So I have been on this website for a while now and I have reading up and I finally decide to post my testing results.
there are two test subjects myself and my pal.
I decide in order to find out if these things work I would need one good looking male and one average looking male to see if this really works.
reasoning behind my mixtures below is to try and find a sure fire mix that got the result with varying wide age group.

specs of both males:
age 33 and 42
built: muscular and little extra weight in the mid section.
personality types: both outgoing
looks: nice on the eyes and average on the eyes.

phermone mix: the pheromones below was mixed with together with 100ml of CK cologne and placed in atomizer.

male age 42:
Enhanced Liquid Trust

male age 33:

Phermone mix: the pheromones below was mixed with together with 60ml of my fav cologne.

Alpha 7 Unscented + Scent of Eros for Men
Chikara Pheromones - Pheromone Cologne for men
Enhanced Liquid Trust


So I will talk about my friend:

1 test run: He sprayed on both side of his neck and put alittle on chest before a date with a lady friend and she was all over him and telling how good he smelt and he complained that she became very chatty and she told him very personal things about herself and family. when hen went home with her she curled up under him and couldnt get enough of him. she told him she felt comfortable around and needless to say they had sex that night on several occasion that night and after that. what he noticed was that she was in a trance the entire night. oddly enough while on the date when she left for a bathroom break a lady sitting behind him tried to pick him up and even made his date took a picture of her and him on her camera before she left.

2 test run: the lady friend he is seeing insisted on him meeting her family after only a dew weeks of dating. he went over there this weekend and met mother, sister, nieces and the husbands. Well it went for him: first the hot sister in her middle thirties told him that he is a very authentic person and she has never met anyone like him. the mother who never likes anyone was very into him so much so that at the end she ask for a hug and whisperred in his ears that she likes. the young nieces were all chatty and smiley with him the entire night. he said that after dinner the ladies ask him to come to the table because they wanted to talk to him and he said they kept fighting for his attention all night. as for the guys they took a liking to him and one of the husbands invited him out for lunch. oddly enough he told me that the girl he is seeign now got a text from her sister saying he has everything her husband dont have. they family included in all the summer plans lol. not sure if that was his intention

3) he wore the pheromine mix on a bus and sat beside a yound lady in her early 20s and he observed her lookign over at him every minute smiling and touching him with her legs. when he said hello she was superfriendly and chatted with him until she reached her stop then she smiled and told him see you later.

conclusion for him and myself this thing works. he is a guy who is a little overweight, 42yrs old, who can carry a reasonable conversation and he had ladies from late teens to late 50s showing much interest in him and giving him compliments and a date who cant get enough of him.

Results for myself:
I have used my mix on several occasions in the office and I have 24yr old recently married in my office offering to have an affair with me after wearing my mix. whenever I have approached women in my office and chat with them, i noticed that they are looking at me from head to toe all smiles and flirtation. I have worn in on occastion to social events and both males and females respond very well to me when I am wearing my mix. My wife responds perfectly to this mixture, she always compliment my scent and tell me how much she loves me and wants to have sex alot more than usual. sometimes i have to ask and sometimes i dont have to but i noticed a difference for sure. If I had discovered this when i was single oh lord, i would have been in trouble . not that i wasnt already getting in trouble but this would have made it times 10 . needless to say life is good at home now.

i recommend when you wearing these products or if you decide to try my mixes above pay attention to body language and look for any change. some changes are very clear to you and some are subtle. once you recognize that is interest you can usually take the lead and they follow.

I swear by the these products.

any question feel free to ask me