Pheromone News July, 2003

July, 2003
Letter from the Prez:

Dear Readers,

Sorry we are so late with this issue of the Pheromone News. Been very busy as usual. Got my vege garden in though and it is humongous already.

Check the website often in the coming weeks; lots of new products coming out.

As always, don’t forget to smile!
Bruce Boyd
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IN THIS ISSUE OF Pheromone News:

*More Survey Results
*pheromone Q and A
*pheromones in Context (part 6) by James V. Kohl
*This month’s “Free pheromones” Survey/Contest
*New Products –
*User Corner – Reader pheromone Stories



Continuing on from last month, we are still publishing the results of the recent pheromone products user survey. Below are listed all the comments that were recorded from one particular question.
Comments to the question:
Question #8: “How often do you purchase pheromone products?”


Once a year

When I run low (same as cologne), I ordered a lut of different types of pheromones in a short period of time to stock up though.


Every 3 months

I do not currently purchase.

I have only purchased 1 bottle of APC about a year or two before.

Never have

One Time

3 or 4 times a year


�1 time

Once a month


Never have, but I’m curious

Twice a year, the only stores that sell it is Adult Stores and I rarely enter those establishments.

I have only purchased once

twice a year

Every half a year or so

Never have

2-3 times per year

once every few months

So far, I’ve only purchased one about 6 months ago.

A few months ago when I was conducting my research, I used to purchase at least every three months.

Once every six months

I try to have some on me at all times.

Only bought it once, about a year ago

once monthly

1 or 2 times in my life

Perhaps two or three times a year

Perhaps once a year

I’m just about out, I’ll will be buying another one from you!


Only one purchase so far.. a little dab will do you.

Several times from you

Once every few months


Recently, for the first time

Every few weeks. I like experiment with making up “bath and beauty” products containing pheros. Takes a lot of pheros. May get into the business eventually if I find something I think would work for more than just me…

I have purchased three items.

I only did twice so far

Never but I want to begin now.

Not very often, not often enough!


Maybe every 1-1.5 years. I don’t wear it all the time or use douse myself in it. Sometimes too much can cause a turnoff, just like with regular perfumes or colognes.

Have not had the time to sit down and make a decision. I want the most powerful pheromone that will gain the most attention from a man.

have purchased once

Every 4 or 5 months.

Just started

Once so far

So far, only once.

every 4 to 6 months

Every 3-4 months

Every few months, as need arises


I have only purchased once. May try different one of you products at a later date.

Once a year

All the time

Every 4 – 5 months

Twice in the past year

Haven’t yet

Not for many years. Stopped buying as too many synthetics and strange scents came on the market. I was delighted to find your site last year as the product Lure is very similar to that original musk from yeas ago. By the way, since using it I have “won” sooo many arguments w/hubby I have to laugh.

1-2 times a year

Can’t afford to at the moment, previously once every few months.

once per year

I’ve only made the one purchase.

Just the once

(Survey results to be continued next week)
Q and A:

Q: When I first started buying pheromone products from your company, they really seemed to work and lately I get no compliments which I used to receive daily with my mix. I have ordered the Edge and amber w/androstenol, along with the vanilla and rose. I am mixing them the same has your product changed at all? I really love your line and wish to order more. Maybe you might have a input for me.

A: We haven’t changed any of those products any for quite a while, so I don’t think that could be the problem. One thing that springs to mind from what you mention is that you might be getting pheromone build-up. If you are using them every day, I would take a break for a couple of days. Strong pheros can last for several days even thru a shower or two. If you are using them every day you will get some build up. Also, the pheros go thru a transformation as they sit on your body for a couple days. Another thing you could do is try applying to wrists only for a while. Then you can scrub that spot well at the end of the day and make sure you get it all off. You can also sniff there yourself during the day to see how it smells and make sure the spot gets covered well with fragrance. If you are not doing it that way already; try applying a little straight Edge to your wrists only and then putting some cologne right over the top of the Edge. This is a good experimental mode, as you can easily check up-close with your own nose to see what kind of “hit” you are giving to others. You can also offer the spot to others so they can take a sniff of your “new cologne.” That is a great ice-breaker sometimes too. Try it.

Also, if you haven’t discovered the pheromone Forum already, be sure to check that out. (link at the top of our home page)

Good luck and keep me posted.

Q: Suppose I use a pheromone product and then stop using it. Wouldn’t it only make it worse – the other person would feel as if she “suddenly” lost interest in me. So it seems that if I start using the product I have to ALWAYS use it?

A: I wouldn’t take it that seriously. There is a lot involved in attraction. It is not all just “chemistry”, and as a married man with two kids, I can attest to the fact that as a relationship progresses, the chemistry part takes a back seat to other types of appreciation based on cooperation and trust.

Just think of pheromones as putting on nice clothes or getting a new haircut or using makeup (for a woman). It shows you care about yourself and it can be a regular part of your life, or it can just be for special dates. You don’t have to make yourself a slave to it. I have known women who can’t face the world without layers of makeup. pheromones can be like that if you let them, but it doesn’t have to be that way.


Check the pheromone Forum at:
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for lots of good advice from pheromone users in the trenches.

Bruce Boyd
Pheromone News
Legal Disclaimer: I am not a doctor, and therefore none of the information contained in this newsletter should be construed as medical advice. It is only my personal opinion based on research papers and books I have read on pheromones, my own personal experiences and those of others who have written to me.
pheromones in Context (Part #6)
by James V. Kohl

The April 2003 “Allure” magazine article “Smells Like Love” does not mention human pheromones. Rachel Herz, a researcher, recently presented at an olfactory conference, resulting in a mass media article “Scents influence women’s behavior”, and again, no mention of human pheromones. However, in the article, Professor Tim Jacob is quoted: “Certain smells can reinforce an experience or emotion.” Umm… right! Is there anyone who doesn’t get the fact that exposure to pleasurable or aversive olfactory input makes a difference in how we feel (our emotions)? So, why aren’t these folks mentioning pheromones? We know how pheromones influence behavior; or reinforce an experience or emotion. Human pheromones cause changes in hormone levels; that’s how.

I continue to anticipate more magazine articles and researcher comments about human pheromones that, minimally, make it clear that we produce and respond to these potent chemical signals. I mentioned in an earlier article that news would soon be released that homosexual men and women produce odors that are different than odors produced by heterosexuals, and that homosexual men and women prefer the odors produced by other homosexuals. This information became available at the same time as the results from Rachel Herz (at the annual meeting of the Association for Chemoreception Sciences). I am amazed that no mention of pheromones and homosexuality was made in any mass media publication (at least not yet). Perhaps some journalist will someday take an interest in homosexual and heterosexual odors (i.e., pheromones), and how they reinforce an experience or emotion, but perhaps not.

In 1971, Lewis Thomas published an article in the New England Journal of Medicine, a very prestigious journal for physicians. The title of the article was: “A fear of pheromones.” More than 30 years ago, Dr. Thomas predicted that people would be very concerned if news of human pheromones went public. “What are we going to do if it turns out that we have pheromones? What on earth would we be doing with such things? With the richness of speech, and all our new devices for communication, why would we want to release odors into the air to convey information about anything?” (p. 392). There no longer is any question about whether humans produce and respond to pheromones, and there is very little question that our pheromones effectively communicate more about us than any other signal we send (e.g., body movement; eye contact; facial expression). When it comes to physical attraction, our pheromones set the stage; other sensory input is of far less concern or influence. Yet, magazine and news articles continue to focus on visual aspects of attraction, placing knowledge of human pheromones on a dusty back shelf, somewhere in their archives.

There are also computer archives containing information about mammalian, including human, pheromones. Any good journalist, could find plenty of information to relay to readers on the subject. Instead, we typically read nothing about pheromones, and plenty about how scents influence our behavior. Why is that?

A movie starring Mel Gibson: “The Conspiracy Theory,” details how certain forces control the information released to the public. Are there such forces controlling what you read/think/know about human pheromones? This seems unlikely to me. Instead, I think the problem with information dissemination about human pheromones lies somewhere in the writings of Lewis Thomas. If we do produce and respond to pheromones, how powerful might they be?

Nowadays, there is no longer any doubt that we produce and respond to pheromones. There is even the implication that human pheromones are involved in sexual orientation. The more we learn about human pheromones, the more closely our sexual behavior can be linked to the behavior of other animals. To some people, that’s frightening. To others, it’s enlightening. It would be nice to read enlightening articles about human pheromones in magazines, or see such information presented on television. For now, I think many of us are stuck with the fear factor, as predicted by Lewis Thomas. There are many reasons to learn more about human pheromones. You will continue to learn more in the Pheromone Newsletter.

Homosexual men who have been primed with estrogen also have been reported to exhibit hormonal changes characteristic of women. This response was reportedly linked to human male homosexuality.

An area of the brain that is different in men and women responds differently to the pheromones of men and women. The size of this area of the brain in homosexual men is larger than in women, but smaller than in heterosexual men. A similar size difference was recently reported in homosexual rams, and was initially examined as part of sex differences in rats.

Sex differences in hormone levels, our response to chemical cues, and links to sexual orientation establish an animal model that appears to link sex differences to human sexual orientation.

The poster session for this study was presented across the aisle from my poster session at AChemS 2001. There was no disagreement with regard to the use of their data to confirm extension to humans of the mammalian model I presented. Since both LH (i.e.,physiology) and mood (i.e., most likely eliciting a change in behavior) were affected, it appears that men communicate chemically with women, as male mammals do with female mammals (thereby altering hormones and behavior). Martha McClintock showed in 1998 that women communicate chemically with other women, as female mammals do with other females, to produce hormonal (LH and FSH) changes consistent with behavioral changes. Astrid Juette showed a testosterone increase in men exposed to a manufactured form of ovulatory vaginal secretions; presumably an LH increase preceded the testosterone increase. Berliner’s group showed that a progesteronic pheromone reduced LH and testosterone in men. (High progesterone levels should be a negative signal for men so far as properly timed reproductive behavior is concerned.) Taken together these studies offer a comprehensive picture of mammalian chemical communication as it occurs in men and in women. Savic (2002) showed that a pheromone from men (AND) affected a different part of the brain in women, than did a pheromone from women (EST) in men. This begs the issue of how sexual differentiation of the brain (especially the hypothalamus) and olfactory system influences sexual orientation and visually perceived physical attraction.

I could speculate that the next thing we will see reported is that homosexual men and women appear to produce odors that are different from those of heterosexual men and women and that homosexual men and women prefer the odors of other homosexuals. Fortunately, I can forego speculation and save some discourse (ridicule?) on the topic of homosexual pheromones. In this regard, I’ve recently updated the “Scientific Evidence” page of my website at If you want to see what’s coming soon, check out the abstract linked from:

Martins Y, Preti G, Wysocki CJ (2003) What the Nose Knows: Preference for Human Body Odors as a Function of Gender and Gender Preference. Association for Chemoreception Sciences 25th Annual Meeting: April 9-13. Sarasota, Florida.

I published more details about the link between olfaction and sexual orientation in two parts in the Across Species Comparisons and Psychopathology bulletin Jun 2002 and Dec 2002. These articles also are linked from my website. I hope to revise and update this two-part paper for publication in a peer-reviewed journal, so any comments/ reviews/ questions are welcome.


Sorry! No new survey again this month. We will be publishing results of the last survey over the next few months.

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Edge Naturals!

Due to arrive in our warehouse sometime next week, Edge Naturals represents a whole new direction for the manufacturer LaCroy Chemicals. Using the same phero-chemicals as the regular unscented Edge and carrying on in the footsteps of the scented Edge products, Edge Naturals are scented with scientifically formulated aromatherapy potions designed by experts in the field.

Check in to the home page next week for their arrival.

Also, keep an eye on our forum for the latest Pheromone News.
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User Corner

Of course anecdotal evidence isn’t scientific proof, but till science catches up I gotta live in my world. And in my world pheros work. I don’t think it’s placebo, cause I started out very skeptical and very self-conscious about the phero smell. If anything, psychologically I was worse off! But the reactions from women were simply nothing I had ever encountered in adult life, since body-building college days anyway. Until I tried pheros I had never seen DIHL (“Deer in the Headlights” look), rarely had women initiate conversations, never seen women flipping hair like crazy, women giving me their ph# without me asking�certainly never had casual acquaintances hang all over me and proposition me – all this since pheros. I work at being social and have always been able to develop relationships with women, but it took time. The reactions I get from women wearing pheros are immediate, and seem different than what I previously have experienced. And in the beginning I was doing nothing special when I tried pheros – not dressing up and probably somewhat withdrawn and nervous about the whole thing. Can I prove this to you? Probably not. But there’s enough science out there to convince about anyone that these compounds have SOME kind of physical effect. Even if it’s just getting you some extra attention, that’s something (I think it’s more, but�). . . . It’s still socially expected for men to initiate things with women�but the pheros sure make it easier for me in my experience.



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