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    Default My androstadienone journal

    Ok after not having any luck with SOE I read a post about A1, and Bruce put up a link for pure A1 from love scent . I decided to give it a shot and boy did I have good results. I wore it to work, I have a part time job at my University, I have worked there for about a year now. My first day I used a weak mixture, 1mg of androstadienone to one OZ of perfumers alchol in an atomizer. I did not have much luck from behind the counter, but while walking the halls, when I came close to girls I got the strongest DIHL\'s that I have ever seen. One girl who walked 2 feet away from me actually stopped. I was feeling better after that. I decided to bump up the ratio, to 2mg of androstadienone to 1 ounce of perfumers alchol. I had a single mother who was helping her son give me a DIHL, and she came back and talked to me while her son went to orientation. She was dropping hints and saying \"I wish I could just find someone to date\", \"I feel like I am getting old, because only older men try to date me\" etc. She was a MILF by the way. I got a better range from the 2mgs of A1, the subjects did not have to be closer then 2ft. I tried this for about 2 weeks, and I noticed women in the office have been touchy feely with me. An there is one woman who is usally a b!tch to me no matter how nice I am, treats me as if I am her son now. She even hugs me every monday morning when I come to work. Alot more girls have been talking to me, more so then usual, and I am having girls flirt with me like never before. After 2 weeks of this and having girls introduce themselves to me, I wanted to push the envelope.

    I made a new 3mg to one ounce solution, I notice the quality of girls checking me out has stepped up from 7-8 to 8-10\'s giving me DIHLs. One thing I notice about this higher dosage, is that I get girls asking if I remember them. Girls also talk to me, then say they saw me working but I was busy, then I usually have a small conversation. I asked a few of these girls if they want to hang out, and all said yes. Some girls now come back and only want me to help them in the admissions office. The funny thing is I pretty much only hand out info to new students, and can\'t do 1/2 the things these girls ask me to do for their schooling. Some just make up excuses to chat.

    My next batch might be 3.5mgs, I will post an update if I do experiment with 3.5mgs of androstadienone to 1 ounce of alchol.

    Just for the record the first 2 weeks I did not use any cologne. Later I did use colognes for cover, this is also where I noticed a difference. I have worn these scents beofre to work, but now I have recieved lots of compliments on the same colognes from my female coworkers (almost all female staff [img]/ubbthreads/images/graemlins/smirk.gif[/img], 2 other guys [img]/ubbthreads/images/graemlins/mad.gif[/img]).

    Also for the record I always used 4 sprays, one on my neck, one on each wrist, and one on the chest of my shirt. Some Days I did reapply after 4-6 hours.

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    Default Re: My androstadienone journal

    This sounds interesting. I didnt think a1 was capable of pulling off hits as a stand alone. I wonder how good of a combo WAGG/A1 would be

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