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    Default Hello From John hope you can help!

    New here I'm new here on this forum I have been a very long time lurker and now have a relevant

    challenge which i desire a few of you blokes can sort out. I was on the look to find some reputable and

    reliable offshore company incorporation agent, since I reside in Southern spain and don't want to pay the high tax

    here then I went using Costa Rica Corporation, will likely not posting a link to avoid to be considered spammy post,

    now they informed me that for my requirements I can not use them but alternatively will want to look at some

    incorporation in another offshore jurisdiction for instance Malta, today I came across the website Offshore Company

    E-Book which is a fascinating web site which has numerous information regarding this topic, just what interest me is

    actually, if a few of you'll be able to figure out just how I can reduce my tax without having going the offshore

    approach or if Malta certainly is probably the area I should consider ? My requirements are to pay the

    lowest tax possible, want bank account with internet banking plus a credit card merchant account to accept credit

    card payments for my Running shoes shop. With thanks beforehand.

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    Tammy will know better than me about

    your country in particular, but *generally* all you have to do is order one bottle at a time and have it sent by

    normal post. That's the way regular customers in the UK do it for example. If they were to order a lot of stuff

    and have it delivered by Fed Ex, BANG, they would get hit with a huge tax.

    I lived in Japan for many years and

    there was a $100. maximum on personal items. If you went over that (on the customs declaration form), a guy would

    arrive at the door asking for tax. But if I stayed under that amount no problem. So every country is different, but

    in general, that can't afford the trouble of collecting tax on every little tiny package that comes into the

    country. They are looking for the big stuff. If you have a friend in the US, they could reship it to you and

    declare it a "gift" that might help too. We have to declare it merchandise and put the price on it.

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