Pheromone News March, 2000

March, 2000

Hello Again Readers,

This marks the 12th consecutive monthly issue of the Pheromone News, so next issue will be the e-zine’s official one year birthday issue. Don’t miss it!

Here in Japan, as you may know, the blossoming of the cherry trees is the premiere outdoor event of the year. The official ETA this year for this part of the country is April 25th, but parts to the South are already leaving work early and heading for the parks. This will be my tenth “Hanami” (watching cherry blossoms) season. It is truly awe-inspiring and tantalizes all the senses. The fragrance is not even a smell as such, it is so subtle, yet it is overwhelmingly intoxicating. The color of the billowing blossoms is a pink so subtle that it is almost white and gives the distinct impression of benign clouds caressing the trees. When the wind blows, the tiny petals pour down on you and brush against your face like soft warm snow, as you enjoy the divine flavor of sakura mochi (soft rice boiled with cherry leaves). Did I forget about sound? Well, if you are lucky enough to find a quiet spot, you will hear the music of the wind playing the blossoms that still cling to the branches, but more likely you will hear the traditional Japanese songs of the old folks, well-sauced on sake. (probably cherries in there two) The whole event only lasts a few days and the very peak can be measured in hours, but if you are lucky and find the right spot under a big tree, you will never forget it.

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The bootleg version of is still haunting the internet, collecting money online apparently without actually sending out any merchandise. (minor oversight no doubt) Please make sure you are on the real site if you want to buy something there. The bootleg site looks nearly identical to the original, though the URL is slightly different. Make sure the site you are at has exactly this URL:
If in doubt, you use this toll-free order line: (800) 662-8633

Furthermore, If you think you have been victimized by this scam or any site reputedly selling pheromone products, please contact me for information on getting your money back. The law is clearly on your side.
Bruce Boyd
Sendai, Japan
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This Issue’s pheromone “News”:

*Februay’s Survey/Contest Results
*pheromone Q and A
*Shortie: Science and Aphrodisiacs?
-Bruce Boyd
*This month’s “Free pheromones” Survey/Contest
*New Products
*pheromones in the Cinema
*User Corner; Reader pheromone Story

Our drawing winners (drawn at random from sent-in surveys) are:
Elizabeth and Daemark
They will each get a free bottle of a popular pheromone product to try out.
(As always, thanks for your thoughtful answers)

Synthetic pheromone products on the Market

–#1. Have you ever used a pheromone product?
Yes: 80% No: 20%

–#2. Did it have any effect?
Of those having tried one: 88% Yes 12% No

–#3. If yes, what effect did it have?

“I went to a club and was being approached constantly by mostly females but it seemed like I was being talked to a lot.”

“Girls seem to pay more attention to you. You also seem to get hit on more than usual.”

“It helped increase my self esteem and made me feel more confident.”

“Females are more open with their feelings. That is, I get told outright that they want to get with me. I get flirted with a lot more.”

“I have only been using it for a couple of weeks, but I believe that I am already seeing a positive change in the number of girls that initiate conversations with me.”

“More girls talk to me, and I get more smiles and ‘hellos’ in passing.”

“I was approached more often by the opposite sex.”

— #4. Do you think that pheromones have uses other than romantic ones?
100% of those surveyed answered “Yes” to this one.

“They could be used in relationships of any sorts. They seem to make people more friendly.”

“They may have some form of emotional/mental use.. for the fact that maybe they make people feel better about themselves.”

“Yes. I think sales increase because people seem to be more at ease around you.”

“I am convinced pheromones can be used in business very well. People just perceive you as more powerful and confident. With this in unconscious, it’s easier to make a buying decision (that doesn’t interfere with application of detectable odors to ease people’s mood or project an air of seriousness, like scenting a car showroom with the smell of leather etc.)”

“I think that pheromones would have a positive effect on the person who would be wearing them, maybe make them feel a little more attractive.”

“Yes, I do. I believe that when other guys see that many girls are attracted to you, they want to hang out with you. They respect you, which ultimately makes you more popular with your own sex. Most importantly, I believe that pheromones give you a self-confidence that many people lack. They help people feel good about themselves, which is the first step in attracting others. Also, I have read about people using pheromones to give them an edge in the working world. I have never had the opportunity to experience this, but it seems to make sense.”

“Yes, help with self esteem.”

–#5. What products have you tried?

“Date Mate 2000 Harem Knights Realm Androstenone pheromone Concentrate The Scent.”

“I have a bottle of APC. I have tried Realm at the department store.”

“I have used Contact18 and DateMate2000.”

“Contact18 and DM 2000, but I’m currently testing Realm and another one called Sphinx.”

“Beaches, Realm, Magnet.”

–#6. Which ones do you like best?

“Currently DateMate 2000.”

“They all seem to work fairly well, but so far I think Beaches has had more of a noticeable effect.”

“DateMate 2000. It’s odorless and stronger than Contact 18 (which is its predecessor)”

“Date Mate 2000 when I don’t feel like a scent. Realm when i want Cologne.”

–#7. Why?

“Although, I have only used APC, I believe that it works quite well. However, Realm smells VERY good. I would imagine that it smells better than any other pheromone product because it is the only one that is made by a major fragrance company. I have also read that APC and Realm contain about the same number of active pheromones, so I would guess that one could expect similar results.”

“Date Mate 2000 gives me the self esteem I want without scent. Realm smells nice and some women love it.”

–#8. Where did you first find out about pheromones?

“Through a friend asking me about them so I did an internet investigation.”

“I happened to stumble across a featured auction on ebay that was selling pheromones. The idea of a scent that was guaranteed to attract the opposite sex intrigued me, so I researched the subject on the internet. That is when I came across the Love Scent pheromone Store site, which is by far the best fountain of information about pheromones on the web.”

“I got a chance to smell some once at the bon marche in WA, i really liked the smell of it.”

“In a science class.”

“From school (pre-med/chemistry)”

–#9. Have you noticed anything interesting about natural pheromones (personal hygiene etc.) and their effect on others?

“Being clean and smelling clean helps you boost your feelings about yourself.. hygiene is probably the most important part of feeling good about yourself.”

“Just the basic, poor hygiene is usually a big turn off, although I do know someone who loves the smell of sweaty body odor. Gross, as far as I’m concerned.”

“As far as the fact that not using scented soaps, etc. (because they cover our natural pheromones), I haven’t tried this so I don’t really know. As far as personal hygiene, the opposite sex is much more attracted to a clean looking and fresh smelling person than the opposite. But this goes without saying so, I really haven’t noticed anything major.”

pheromones trigger a sort of ‘animal magnetism’ in humans.”

“It’s always useful to shower in the evenings for the strongest natural pheromone concentration is 24 hours after shower. That means, after that time you’ll begin to smell bad. But it’s good to always have a little natural odor around you because it transmits your MHC’s properties to women instinctively searching for a different immune system for healthy kids…”

“Always get comments on how good I smell when I come to work freshly showered. It’s my conditioner (Pantene). I have long hair so my conditioner’s scent gets noticed a lot.”

“Not really. I have heard women say that they like the scent of a man’s sweat though. Otherwise, not really.”

“From what I have “read” I believe that they have a extra charm factory on others. I even heard about a female that felt a hardly controllable urge to hug any man wearing ‘Beaches.”

“Yes, well I didn’t know they were pheromones, but I can tell when I am feeling sexual that men really respond to that but when I am not they pretty much leave me alone. I am single and at times get asked out several times a week but, when I am not feeling like I’d like a man then there is not a lot of interest from others. I live in a house full of women and we joke about being in heat and how the men come out of the woodwork at times.”

“You can tell just by smell whether or not someone takes care of themself. If they smell like B.O., you will know to stay away, but other times just the natural clean scent of someone will be the most attractive thing.”

“Yes, they work, and they supersede even such factors as rational thinking and poor hygiene. There appears to be more pheromones present when a body has not been cleansed for a long time – as if they accumulate until a shower. The effect of pheromones is strongest when they have much time to be in one’s presence – ie. an entire night.”

“Yes, this may seem disgusting, but it seems that when I am ovulating, more men are attracted to me. This starts about 2 days before and lasts until about 3 days after, and then suddenly I’ve very unattractive, it seems. I’ve noted these “effects” over several months and I have detected a pattern.”

“I had a good friend who didn’t really have anything at all going for him, but he always got the best girls, so we said he had killer pheromones.”


“I haven’t tried pheromones because I’ve heard such contrasting opinions on them. I don’t want to spend money on something that doesn’t work, but I do find the concept very intriguing. If I could win some so that I could try it out, I’m sure I would buy some if they worked. ”

“Its hard for to say this, but in my 20 years of existence i have never been on a date!!!! I am not going to lie I had a few chances, but something always went wrong. Like a bird trying to fly, I can only hope that I will one day, be able to spread my wings.”

“I must admit that I was very skeptical. And they basically did they exactly what they said. Pleasantly surprised.”

“I have my doubts if they really work. I see some testimonials that say they work, but I’ve seen real trials on shows on tv and they didn’t work, and the product I used didn’t work.”

“I want to thank him (Bruce) for his services to everyone interested in pheromones. I can imagine the time that he has put into this project, and I really admire what he has done for us.”
(Wow! Thank you! –Bruce)

“Here in my country kenya I have never come across any of the pheromones products but after reading many of your articles I would really like to try them out.”

“As I told you, pheromones intrigued me so much, I’m currently writing on a book about them.”

“The Realm that I uses smells oriental, I think it smells good but it does not have the effect that they advertise. It does not attract the opposite sex like it is supposed to.”

“Hi, I’m a 24 year old female who is married with 3 young sons. I have never used a pheromone product but would be very interested in trying them. I first heard about pheromones on TV news reports…”

“Synthetic pheromones are a wonderful addition to the population in that, hopefully, they will allow all of us to get along a lot better. Perhaps even decrease violence.”

Legal Disclaimer: I am not a doctor, and therefore none of the information contained in this newsletter should be construed as medical advice. It is only my personal opinion based on research papers and books I have read on pheromones, my own personal experiences and those of others who have written to me.

pheromone Q and A:

Q: I’m kind of worried that these “pheromones” are similar to drugs. You need to use them always to get girls. What happens when you stop using them? Will your girlfriend stop loving you? It takes the money out of your pocket especially every 3-6 months.

A: Good question! I like to compare them more to vitamins than to drugs, but pheromones do create a definite “high”, there seems to be no question about that, and not only on the target but on the person wearing them him/herself. In fact, one very famous pioneer in the commercial pheromone industry emphatically claims that the magic of pheromones is 100% due to their effect on the wearer NOT the person you are trying to attract. I can personally testify to this effect of “getting off on your own pheromones.” I often spray Date Mate on my shirt collars and sometimes when I’m stuck in traffic or bored or feeling a little run-down, I’ll press my nose to the fragrant spot and inhale deeply. There is definitely an energizing effect there, no question about it. If you want to see a VERY funny movie bit on this, check out “A Fish Named Wanda” with Kevin Cline. Very funny!

There is quite a bit of research that shows that pheromones and hormones are linked, that is when one goes up the other goes up as well. They play off of each other. Now whether it is a good idea to add to the fire with store-bought pheromones, I can not say. I am not a doctor. If I were a teenager, I would not use them. The average person’s hormones and pheromones are running wild at this time already, but from the 20s onward pheromone levels are dropping off like crazy, and well, you can see the effects on your sex life. As far as “will your girlfriend stop loving you”, anyone that has been married can tell you that “love” and pheromone-type attraction are two very different things. Keeping the fire in your romance is an ongoing effort. Again, maybe it is better to just let nature take its course and get old gracefully, I don’t know. It is a personal decision, but there is no reason to think that pheromones are addictive in the sense that you develop a tolerance to them or that using artificial pheromones will shut off your own production of them. Personally, I think that pheromones are “good for you” and set off a healthy spiral of more romantic activity and generally a more healthy lifestyle, but in any case, you only need to use them on “date night”. They also don’t cost as much to use as you might think as in most cases a few drops is all you need.

One last thought on this subject….. Almost anything can become obsessive if you let it. One example is make-up. The use of make-up is a personal thing for women, and it can be a lot of fun and can also be very effective in attracting men, BUT it can also become a terrible weight if a woman feels that she can’t be seen without it. Being romantically “involved” with someone implies that you know what they look like without their make-up, and what they smell like without their cologne (or even a bath for that matter). Hopefully once you find Mr. or Miss “Right” you can settle into a comfortable agreement on the use of these little romantic aids, and that goes for everything doesn’t it…. candles, sexy underwear, incense, soft lights and on and on. You can get stuck on any of it, can’t you?

All the Best,

Featured Shorty:

What’s the best fragrance for turning that special someone on? I get letters every week asking some variation of this question, and one interesting answer to it comes to us from some research done by Chicago neurologist Alan Hirsch. Keep in mind that when science attempts to break into the world of romance, there are many different ways scientists attempt to measure the results people look for in their love lives. First of all, they have to ask themselves, what it is they are trying to measure, attraction? Sexual arousal? In some studies subjects are asked to rate photographs of members of the opposite sex as attractive or not, while in others researchers simply observe subjects and watch for signs that behavior has been affected.

The Hirsch study rated the effectiveness of various fragrances by measuring blood flow to the penis, which presumably gives us a good idea of the sexual arousal of the subject, not to mention the fact that all the subjects in this study were men.


So rather than rating the attracting power of the tested fragrances, we are actually rating the ability of various fragrances to turn subjects on sexually and therefore are rating the fragrances as aphrodisiacs.

The results were surprising. All types of fragrances were tested, not just popular colognes and perfumes, but kitchen spices and a host of other commonly occurring household odors. And which of the fragrances rules as a male aphrodisiac? Channel? Obsession? No, the number one aphrodisiac aroma was ….. cinnamon buns! Strange but true, food as a group outperformed perfume as a sexual turn on for men. Go figure. Here are some of the other romantic fire flamers:

roast meat
cheese pizza

These changes were substantial too, with increased genital blood flow as much as 40%. What about pheromones? Not tested here to my knowledge, but you may remember a similar study reviewed here, and performed by the great pheromone researcher Astrid Jutte in Austria, in which male testosterone levels were increased 150% by the smell of the female pheromone copulins. Such jumps in testosterone level have also been shown to be closely tied to genital blood flow, which I assume is synonymous with sexual arousal or ..ahem.. being “horny.”

So, ladies, in light of the scientific research available, if you want to turn on your man, here is my recommendation:
Take a shower with Dr. Bronner’s Peppermint soap, spray on some copulins and add a dash of vanilla, eat a bit of chocolate, and put on your sexiest negligee. And don’t forget the strawberries with the champagne! “Brings out the bouquet?” Well, it sounds more romantic than: “Hey, research shows that it will make more blood flow into your penis!”

Just in case, don’t forget to smile!
Survey/Contest time!
It’s finally happened. I’m completely bankrupt for ideas. My wife suggested that I make a survey out of what readers want to see in future surveys. Sounds good enough to me! There will be prize winners drawn from survey entries so go ahead and send one in. Simple this time, and you might even see your idea used in coming months.

The Questions:

What kind of topics would you like to see explored by future surveys?

That’s all! Just jot down an idea or two and send them to:
As usual, I will pick prize winners from the survey entries at the rate of at least 1 per 50 entries with a minimum of 2 winners each month. Last month there were only 25 entries (down from 58 the month before) and 2 winners (the minimum), which gave entrants about a 1 in 12 chance of winning!

Send completed surveys to:

MatchMasters Online Dating Systems
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Look for the Matchmasters link at:
pheromones in the Cinema

Remember the first “episode” of the movie Back to the Future? Trying to forget it? Anyway, our hero, the young Marty McFly, goes back to 1955 and runs into his mother, who is then a young girl. She falls instantly and madly in love with Marty (her future son) and pursues him for the rest of the movie until she finally corners him in a parked car and gives him a big smooch on the lips. The spell is then broken and she she turns to him disappointed and says something like:
“You know, it’s the strangest thing, but I felt like I was kissing my brother.”

Many moons ago I reported on some research demonstrating that women will indicate more romantic feelings stimulated by sniffing clothing worn by people with dissimilar DNA, than they will for people with similar genotypes. In other words, the pheromones of people biologically the furthest from us are more likely to illicit romantic attraction, than those of people more closely related (eg: members of our immediate family). This would make sense from an evolutionary standpoint as it naturally leads towards expanding gene pools and away from what is jokingly referred to these days as “in-breeding” or a career in politics.

I guess I have out-bred about as far as is possible on the planet Earth. There is a standard joke among western men living here in the Orient that once you have fallen in love with an Asian woman, it is no longer possible for you to feel romantic interest in a Western woman. As an American married to a Japanese woman, I can honestly say there seems to be some truth behind the joke. It is often difficult in the beginning to break through the various racial and cultural barriers that separate us from those on the far side of the gene pond, but once those have been overcome, the pheromonal attraction seems to be very strong.
User Corner

It certainly had an effect. After walking around with it (pheromone product) on for some weeks now, I’ve noticed changes in the ways women (as well as men) acted towards me including some very odd but pleasurable “attacks”. A girl went in my direction after a party once, until we reached her house. We met again about three weeks later at the exact flat where she greeted me with “I knew we’d meet again”. I found out later she would have had to take an entirely different way to go home the last time. And countless other happenings. Additionally, I am much more confident about myself and my appearance to women. Oddly, the more attractive they are, the more they are attracted (It’s a confidence thing, I suppose)

-name withheld

In the mood for some laughs?
Try my weekly humor/joke E-Zine at:


Thank you all, and keep those articles and experiences coming!
Technical advice also welcome.

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