I am not sure whether you have heard of this scent or not and for a while it wasn´t even available in Sweden (although I read about it in a sidenote of an inflight magazine some year back when flying SAS).

Lately it´s been starting to sell in Sweden and it´s a weird scent - the perfumer claims it´s almost "pheromonic" (http://www.escentric.com/fragrance/molecule-01/), even though I would say that´s an exaggeration - but it got some good and interesting reviews at Basenotes, some examples below:




I tested it quite a few times in the one store (that belongs to the chain "Kicks" and is located at "Kicks PUB" in downtown Stockholm) that stocks this and couldn´t make up my mind (since it seems to react to your own skinchemistry and apparently changes for every person wearing it, but the scent is somewhat "woody" in appearance), but ended up buying it from the e-store of "Kicks" instead of going downtown for the third or fourth time for this scent (!) ...

I got the Molecule 01 this morning in the mail and tried it on and it smell a little more mellow than in the "demo-bottle" in the store and as the reviews above says, it almost seemingly goes away, but people seems to react on the scent, even though I can´t smell it anymore (I noticed that when I tested the scent from the "demo-bottle" at the downtown store).

The longevity of the scent - since it´s a singlenote, maybe I should say "smell" instead - seems to be quite long, since I got some of it on my shirt when I tested it at the store and I could smell it almost 36 h later on that same shirt...

I could very well see this combined with other cover-scents where you want to add this "pheromonic" woody scent that seems to go away but apparently doesn´t to your other coverscents....

// RW