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Thank you very much for your purchase of the Edge/Newbie Set!

The Edge is a very concentrated and effective product, but getting good at using it may take a little practice. Two important variables heavily affect how much Edge you will want to use at one time. One is your own natural pheromone output, which will have a lot to say about which products as well as how much of any one product will work the best. The other factor is the type and strength of whatever cologne you might be using with your Edge. A suitable cologne whether mixed with the Edge prior to application or applied to the body at the same time as the Edge, is generally required when using the unscented version of the Edge. If you have purchased the scented formula (sandalwood for men; vanilla for women), you may or may not need to use additional fragrance, in which case, start with one spray and work up as needed.

In light of the vast differences in colognes, natural body pheromones, and personal taste/style, the best way to find your own magic formula for success with the Edge is simply to experiment. If you are pre-mixing, mix up small test batches of cologne/Edge (starting with a 50/50 mixture), try them out, and if you have the time and interest record your results. As the Edge will probably change the fragrance of your cologne a little, be sure to test your experimental potions for fragrance as well as social effects on those around you. If you don’t want to pre-mix your pheros and cologne, try spraying a little of both the unscented Edge and your favorite cologne on to one wrist and mix by rubbing the wrists together. This application point will make it very easy for you to take test sniffs whenever you like and keep the pheromones away from your own nose the rest of the time thus keeping your own sense of smell from becoming numbed by overexposure. Start with one spray of the Edge and increase gradually until you get optimal results.

If your bottle of Edge came to you as part of a Newbie Special Set then the first thing you will probably want to do is use the atomizer and essential oil that came with the set to mix up your first test batch. To do that simply pour a couple ml of Edge into your handy pocket atomizer and using the eyedropper in the top of the essential oil bottle, put an equal amount of e-oil into the atomizer, close it and shake well. Again you may want to apply your mixtures to the wrists for ease and effectiveness of sniff testing.

* Unscented Edge has a very strong natural musky odor that has been compared to BO (body odor). Use with caution, especially if you use it alone (without cologne)
* About 1 in 4 men and almost that many women, can not smell pheromones at all, even up close. You can test your own phero-nose by applying a spray or two of the Edge to a piece of cloth. Wait for it to dry for a few minutes and then take a sniff. If you don’t smell anything on the spot, then you need to be especially careful when using the Edge.

Finally, if you get a chance, visit our own Pheromone Forum for further advice, not only on mixing but general use of pheromone products. Simply click the “Pheromone Forum” link on our home page.

We wish you the best of luck!


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If you are new to pheromones or are a first time user, please take a look at the Newbie FAQ and Product Guide first as these should answer most of your questions. If anything isn\'t answered properly here, or you want more information, visit Love Scent and browse the forum.

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