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    Smile Don't know what mones i need (( first buy

    Hello everybody!
    I have some questions.
    I speak english not very good,sorry
    but i think you will

    understand me

    1.I'm 21 years old, student,from Ukraine
    Girl's say that on my face look like 18

    my town i dont know what pheromones i should buy.
    There are some cheap like 'noname' something for
    10$ and P6

    Der Klassiker , P6 Super ,P6 MEGA they price is about 40-50$.
    But i search this forum and internet and cant find

    almost anything
    about them.Just found that here
    Mr.stuttgart-man says that P6-Mega is a product

    which contains only aRone.
    also he write that "aRone let apperars you at fatherly!
    It attracts almost exclusively

    women aged 10 years older than I!"
    What this mean's?I don't wont talk more with my university teachers

    Maybe i should buy something else like
    P6 Der Klassiker& P6 Super
    or they are the same?
    This is

    were i want to buy mones maybe somebody can help me choose,please?
    <Link Deleted>
    I just dont want to buy

    something cheap because i think it wont work
    and only thing that is not cheap it's Germany made P6.
    I'm a

    friendly man for ppl and we can chat hours
    about anything
    but when i'm on street or in bus i can't

    freely speak with girls because i'm
    a stranger for them and almost all of them just
    don't wont to talk with

    strangers and if i have
    something that help me a little bit it would be nice.
    Something that will say

    that i'm not a stranger
    from the street

    2.I live with parents.If i use mones when going somewere

    my father or mother come in my room does they
    can fell something like agression or anything?
    Mones are working

    only "near me" right?not in my room?

    thanks for answers

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    Hi zgame and welcome!


    products are not sold here very much so we don't have experience. Is there any reason for you not to buy Mones

    from Love-Scent?

    Maybe Stuttgart-Man or someone else in Germany will see your thread and help.

    Good luck!

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    My first impression would be for you

    to look for what would be called a "social" pheromone product, something to help encourage conversation and get you

    and others talking.

    But you may also need a boost in how people think of you in terms of your age. You may

    appear too young to them. So *some* androsteRone may be a good idea.

    One of the best products I can think of to

    do this would be Scent Of Eros (SoE). You may wish to try that.

    Another possibility would be a314, although that

    product is very androsteRone heavy it does have some additional pheromones to help balance it. "Fatherly" can also

    give you a "leadership" type of status, as opposed to "fatherly" in the sense of being a parent. Also, attracting

    older women may serve as sign to the younger women you seek that you are worth paying attention to. Something

    called "validation."

    Some androsteNone *may* be useful as well, although you are young enough to be producing

    plenty already. A good "balanced" product for me has been Chikara. It has a small amount of androstenone in it, but

    mixed with the other "social" pheromones.

    I would personally stay away from any androstenone heavy product like

    Primal Instinct, and even NPA can cause problems for a beginner.

    Remember that what works for one person may or

    may not work for you.

    Those are just my initial thoughts.
    The opposite of love isn't hate.
    It's apathy

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    I would buy some SOE gel packs &

    some Edge for Men gel packs from L-S. This is a cheap way to start to experiment with pheromones. (P6 is probably an

    expensive way to start).

    Start with e.g. 1/2 SOE gel pack on neck/wrists, sit close to girls, & look for any

    changes in body language - even small ones. Make conversation with them on any subject - 'nice hairstyle' is a

    good one. They appreciate that

    After a week of trying that combine the SOE with a little Edge for Men e.g.

    1/4 gel pack.

    Many women like the smell of Edge for Men gel packs - I know

    You could also join one or two

    clubs for your interests & hobbies & meet girls there who would share your interests.

    (Back in the distant

    days of photography darkrooms (!) I stood next to a girl in a warm (very dark) darkroom & I could swear that her

    breathing was all over the place ...

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    Default Chas is real clever

    Hey Chas real good choice of phero's man, just like what i had applied today me

    self .

    One gel/pkt SOE and 1/4 TE gel/pkt (

    .13mg/1.5ml size )

    I havent worn SOE or TE gels for

    around 6 months and i was very happy with my good vibes application results achieved.

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    a few days and visa card would be

    But i think that there be some problems
    on Ukrainian custom so i think maybe it's better
    for 1 time

    buy gel packs?but again this custom
    thay can think it's drugs
    so what you recommend for first 50 $

    Edge gel packs for men(7) = 9.95
    SOE gel packs for men(20) =18.95
    Beginner Special for Men

    ((24 ml The Edge from LaCroy Chemical;
    7.5 ml Super Primal fragrance
    10 ml pocket atomizer
    1.5 ml Scent

    of Eros gel sample packet))=$24.98
    and if i pay and don't get it ? it says that love scent

    Shop risk-free. Satisfaction guaranteed"
    is that true?

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    That sounds like a good first

    order zgame, TE and SoE is a great combo.

    I would order by a method which generates a tracking number

    (FedEx/UPS), that way it can be traced online until delivery. I think the L-S guarantee is for product

    satisfaction, not postal or customs problems.

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    thanks for

    and why most of people
    say istead of Edge - TE?
    also that pheros that are working
    in your

    may not work in my
    but anyway from L-S i can get a lot of stuff
    and test it and if i'll buy

    in local shop P6 for
    the same 50 $ it may not work

    FedEx/UPS is a good thing(i know UPS are in my

    for sure) but the price
    Federal Express (1 x 0.3lbs)
    International Priority (1-3 Days)

    International Economy (4-5 Days)$72.01

    United States Postal

    Priority Mail International Flat-Rate Envelope (6 - 10 Days) $16.45
    First Class Mail International

    Package (Varies)$8.30
    i don't understand what the difference between two last?

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    varies is maybe they wait for

    certain days?
    middle of month and end of the month?
    or they wait for many shipments to your place and ships it all


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    Quote Originally Posted by zgame View Post
    why most of

    people say istead of Edge - TE?
    T.E. = 'The Edge' which is the full name of the product

    Abbreviations take a bit of getting used to at first ...

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    chas you are right THE that moment i was thinking about something else , sorry

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