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    Default Mojo (for men) + Chikara: Above Average Response

    Alright, I am typing this at work. Yes, AT WORK, god I love my job.


    This student was having some major computer illiterate issues and was just having the time of her life printing. She was becoming downright irate to the point of when I attempted to explain something she just said, and I quote, "I don't care. It was rhetorical." Aha....okay, I still have my fingers and both my arms right? Moving on...anyway, she was becoming irate, irritated, frustrated, flabbergasted, flustered, and downright flubberf***ed. I felt like I needed Master to handle this one (have I mentioned I love this stuff?) and decided, on a whim, to apply:

    1 spray Mojo on left wrist, spread to right wrist

    1 spray Chikara to right wrist, spread to left wrist + 1 spray Chikara to neck application point, spread to both ear apps

    (I applied one right after the other. The diffusion (am I using this right? o.o), I believe, is non-existant in this case. If it is there, imma thinking it helped more than it hurt.

    Give it a few minutes...

    Oooooh did she calm the hell down fast! minute I was fearing for my life (hypothetically of course), the next she was like a cat who was enjoying having it's back scratched.

    Reaction [her]: She was making more eye contact, would barely (if at all) move away if I was forced to lean across her or be forced to nudge in closer to get to the keyboard, would come up to the printer even though I stated I would grab it for her and stand quite close, laughter, smiling, overall a complete mood change. Oh, and she was suddenly agreeing with everything I said.

    In summary: Either this girl is heavily bi-polar or this combination has a soothing effect along with, if I am right, a sexual and social aspect.

    Note: I suspect adding in something like Liquid Trust or SoE could possibly result in a minor OD. Be careful when using the more potent social pheromone products with this combo.

    Note2: Btw, she was irritated (etc) because she had sent a 55-page document to the color printer here on Campus. This would cost her about 175% more money overall.
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