Nobody seemed especially chatty with me. Not Lor., not her friends (which did talk to me…

    just not that much), not even my own best friend. Yet I kept on getting looks from her female friends, and also from

    many other chicks around the place; so I felt pretty confident most of the time.

    At first I didn’t think that

    this mix was that good, `coz the only thing worthy of my attention (that I could attribute to the `mones) was the

    constant looks I got from every other chick (including Lor.). Now those looks were indeed flattering, but

    once in a while, in crowded places like that one, I do get these "good days".

    However, as we got closer to the

    end of the evening, I started noticing Lor. & her friend were whispering to each other while taking the "occasional"

    glimpse at my direction. And so it happens that the next time I set next to her, Lor. asked me if I wanted to spend

    the night with her. Now, she whispered it… with a very drunk & satisfyingly-hinting voice.
    Can you guess my

    reply? Rofl

    So I went on to her house with her & some friends. She kept me waiting for like 40 minutes or more

    in her room, while she was chatting with her friends in the living room. Of course I was welcome to join them… but I

    didn’t really feel like that type of evening.

    I forgot to mention I brought a present for her B-day. A very

    invested present, which she acted wonderfully cheerful about getting; even though she only opened it the following

    morning (still… I was there to see it happen ).

    When she came to bed, she was so tiered I didn’t even think

    of hitting on her or making out. Before going to the living room she gave me a sexy kiss, and frankly, after years

    of wanting her, that kiss was enough to make me wait a few hours. So I tucked her in, and we fell asleep.


    a few hours I kinda` woke up. You know those zombie situations where you’re awake enough to notice you’re horny, but

    not awake enough to notice you’re awake? Lol… well, one of those. Without even noticing I started to caress her over

    the clothes. After a while I was already touching her skin... under the clothes. Then on her chest, then

    rubbing her chest gently. From move to move she only became hornier; I could tell by the way she lightly moaned and

    moved more & more towards me.

    At one point, she simply took her pants off and started rubbing her ass on me.

    It’s not that I wasn’t expecting it, as all these years, even when she had a boyfriend, she kept giving me these

    teasing looks like "You know I want you & that’s the way I like it". So although I was at this point

    attributing some credit to the `mones, I wasn’t yet sure how much.

    We got to the point where we where

    both naked under the sheets. It felt absolutely great. She is Inter-Galacticly HOT… AND soft
    I went down on her

    & she actually asked me – her face all blushy – to do it again. But the point where I knew it really was the `mones,

    was when she held me close, put her mouth next to my ear, and whispered in a begging voice "I want you to f*ck

    !". Honest. I’ve been told such things before… with some wild women; but it was definitely unusual for

    her. And there was this vibe when she said it… grrr… this is the stuff fantasies are made of

    Unfortunately, I was exhausted from the day before, and didn’t perform as well as I’d like to have done

    There were more signs to the effects of the `mones that night, but it was so long ago, and I had more

    significant reactions from other mixtures.

    A tiny epilogue:

    New edit:
    After all these hits I also had an actual 2-men on 1-girl orgy (honest ) with that girl I

    mentioned before... Gds. And we went on to having a sexual relationship... that male-friend of mine even came

    visiting a few times when she was at my place and we both actually got some action from her

    The BEST thing of it all:

    I had many more hits since then.
    However with time,

    and with all this experience - I've changed quite a bit (for the better).

    And I can honestly say the best hits

    I ever got were and still happen with my current g/f. She has no idea I'm writing this, but I truly feel lucky to

    have such an edge with her. She's horny around me 99% of the time (though she claims it to be a 100%)... (SOE & TE

    help there a lot), she's caring and affectionant (SOE & A1 help with that), and she has honest feelings for me

    (that's all me & her... the `mones are just an edge-supplier)... Aaand... she's not afraid to show it (that

    I can attribute to the A1 at times ).

    My blushy little thing...
    Although you'll never read this: I wish

    you'll stay untill the day I die. I wish I'll still feel so at the day I die. I am so happy we have this

    relationship. And I'm so happy I make you feel the way you feel towards me
    Last edited by tenaciousBLADE; 09-23-2007 at 05:44 PM. Reason: Added titles to make it more readable :)

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    Read the

    sticky threads please.
    Gather your thoughts and put things into ONE comprehensive post.
    If you have something

    to add, use the EDIT feature.

    And please stop asking people to add to your reputation. It is considered "bad


    Love-Scent Forums

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    oh... ok. Sorry for the

    rep thing .. I really didn't mean to be rude.

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    Quote Originally Posted by tenaciousBLADE View Post
    Oh and moderators... If you

    find any of the lenguage here inappropriate in any way... Let me know right here and I'll go through the whole

    report and change it to a more politicaly correct version. I have no problems with that & I wouldn't want to make

    you go through all the trouble of going over these reports over and over again... It seems like a long tiering job

    and I should be the one to take such a responsibility in case it is needed
    Oh, don't worry. If

    we find them offensive we won't bother to go through them. We'll simply delete them. It saves a lot of work.

    To compel a man to subsidize with his taxes the propagation of ideas which he disbelieves and abhors is sinful and tyrannical.

    Thomas Jefferson

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    Which is why I originally

    asked to give me the option of editing them instead. It's just that nothing there is meant as offensive and I tried

    to write things in both a polite and yet still spicy way. It's a long report and I wanted to keep it interesting

    and readable.
    Is it wrong for me to ask for the opportunity to take responsability and edit my own post in case I

    made a misjudgement on what's offensive and what's not?

    I realize that last reply was indeed a bit funny...

    but it's also a bit insulting to hear that you wouldn't give me the chance to make it better and just go and

    delete it.

    Well then.. I just hope I really didn't happen to write anything offensive in there without noticing

    - `coz I sure won't like that long hit report to get deleted

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    Now that you've put all

    my posts into one (I'm sorry I didn't do it myself but obviously I had no way of deleting the other ones so I

    couldnt.. ). Is it ok if I edit the sub-titles back in?
    I just got confused about what's ok here and what's

    not... I think I'll go re-read the sticky-threads... apearently I've forgotten a few things since I read them so

    long ago.
    How embaressing

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    The rules are pretty

    straight-forward here. All you have to do is read the rules and courtesy thread to know every rule we enforce and

    why. You have all the opportunity you want to go back and edit your posts. Look at them while using good sense and

    you will know what should or should not be said and how. I don't have the time nor the inclination to edit a dozen

    or more posts every day. Along with my volunteer work here, I run a business and have a family. So, I rely on the

    fact that people are capable of understanding a set of rules and following them. And it isn't like the rules or the

    consequences are not plain to everybody. Just read the rules and courtesy thread to see for yourself.

    Sure, go

    ahead and add the subtitles back in. It will make them more readable.
    To compel a man to subsidize with his taxes the propagation of ideas which he disbelieves and abhors is sinful and tyrannical.

    Thomas Jefferson

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    Unhappy I am doing my best to be of benefit - never meant to break any rules

    I have read the rules of course. Yet I guess so much time has passed

    and I took it too much for granted that I'd remember them. I see that I was wrong as obviously I forgot a simple

    rule as keeping it in one post.
    I just wanted to make it more readable and meant no harm whatsoever - I want that

    to be clear.

    I am absolutely in line with the obvious and totally logical fact that neither you nor any other

    moderator should go through the heavy task of editing and re-editing my (nor any others') posts
    Never meant to

    incline that & I hope I didn't make that impression.
    In fact, that was precisely the reason I offered my own

    re-editing of the post (in the remote case of anyone finding anything there insulting). I just asked for a chance to

    edit them instead of them being deleted. I get it that you might not have given me that chance and I want to

    emphasize that I realize and agree with the fact that you have every right for that ().

    I just got

    a bit insulted by the short and straight forward reply.
    But now that you gave me a bit more of a detailed reply I

    am over my childish behaviour.
    I'm 23 and that (rarely but) still happens some times.
    I apologize and hope you

    get the best of my good intentions here.

    Quote Originally Posted by belgareth View Post
    Sure, go ahead and add the subtitles back

    in. It will make them more readable.
    Thank you - That was my point exactly.

    I just hope this all

    thing hasn't discouraged anyone from reading this thread

    Just in case it wasn't yet clear - I

    have already started re-reading the sticky-threads as suggested

    I had some

    misunderstandings\forgotten-things about the rules here... I truly hope this doesn't make anyone feel worse about

    me, as I love these forums and make a lot of effort to be of as great a benefit as I can be.

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