These numbers will end up to

be very deceiving for most people, because if a pheromone has its niche, who cares what its number is?

For example, although Chikara is rated low, it would never be out of my arsenal if I could afford it. People

don't know how to use it, IMHO. I've had some of my best results with it, although I wouldn't pick it as my

favorite standalone. THere are going to be products from the very bottom of the list, that if you knew how to

use them properly could surpass any product from the top.

Not to have an attitude, but I don't trust folks to

draw appropriate conclusions from this. If people read much into it, it may do more harm than good. YOu certainly

can't look at this data alone and conclude much.

There are other problems too. Be very, very careful and

thoughtful before concluding anything. These results are far from scientific for any purposes, for various

reasons because of the haphazard procedures used.

Having said all that, have fun. I'm not saying the data is

completely useless.