Pheromone News February, 2003

February, 2003

Letter from the Prez:

Dear Readers,

Hope you are all well. Sorry we missed the January Pheromone News. Valentine’s Day is just around the corner so I am on the job again.

If you haven’t visited the pheromone Forum in a while, please do. It is very active:
pheromone Forum:
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We got a couple of amazing new products in from Germany that make great Valentines gifts, so check them out. We also have updated our shopping cart and now have FOUR shipping options, including both economy and overnight Fed Ex delivery.
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And, oh yes, don’t forget to smile!
Bruce Boyd
Bruce Boyd
pheromone Research News

Just in from Germany

Pheromax unscented sprays
Large 14 ml spray with box and 2 ml covert atomizer hides in key chain.
Separate formulas for men and women.

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IN THIS ISSUE OF Pheromone News:

*Last Month’s Survey & Contest Results
*pheromone Q and A
*pheromones in Context (part 2) by James V Kohl
*This month’s “Free pheromones” Survey/Contest
*New Products –
*User Corner – Reader pheromone Stories


The results of “last” month’s survey (we didn’t publish a newsletter in January) probably seem like ancient history at this point as they were about Pre Holiday-Season Syndrom, but they are interesting none the less. Please have a look.


Deane and Cindy are our contest winners this month. Their surveys were selected at random and they have each one $30. worth of products from Love Scent pheromone Store. They have been notified by email.

How is the holiday season affecting you?
Happy? Sad? Stressed? Chillin’? Looking forward to spending time with family? With the year’s biggest holidays around the corner, how is it going for you and why?


* This year I have enjoyed the Christmas season more than in the past. We have been real busy doing things to prepare for Christmas and the return of out 2 college students for the holidays. I renewed an old family tradition of making Holiday Cakes that I remember my great-grandmother making. My wife and I splurged and went to see the Rockettes Christmas Spectacular and that was special. It just seems better this year maybe with the kids away at college we have had more time together.
– J. 46, M, Married

* Oh my goodness, I’m glad it’s almost over! I’ve been stressed to the max, plus depressed [poster child for SAD, ya know ] I’m never very happy to see my family when they’re celebrating, there’s always waaayy too much alcohol involved.
– B. 22, F, Single

* This Christmas/New Years is great! I leave for Costa Rica on Sunday. I’ll be meeting my children there and spending a few weeks hiking in the rain forests and surfing on the beach. I’m jazzed! I’m really happy that I don’t have to go to Colorado and spend all my Winter Bonus money on my ex! No snow, no stress, just relax on the beach and chase women when the kids aren’t looking. I’ll be sure to pack my love-scents, just in case!
– S. 52, M, Separated.

* As a divorced man of 47, I LOVE the holidays as I find that available women are much more receptive, and locatable (shopping, Starbucks, and generally “just hanging out”). Santa makes it a lot less work (how’s that for a hedonistic/narcissistic approach to the holidays).
– E. 47, M, Divorced

* As a child I grew up living for Christmas. Maybe it was an era, maybe it was just being a kid, but life was good in December when I was young. Nowadays, we hear a lot about “holiday depression”. Have times changed or have we just grown up?
– J. M

* I’ll be chillin and looking forward to some time off from work and spending time with my family. I work all the time and during the holiday season we get a nice long vacation so that is something to look forward to. I get to visit family, bake cookies (only time I do), rest and catch up on some movies. I have done gift shopping all during the year so I don’t have to go shopping during the busiest time of the year. I can get up late, watch holiday movies, visit folks.
– A. 49, F, Divorced

* The holidays have me depressed. I think the season gets started too early .. in September here in Maryland. By the time December rolls around you are Christmased out. I can remember as a child you didn’t see all the decorations until the week of Thanksgiving and you got so excited because you knew it wouldn’t be long. I am looking forward to having my children and grandchildren with me Christmas day. I make a very big fuss .. with lots of food. For me that’s what it’s all about … my family.
– V. 48, F, Separated

* This Christmas is looking to be much more exciting than recent ones. They have begun to bore, but for some reason this one has me excited! I suppose I’m looking forward to seeing my family again, especially my sister. It’s also the first Christmas I have had whilst in a relationship, which brings problems and excitement!
– S. 17, M, Dating

* The Holiday season is great for me. Like living presents, friends are all around my tree of life, giving us the opportunity to appreciate what we have with each other.
– D. 63, M, Married

* This season, as usual, is stressful. The only thing I’m looking forward to is it to be over. I used to like this time of year. I dread this time of year for all 365 days. I have to worry about what to get everyone and how to pay for it. How to get time off from work to shop and wrap presents. Then the day itself is here – and it seems like no matter what I got for people, there is always a little disappointment there. Plus, I have to worry about catching up on bills I should have paid but had to buy these unappreciated presents instead. Bah Humbug!
– L. 45, F, Divorced

* This Christmas brings both sad and happy feelings for me. It is the first Christamas that my children are all out of high school and in college. They all have girlfriends and boyfriends they do not want to be apart from on Christmas, but love and want to see me too. Also, I have divorced and remarried and so that makes scheduleing even more of a challenge. I am thrilled to have a new loving husband to share my holiday with and I have an 11 year old girl I have adopted. My husband has a child-like awe of Christmas and it is so much fun to watch him decorate and plan for the holiday. New joys, old joys, and yet a sense of things are different.
– L. F, Remarried

* Normally I look forward to the holiday but this year I’m having a harder time getting in the mood. Maybe its the bills…maybe its just the stress at work and home but I’m not looking forward to it at all. I got my tree 2 weeks ago and still didn’t decorate it. Oh well maybe next year will be better.
– H. 42, M, Married

* I don’t get depressed during the holidays; maybe because Xmas doesn’t mean so much to me (I’m Jewish) and I never was interested in whooping it up for New Years Eve – too dangereous to drive. But I have a good friend, am working, and close to my children.
– J. 72, F, Widowed
Q and A:

Q: The material indicates that one drop of Primal Instinct is the best way to apply behind each ear and no more. (Does this mean the back of the ear itself or the neck behind the ear?) or is there perhaps another point where greater success has been achieved? I know im getting picky but i want to achieve the maximum result.

A: There is a small sensitive spot directly behind the earlobe. That is a traditional cologne application point. Personally, I usually apply to the wrists because I am constantly testing new products and mixtures. I want to be able to take a quick smell of my own application and that is easiest on the wrists. I mention that because as a beginner, you might find yourself in the same boat in some ways. This takes some practice for everybody. The wrists are also traditional cologne application points.

Q: I have purchased the orignial Primal Instinct (ie without a fragrance) some of the material suggests for the best results you should combine with a colone. Is it okay to put a drop behind each ear then spray on nice cologne rather than fiddling about with mixing them in jars etc? Does any cologne kill the scientific power of Primal Instinct? In summary what is the best way to combine cologne with the Pheremone to maximise or at least not reduce the potentcy of Primal Instinct.

A: There are a lot of possibilities without having to mix in a separate bottle. Personally, I like to shake out a drop of Primal on each wrist, then apply a little cologne right over the same spot; then rub my wrists together. This enables me to take a sniff with my own nose at close range and see what I have going there. There is no reason to believe that colognes will “kill” the power of pheromones unless your target finds the cologne fragrance unpleasant. Most users find that colognes augment the effects of pheromone products just like they have done for centuries with our natural pheromone output. Getting the right ratio is important though and experimentation is the key to finding that ratio as well as the type of cologne that works for you and your pheromones both natural and store-bought.

Check the pheromone Forum at:
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for lots of good advice from pheromone users in the trenches.

Good luck,
Bruce Boyd
Pheromone News
Legal Disclaimer: I am not a doctor, and therefore none of the information contained in this newsletter should be construed as medical advice. It is only my personal opinion based on research papers and books I have read on pheromones, my own personal experiences and those of others who have written to me.
pheromones in Context- part two
By James Vaughn Kohl author/creator: The Scent of Eros

This series began with an olfactory explanation for attraction to large-breasted women. Attractive breasts are only one aspect of sex differences that influence our behavior. Attractive hair, hair color; eyes, eye color, skin, skin color; are other aspects of physical attraction that influence our behavior. How do we develop our preferences for hair length, color; presence or absence of body hair, particularly facial hair; and lighter or darker skin tone? These are among the many other physically attractive characteristics, which also cannot be explained using a visual model of physical attraction. They are readily explained through olfaction and pheromones.

Men typically do not find women with dark facial hair attractive. Women often find a man who has a mustache or beard is more attractive/less attractive than a man who is clean shaven. The presence or absence of facial hair is determined by levels of testosterone production, which also determines whether our pheromone signature is more masculine or more feminine. Facial hair is a sign of higher testosterone/increased masculinity, and increased production of male pheromones. Men are not likely to be attracted to women who produce a pheromone signature that is too masculine.

A woman who is attracted to a man with facial hair might think she is responding to visual cues of higher testosterone, but in reality she is conditioned by increased masculine pheromone production. This conditioning makes her think that her attraction is based upon visual input. Similarly, a man who is not attracted to a hairy woman might think that her dark facial hair is a visual turn-off, when he has been conditioned by increased masculine pheromone production in such women to find such women less attractive.

Traditionally, women have longer scalp hair than men–though, obviously this is not always the case. Nevertheless, many men find long-haired women to be more visually appealing than those with short hair. Long hair traps more pheromones than short hair, enhancing a feminine pheromone signature. In contrast, long hair in the underarm area, or on the legs of a woman is (in Western culture) a turn-off. Removing hair from these areas also helps women to maintain a more feminine pheromonal appeal.

Hair and eye color are determined by genes that also have been linked to genetically determined differences in pheromone production. There is a particular group of genes called the major histocompatibility locus (MHC) in other animals, or the Human Leukocyte Antigen (HLA system) in humans. This group of genes determines “tissue type,” which is of critical importance in organ transplants. Genes at this locus (or in this system) must be similar or the chance of organ rejection increases. On the other hand, when animals mate, they tend to select mates who are genetically diverse (those who have MHC/HLA genes that are not similar). Women, when they are most likely to get pregnant, have been shown to prefer the scent of men who are most genetically diverse. This helps women, and other female mammals, to avoid the pitfalls of inbreeding. Inbreeding (sharing too many genes) can lead to situations where disease can wipe out an entire species.

Women, when they are most likely to get pregnant, also prefer men with darker complexions. The darker complexion of men, as compared to women, is a function of testosterone, and also is associated with increased masculine pheromone production. It is likely that the tone of our complexion correlates well with pheromone production. A women who is conditioned by masculine pheromones to prefer men with higher testosterone levels, is a woman who helps to ensure survival of her children, because the high testosterone man is also likely to be an alpha (dominant) male, with increased masculine skills.

Men also are typically taller than women, and many women seem to prefer tall men. Whether a man is short or tall is determined by testosterone. Higher levels during development, especially around the time of puberty, support an extended growth spurt in the long bones of the arms and legs. Tall men can be expected to produce a more masculine pheromone signature than short men.

Testosterone levels during development also determine whether the jawbone is more or less pronounced. Compared to women, men have “stronger,” more defined jaws due to higher testosterone levels, which also means they have increased masculine pheromone production. The “strong” jaw is a visual signal of increased masculine pheromone production. Higher testosterone levels in men are also linked to symmetrical facial features, which are considered to be more visually attractive than facial features that are not equally well developed on each side of the face. Women, when they are most likely to get pregnant, prefer the scent of symmetrical men.

To summarize the previous three paragraphs: women prefer men with dark complexions, tall men, and men with handsome facial features. Dark, tall, and handsome (i.e., tall, dark and handsome) is a visual description of a more masculine pheromone signature.

Has anyone proved that women are attracted to tall, dark, and handsome men because such men have increased masculine pheromone production? No. Just because something makes sense, doesn’t mean anyone will study it, much less prove it. And scientific proof is elusive. Some researchers accept biologically based facts that are cause for debate among other researchers.

Greg Bear is a friend and author who is many years ahead of others in his understanding of how viruses may influence differences in species. In private correspondence, he recently wrote: “Raw insight is tough to market; most science books today try to appeal to what is known (and promote scientist celebrities) rather than encourage changes in attitude. This may be why some of my science fiction is now leaking into science: it slips under the radar, gets the scientist when he/she is relaxed, is not a direct threat.”

Raw insight about the effects human pheromones have on our behavior, especially our sexual behavior, takes many researchers by surprise. When these researchers are among those who have focused their scientific efforts on explanations of visual appeal, they sometimes think that their studies and career goals will elicit increased scrutiny. Maybe grant money for another study of how visual input effects behavior will, instead, be provided to a researcher studying pheromones and their effect on hormones, and on visual appeal. If so, a researcher might be afraid his/her career may come to an abrupt end.

Is the study of human pheromones a direct threat to such researchers? Is the study of human pheromones a direct threat to what we perceive to be “moral superiority” when compared with other animals? Yes, but as my friend Greg indicated, raw insight does tend to leak into science. Insight about the effects of human pheromones will continue to do so.


Odds of winning are usually about 1 in 25
Survey/Contest time!


We have run this type of survey before, but it has been a while and discussions of which colognes, perfumes and other scents turn us on are frequent on the pheromone Forum. So let’s give it another go and see if the major players have changed.


What fragrances turn you on?
One might be your boyfriend/girlfriend’s favorite cologne, but the list might also include the way he/she smells after working in the garden. And the feelings inspired don’t have to be romantic necessarily. Your list might include that Nag Champa insence you got in India, or the honeysuckle in your mom’s back yard, or maybe that oatmeal face soap you just bought at the health food store. Put ’em all on there. If you love to pull that smell deep into your being… put it on the list.


Send your answer to:
Please don’t mail this entire newsletter back to us (for many reasons).
As usual, we will pick prize winners *at random* from the survey entries at the rate of at least 1 per 50 entries, with a minimum of 2 winners each month.

Send your completed survey to:
The pheromone Forum
Membership — FREE! — Lots of perks!
Private specials, discounts… ??
pheromone Forum:
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Finally in from Germany: Pheromax concentrate sprays.

At Love Scent pheromone Store, it seems we have spent all our time working on products that utilize the latest in pheromone technology and areas like packaging have fallen by the wayside. Every time the holidays roll around, I find myself scratching my head and wondering what it would be like to have a product that would make a nice gift. Well, finally we have something: Pheromax products. They come in two formats: 14 ml spray in nice solid silver and black box, and a 2 ml atomizer hidden in a very sturdy metal key chain. Very spiffy looking and very concentrated.
Click here to have a look

Also, keep an eye on our forum for the latest Pheromone News.
pheromone Forum. Use the “search” function or just browse around.


User Corner

I’m 20 yrs old..and i find that AE (Alter Ego) is my mainstay. I’ll use 4 dabs of AE and cover it with 1/2 a pack of SOE gel. By dabs, i mean 2 drops… I found that by me being african american that i have to use a little more than the normal dosage because our skin distibutes the mones and oil so well…It’s a great mix.. I put 1 dab on each back of hand and 1 dab on each side of the neck,,then cover each dab will a little SOE…everyone wants to be your friend and women become really touchy feely. (HS 11/28/02)


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