Pheromone News June, 2003

June, 2003
Letter from the Prez:

Dear Readers,

Spring has sprung and summer is on the way here. Getting very warm! Still haven’t got my vege garden in yet. The lonely garden plot is staring at me through the window as I write. Gotta get on that!

But, in any case, don’t forget to smile!
Bruce Boyd
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*More Survey Results
*pheromone Q and A
*pheromones in Context (part 5) by James V. Kohl
*This month’s “Free pheromones” Survey/Contest
*New Products –
*User Corner – Reader pheromone Stories



Continuing on from last month, we are still publishing the results of the recent pheromone products user survey. Below are listed all the comments that were recorded from one particular yes or no question. Most surveyed simply answered “yes” or “no”, and those results were tallied up in last weeks survey stats. In many cases, the user responded with some comments, which are all listed below; positive as well as negative.

Comments to the question:
“Have you found pheromone products effective?”


Hard to tell but I think it is effective

One strong “DIHL” (Deer in the headlights) from a young women (18 to 23?), at the public library computer room. I did not understand her fasinating gaze, she soon disappeared. The young women was almost in my arms at the reference desk. I still scratch my head on this look.

I have and found it effective. I did a test where I put some on a! nd sat in the middle of a mall and watched the reactions I got from the women. I got a few nods, smiles and even a few ignores (I figured they were in a steady relationship and didn’t like�my scent signal)


Somewhat. Not Convinced though

I’ve had mixed results. Over 3 years I feel more negative about pheros, but there are certain incidences that give me enough evidence that it works that I keep using them.

Extremely absolutely positive results! With women wanting to be near you.

Not really. still trying to get the % correct

It’s kind of inconclusive, I had a few odd responses, but usually nothing, I did get complimented for my cologne a couple of times when I was wearing them though. Didn’t actually manage to get any “hits” while I was wearing them either. So I have no clue…

None that I can see, only one female friend of mine said “it smells nice”

Absolutely. My date kept exclaiming how much more attractive I was in person compared to my photos.

Results are inconclusive with a negative bias. Asians are very conservative, hence the difficulty to guage response.

Can’t really say, because I usually get along very well with people that I meet or work with. BUT knowing I have pheromone on me does give me a heightened sense of confidence!

Some were effective in a positive way, some so too effective and caused negative respones.

Only bought it recently but am noticing things, yes


Ohhh yes! Then had my own puppy dogs guys following me. lol

Yes, my social interactions seem more numerous while wearing pheromones.

Lots of comments

Hard to tell. but dating several men and wearing enough to make a dent in the atmosphere, I think it made no discernible difference with any one man. I used it around 10 men or so.

YES! I wear this with some perfume after I get out of the shower then oiling down and spray some vanilla scent over that. Let’s just say that I get more love calls than Heidi Fleiss did working as a madam…hehehe but the scent makes the men more responsive to me as a woman and they smile alot more. I work in a hospital and most of the time its the doctors ask me questions being *nice* winking at me wanting to touch me or touch my behind. I do have a boyfriend! No, I am not a player at all its the fact that work around all these men (male patients/doctors) that I am in contact the most.

I think it works. I know it sure makes me feel more seductive, which I think causes men to notice you more, especially if you are with someone.

Definitely!! Very sexy!!

I think so, my bf did seem more affectionate which is hard for him to do and it smelled really good

My husband wants to be closer to me more often when using pheromones and hugs me more!

(Survey results to be continued next week)
Q and A:

Q: How effective are these pheromones on people that already know you?�I read the reference guide, and information about �mones, and it says that people that already know you or have you pinned a certain way wont respond as well or will take longer to respond to them. I’ve been going out with a girl, soon to be my GF maybe, for about a month and a half now, and am wondering how well this will effect her. So far, things have been a little slow starting, but just recently it started picking up the pace, and I’m kind of hoping the mones will help even more. Also, what about close friends/coworkers? I have a bunch of friends that I’ve known for 6+ years, and we hang out all the time. Will this really affect them, and will they be more aggressive toward me, or since they already really know who I am, it wont really bother them?

A: pheromones will work on anyone, especially someone with whom you have a budding relationship. It is a perfect fit for the situation you describe. It is just that for a quick “test spin around the block” it is often very fun to slap on various pheromone potions and drop by a clothing shop on a quiet afternoon or even the local minimart and start flirting with the female staff. When you do that, sometimes guys get the shock of their lives and find that they can “put the moves” on women like they have never believed possible. Worst case scenario is the guy who has been working in the same office for many years and is hoping that pheromones are going to immediately work him out of the social stereotype he has slowly worked himself into. That is going to take time.

Check the pheromone Forum at:
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for lots of good advice from pheromone users in the trenches.

Bruce Boyd
Pheromone News
Legal Disclaimer: I am not a doctor, and therefore none of the information contained in this newsletter should be construed as medical advice. It is only my personal opinion based on research papers and books I have read on pheromones, my own personal experiences and those of others who have written to me.
pheromones in Context (Part #5)
by James V. Kohl

The headline read: “pheromone Studies Continue.” It was an article from a Wisconsin University student, a senior writer for the University News. She should have checked her facts before comparing pheromones from pigs to human pheromones. Instead, she first misrepresented what is known, and subsequently summarized with an authoritative suggestion that human pheromone studies were still in their toddler phase.

Nothing could be further from the truth! For example, she cited a professor/gynecologist who said, “… we think too much for our pheromones to have that kind of effect.” The truth is, we know that thinking is not involved in the response to human pheromones. Other mammals don’t think about whether or not pheromones effect their behavior. Yet, here we have an authority figure who indicates we can think our way out of pheromonal influences. In this case, the professor alluded to his studies on non-human primates (e.g., monkeys).

As they do in monkeys, our pheromones cause hormone changes in others. Because hormonal changes are accompanied by behavioral changes, this means that pheromones also cause changes in behavior. The behavioral changes happen whether or not we think about them. Arguably, we can use our conscious ability and choose to not respond to hormonal changes. But this doesn’t mean pheromones influence us less than they influence other species. It only means that our thought processes can be used to override the influence of pheromones.

Another Wisconsin University professor comments on the difficulty of human pheromone studies; our social behavior is very complex. “While research reveals pheromones do play a role in humans’ complicated mating drama, they are primarily a supporting character. The human brain hogs the spotlight.” Wrong again! If the thinking brain were so important to behavior, human pheromones could not readily be linked to behavior. But human pheromones have been linked both to hormonal changes and to behavioral changes via the same pathway involved in the pheromone-driven behavior of other mammals. And, again, other mammals don’t think about their response to pheromones.

PH80, a nasal spray is apparently offered to the readers in the context of pheromonal communication. The author confuses drug delivery via the nose, with the unconscious affect human pheromones have on hormones and behavior. She might just as well have indicated that nasal delivery of insulin makes it act as a pheromone. Finally, another Wisconsin University professor expounds upon the possible use of pheromones to alter mood when they are deliberately pumped into air systems: “But the area of what chemicals can do to human physiology is still a bit murky.” What’s murky? We know very well that human pheromones influence human physiology is the same way that they influence the physiology of other mammals. The pathway from the human nose to hormonal (physiological) changes has been detailed; the hormone response has been shown; the affective response is predictable. Nevertheless, this author and the authorities she cites obviously are not impressed with the scientific evidence showing that human pheromones are a strong influence on human behavior. Perhaps this is because none of the people she interviewed for this article have expertise in human pheromone research. Minimally, we could expect that the author would interview at least one prominent pheromone researcher who is involved in human research. Instead, we are led to believe that the author is citing people who are informed about current human data.

There is now plenty of data from human studies that consistently shows how human pheromones elicit changes in our behavior. When you read articles that indicate human pheromones influence our behavior less than influence the behavior of other mammals (and other species, in general) please consider the source of the information. Many people remain uninformed. Unfortunately, some of these uninformed people will, from time to time, misinform others. If ever you have the opportunity to direct those who are misinformed to sources of information about human pheromones, please do so. The pheromone Forum is one good source, and so is the Pheromone News.


Sorry! No new survey again this month. We will be publishing results of the last survey over the next few months.

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User Corner

I did my first run today. I came home from work, tossed on some new clothes, and put 1 drop of AE below each ear/neck, and 1 drop on the inside collar of my shirt. Then grabbed 1/3 of a pack of SOE on my wrist and neck and headed out. . . . went over to this girls house that I’ve been dating. There’s something about this girl I should say before I describe what happened. She is VERY conservative. She goes to church more times a week than I go to the bathroom, and until just recently has been standofish. Until the other night (Prom), we had gone out like a month and a half and had done nothing more than holding hands/little peck of the lips. At/after prom was the first time we really kissed. Today, when I got there, she was really excited to see me (I just got my eyebrow pierced, so I’m still not sure if it’s the -mones or not..and I’d been wearing them about 2 hours at this time so I’m thinking they might be wearing off). We went in, and she wouldn’t let me go. It was just me, her, and her brother at her house, and she was on me like someone was trying to grab her away in a crowd of people. She kept hugging on me and smelling my neck, and pushed me up against the wall and was all over me. She has NEVER done this before, so I’m thinking they might be working.



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