Pheromone News May, 2003

May, 2003
Letter from the Prez:

Dear Readers,

Well, Spring is in full swing and I am engaged in a constant battle with the urge to stare blankly out the window rather than get any work done. Traditionally, this is the time of year that the PheroNews falls behind schedule, but I am determined to get this one out today. Ah… but what day am I actually writing this? That, you don’t know, do you?


But, in any case, don’t forget to smile!
Bruce Boyd
pheromone Research News
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IN THIS ISSUE OF Pheromone News:

*Survey Results
*pheromone Q and A
*pheromone Article Review by Bruce Boyd
*This month’s “Free pheromones” Survey/Contest
*New Products –
*User Corner – Reader pheromone Stories




As promised, everybody is a winner this time around! We got 135 survey responses (filled out and including a mailing address) and I understand we have just finished mailing out the free sample packets. You should be getting yours soon, if you sent in a survey.


As you may or may not know, this most recent survey was designed to give us at PheroNews/Love Scent pheromone Store some information about what sort of folks are interested in pheromones and what kind of results they are getting. It is a big task organizing the information we collected, so we will be publishing the results here in bits and pieces over the next few issues I expect. Below is part 1! I hope it shows up in an intelligible manner in whatever medium you are viewing this newsletter.


Number of people surveyed: 135

52% men
48% women
Marital status: Single/married/divorced/separated/NA
Men: 57% / 23% / 13% / 4% / 3%
Women: 35% / 32% / 25% / 2% / 6%
Total: 47% / 19% / 27% / 3% / 4%
Have you ever purchased pheromones?
Men: 81% yes; 19% no
Women: 55% yes; 43% no; 2% not sure
Total: 69% yes; 30% no; 1% not sure
If yes, did you find them effective?
Men: 40% yes; 21% no; 12% somewhat; 9% maybe; 16% don’t know; 2% NA
Women: 58% yes; 20% no; 8% somewhat; 14% don’t know
Total: 47% yes; 20% no; 11% somewhat; 6% maybe; 15% don’t know; 1% NA
Do you plan to purchase pheromones again in the future?
Men: Of those who said they found them effective
100% yes
Those who said they didn’t get results
75% yes; 25% maybe
Women: Of those who found them effective
86% yes; 14% probably or maybe
Those who said they didn’t get results
43% yes; 57% maybe or undecided
Age (everyone):

< 20 3%
20-25 11%
26-30 7%
31-35 15%
36-40 11%
41-45 17%
46-50 16%
51-55 12%
56-60 4%
61-65 4%

Avg Age: 40

Effectiveness according to age bracket:
[NOTE: This chart only shows “yes” and “no” answers to “Did you find pheromones effective” to keep it simple. So, the rest in each age bracket were not clear about the results! eg: In the under 20 group, only 33% found them effective, 50% found them not effective and the rest (17%) weren’t really sure.]

Did you find pheromones effective?
Age Yes No
< 20 33% 50%
20-25 29% 14%
26-30 71% 14%
31-35 57% 7%
36-40 40% 0%
41-45 50% 31%
46-50 33% 33%
51-55 55% 18%
56-60 67% 0%
61-65 50% 25%

Q and A:

Q: Just a quick question on application if I may. The material indicates that one drop of Primal Instinct is the best way to apply behind each ear and no more. (Does this mean the back of the ear itself or the neck behind the ear?) or is there perhaps another point where greater success has been achieved? I know im getting picky but i want to achieve the maximum result.

A: There is a small sensitive spot directly behind the earlobe. That is a traditional cologne application point. Personally, I usually apply to the wrists because I am constantly testing new products and mixtures. I want to be able to take a quick smell of my own application and that is easiest on the wrists. I mention that because as a beginner, you might find yourself in the same boat in some ways. Optimal pheromone use takes some experimentation for everyone.

Q:I have purchased the original Primal Instinct (ie without a fragrance) and some of the material suggests for the best results you should combine with a cologne. Is it okay to put a drop behind each ear then spray on a nice cologne rather than fiddling about with mixing them in jars etc? do any colognes or colognes in general kill the scientific power of Primal Instinct? In summary what is the best way to combine cologne with the pheromone to maximize or at least not reduce the potency of Primal Instinct

A:There are a lot of possibilities without having to mix in a separate bottle. Personally, I like to apply a drop of Primal to each wrist, then apply a little cologne right over the same spot; then rub my wrists together. That enables me to take a sniff with my own nose at close range and see what I have going there.

Check the pheromone Forum at:
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for lots of good advice from pheromone users in the trenches.

Bruce Boyd
Pheromone News
Legal Disclaimer: I am not a doctor, and therefore none of the information contained in this newsletter should be construed as medical advice. It is only my personal opinion based on research papers and books I have read on pheromones, my own personal experiences and those of others who have written to me.
[NOTE: We are actually in the middle of publishing monthly a great series of articles by pheromone researcher James V. Kohl. My apologies to those of you who have been following along, but we had a technical problem with receiving the next article (#5) in the series in time for this month’s PheroNews, so I am rerunning an article I wrote in a PheroNews issue from long ago. Hope you like it. We will be back on track with James’ articles in the June issue. -Bruce]

Whose pheromones are You?
Review written by Bruce Boyd
Based on an article entitled “Whose pheromone are You?” by Tom Clark originally published in World Medicine magazine in July of 1978

In scanning the internet for Pheromone News articles the same ones keep popping up over and over. In fact, sometimes it seems like they were all written from the same 5 or 6 press releases. Running into “Whose pheromone are You” by the british researcher Tom Clark was a pleasant surprise. Although it was published in a medical journal, it is full of fun and creative interpretations of its loosely compiled “data.” There doesn’t seem to be a truly controlled study to be found, and he himself refers to this work as “art” rather than “science”. I myself love to see the results of the strictly controlled scientific studies come in with their verdict, but articles like this one open up whole new ways of thinking about pheromones and what they can do. Also keep in mind that the original article was written over twenty years ago!

Every now and then I find a reference to a study done in a public theater, demonstrating that women will unconsciously prefer seats that have been sprayed with male sex pheromones, and apparently I have finally found the source. The experiments featured here were conducted by Clark, who had already done similar tests on unsuspecting patients in a hospital waiting room, Matthew Guiness, an actor with the Royal Shakespeare Company who had produced a late night “pheromone happening” experiment at the famous RSC, and Robin Klassnic, an artist who had experimented with the effects of pheromone sprays on visitor traffic at art exhibitions.

The trio booked the Gulbenkian Studio Theater in Newcastle, UK for their experiment on the attractive power of pheromones. First they observed the usual flow of traffic in the theater to see which seats would normally fill up first, and then sprayed certain seats with pheromones to see if they could alter the standard flight pattern. They also sprayed a portion of the programs to see if that might affect their being selected for purchase. The results were interesting. In Clark’s words: “It had worked much better than we dared hope.” The seats on the side balconies which had remained empty during the control (no spray) performances, were now filled and mainly with women, after having been sprayed with pheromones. The researchers were initially disappointed that all the programs both sprayed and unsprayed had sold out before the concert, as that upset the other variable that they had hoped to measure (which programs were selected for purchase), but on a hunch, after the performance was over, the many programs left behind in the theater were examined, and not a single sprayed program could be found. They had all been taken home by their owners, while the unsprayed ones had largely been abandoned.

Rock Concert Mania?

Clark goes on to speculate about some even more “exciting” pheromone phenomena: “If you observe the crowds at rock concerts you can see pheromones at work.” He claims that the level of hysteria at a rock concert is controlled by the type of ventilation in the concert hall!

“If the air currents in a concert hall move from the stage to the audience, the excitement is literally carried from performers to fans. That is why a concert at the Hammersmith Odeon works up the crowds more than one at the Festival Hall, where extractors move the air the other way. Most of the big successful closed theaters have air conditioning circulating air from the front to back and make ideal pop venues.” “The new National Theater, like the Royal Festival Hall, has all round ducted air conditioning. Actors there are said to feel a sense of isolation from the audiences — a sense they never felt at the Old Vic. The cool unemotional atmosphere of these places is OK for classical music or Ibsen, but deadens emotion.”

But that’s not all! Clark says that researchers have carefully examined the theater seats occupied by young girls following rock concerts and found that they had been dampened with vaginal secretions by these “girls in orgasm” as he calls them. AND…(I am not making this up!)…he says that from examining these secretions scientists can speculate that a large percentage of the young women had synchronized their menstrual cycles during the weeks of anticipation of the event, stimulated by TV and newspaper ads and were ovulating on the night of the concert! He further supports this with the fact that the evidence for a statistically normal percentage of menstruating women, which can usually be found in the women’s restrooms is completely absent at rock concerts. Other studies apparently support this theory: “It has been noticed that after pop concerts girls often show menstrual disruption, and their periods become irregular.” says Clark. The system which controls menstruation (pituitary gonadotrophins) appears to be “upset by rock concerts as well as leaving home or changing jobs, and is possibly triggered by the presence of new, or strange *male smells.*” Clark also points out that five of the girls that worked in the theater where the pheromone experiment was carried out had had their menstrual cycles disrupted.

In the words of Tom Clark himself:
“Can one call it an experiment? Ludwig Wittgenstein tells us we can arrive only at an approximation of the truth whatever we do, and however we do it. Thus a scientific approach is limited by its language of controls and double blind techniques; double talk indeed. The theater however is a place of much greater flexibility of human expression than the laboratory. In the theater, miracles can happen, and marvels and magic are everyday means of expression often performed twice nightly.”

“But it did work. It worked in public. It doesn’t amount to a scientific paper but a few hundred people witnessed it. Human pheromones, we maintain, do exist. If you don’t believe it, ask the Royal Shakespeare Company to show you sometime.”


Sorry! No new survey again this month. We will be publishing results of the last survey over the next few months.

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User Corner

I can attest to the great powers of AE. I am an older guy, and I really can’t say just how well it would work for younger guys. But, for me, it has really worked on younger women. In fact, of every product and mix I’ve tried, it is the only one I’ve used where I’ve seen evidence of obvious arousal in a woman that was near me. It has worked for me enough times for me to feel that the first time wasn’t a fluke. The nice thing about it is that it’s got the 3 main pheromones, and it’s -none content isn’t that concentrated……so you don’t have as much of an OD risk as with other products.



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