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    Default How much colonge with NPA


    bought 2.5 ounce bottle of Holston Z-14, how much should I mix with 5ml NPA to get a 1 or 2 spray dose?
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    Test first with an

    atomizer for the ratio that works for ou because everyone is different.

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    Oscar is a good one to ask.
    DrSmellThis (creator of P H E R O S)

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    The recommended ratio for NPA :

    Colonge is approx. from 1:4 to 1:6.

    So for 5ml bottle of NPA, I would recommend 20ml to 30ml of Colonge,

    depending on how potent you want the mix to be.


    I find that sweet

    smelling colonges like Black Code or Vanilla mix with the NPA funk better than flowery or herbal smells. (Example of

    flowery smell is Aqua di Gio. Example of herbal smell is Sandlewood.)

    So if you have a sweet colonge, feel

    free to use more NPA and vice versa.

    I have a mix myself that is as much as 1:29. Because I OD on -none very


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    Quote Originally Posted by sweetsense View Post
    Just bought

    2.5 ounce bottle of Holston Z-14, how much should I mix with 5ml NPA to get a 1 or 2 spray


    It probably wouldn't be a good idea to spike a whole bottle of cologne with

    a whole bottle of NPA.
    If it didn't pan out you'd be out some serious bucks.

    Try this:

    Get out

    of the shower, dry off, and leave your shirt off.
    Lean back in a chair, semi-reclined, and put one drop of NPA on

    your chest followed by a spray of Z-14 right on top of it.
    Swoosh the mix around with one of your wrists.

    that wrist on the other wrist, then swoosh it again.
    Rub your wrists on the sides of your neck, and finish by

    rubbing each wrist on the inside elbow joint of the opposite arm.

    If needed to further cover the NPA, do a

    "walkthrough" with one more spray of cologne.

    That way one drop of NPA spreads nicely over seven application

    points with no waste.

    Doing it this way you're probably looking at about an 8:1 or 6:1 cologne to NPA ratio

    (depending on the volume of the cologne's spray.)

    Mix up SMALL batches! NPA can really take over the scent

    of a cologne when allowed to steep over time.

    To actually answer your question, about one ounce (@30mL) of

    cologne would be the amount to get a 6:1 ratio mixed with a whole bottle of NPA.
    But don't do it.


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    Quote Originally Posted by oscar View Post
    Get out of

    the shower, dry off, and leave your shirt off.
    Lean back in a chair, semi-reclined, and put one drop of NPA on

    your chest followed by a spray of Z-14 right on top of it.
    How do you get 1 drop of NPA without a Ph.D in


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    That’s a tough one. Maybe Oscar

    can chip in on how he does it.

    According to Lacroy’s website, one drop of NPA is 0.125 ml and that has been

    my reference. I dilute some of my NPA with ethanol so that every diluted drop or spray has 0.03125 ml of NPA. Four

    drops or sprays give me exactly 0.125 ml.

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    I've been mixing 5 parts

    Burberry Weekend to 1 part NPA in a small Sephora atomizer for years. 3 or 4 zaps and I'm good to go.


    Weekend is a pungent citrus scent and covers NPA fairly well. I found other "fresh" citrus scents like Aqua di Gio,

    Chrome or CK One to be a bit weak as cover. You either need to use more cologne or refresh the scent before it

    fades. I haven't noticed much flower notes in Aqua di Gio. Smells of bergamot, grapefruits and other aromatic


    Spicey colognes like Lucky No. 6 or CD Fahrenheit cover a little better than fresh citrus scents but are

    too heavy for my taste.
    "I'm just a dirty hornytoad" -Gegogi

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    Some of the best scents for

    covering NPA are the gourmands that have a cinnamon bite to them, like Musc Ravageur, Body Shop Activist, Gucci


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    Default Covering NPA/TE, and random application musings

    To my nose the sweeter and citrusy colognes don’t do well with TE/NPA, and produce a sickly


    Fougères seem to cover the NPA/TE family very well.

    Cool Water absolutely masks TE/NPA. But

    Cool Water may make you a dork in some circles.

    I rarely spray colognes or pheros on these days. I do point

    application of tiny drops or dabs of phero to the hair on either side of my head. And I do mean tiny drops.

    Followed by a dab of cologne to the same spot. Right where her nose will be when I draw close and speak into her

    ear. Don’t overdo it – it is proven women have very sensitive noses compared to men. Maybe another similar

    application to my throat, or belly area on my shirt. But usually just the head.

    I do that because I will get

    close to her regardless – I was never afraid to approach. But if you dose up on pheros to catch her attention at a

    distance, you will be too strong and OD’ing when you move in close to her. So I dose very light so as not to offend,

    after I have moved close with eye contact and conversation.

    Irish’s quik-start phero application for the

    evening: Tiny partial-drop of A1 out of a dropper to each side of the head above/behind the ears, apply drop or

    smear of cologne right to the same spots, walk out the door and forget you’re wearing pheros. If you use TE instead

    of A1 this way you may need a little more cologne to mask it. Catch a girl’s eye from a distance a few times, smile

    and approach and start talking. If it’s loud in the room you have a perfect reason to lean in close and ask her a

    question, with her nose breathing in that tiny smear of phero right where you applied it. The phero excitement she

    feels will be associated with you alone, and more so the closer you are to her.

    Make the application light

    enough and you will never offend. If you dose up for long distance trolling you'll drive her off at close range.

    Trust me on this one.

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