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    Cool any experiences with spouses ? (a more controlled experiment !)

    I've read all the newbie stuff here and even done a couple of search about married

    couples, wives, spouses, etc, all related words and only found about 3 posts of experiences using pheromones in

    situations where the user is married and lives with the wife.

    I wonder how many married guys use the products

    here and could participate with their experiences using the products and how that helps or not in the relationship


    One of the posters I read had difficulty considering a hit with his own wife a hit. I personally would say

    that it is even more of a hit because that woman already knows him without the mones involved. It's a more

    controlled experiment because the same subjects are interacting with and without the presence of the products

    Wouldn't the single guys benefit more from this experiences knowing the before/after effects of mones with the

    same woman in the same type of relationship ? I think so because wives they already know you, body language is

    hardly involved , fake teasing is more easily detect..etc..other variables either play a lesser role or can be


    Any married guys or guys in a steady relationship want to contribute ?


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    I tried all types of combos on my

    ex- and there was little or diff from my natural state. However, the various combos of NPA and TE certainly helped

    make her girlfriends friendly and, thus, ruffling a few feathers. In my experience 'mones work best on stranglers

    and causual acquaintances.

    However, I'm sure everyone's mileage will vary...
    "I'm just a dirty hornytoad" -Gegogi

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    When I started using mones I

    was still married. They had no visible effect on my wife at all. My girlfriend has only known me while wearing mones

    although I do not wear them all the time. But she's such a eager wench that it doubt it matters much. She sometimes

    gets a lot more into sex when I am wearing mones.
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    I had some good results

    using A1 in a committed relationship as can be seen in

    this post.

    Andro-1 Mixing, Feedback, and Experiences is a very

    informative thread overall, and well worth a read.

    This thread is another good one.


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    Thanks for the links

    Oscar. I had missed that thread. I'm not married or in a committed relationship right now, but reading the posts in

    that thread (only on page 2 so far) makes me want to try a big A-1 dose. Up to this point, I have only been using

    one or two drops and now I'm reading about people using up to eight drops!

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    Thanks for all the input

    so far. Specially thanks for the long discussions about A1 with steady partners. It seems that the results are about

    the same as with strangers (some products haved an effect, some have no effect at all). I hope I don't end up

    having to test all the products for myself to find out which ones work and which ones don't on my wife.. LOL !!

    I hope there is even more input here since I saw that even Bruce was interested to know how some products or mixes

    would work with wives or steady partners.. specially during PMS!!! I must say i understand him PERFECTLY!!

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