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    Default Caution: "Liquid Trust" May Lead To Wild Orgies

    Admittedly it's a bit of a leap...but who knows...?

    WASHINGTON (Reuters)

    -- Impotence drugs such as Viagra may do more than help men physically have sex -- they may also boost levels of a

    hormone linked with feelings of love, U.S. researchers reported Thursday.

    Viagra, known generically as

    sildenafil, raised levels of the hormone oxytocin in rats, the team at the University of Wisconsin-Madison said in a

    report published in the Journal of Physiology. This hormone is involved in nursing and childbirth but also in orgasm

    and feelings of sexual pleasure.

    And it seems Viagra and related drugs act on the part of the brain that controls

    release of oxytocin, said Wisconsin physiology professor Meyer Jackson.

    "This is one piece in a puzzle in which

    many pieces are still not available," Jackson said in a statement. "But it raises the possibility that erectile

    dysfunction drugs could be doing more than just affecting erectile dysfunction."

    Viagra, made by Pfizer Inc., is

    an inhibitor of an enzyme called phosphodiesterase type 5. Related drugs such as Eli Lilly and Co.'s Cialis, known

    generically as tadalafil, and Levitra or vardenafil, sold by GlaxoSmithKline, Bayer AG and Schering-Plough, are also

    PDE-5 inhibitors.

    They block this enzyme, which in turn breaks down other compounds. This increases blood flow in

    the muscles but it also affects a brain structure known as the posterior pituitary.

    This, in turn, boosts

    oxytocin, at least in the rats. It probably does the same thing in people, Jackson said.

    "It does the same thing

    it does in smooth muscle -- instead of (levels) coming down in a minute or two, they stay up a little longer,"

    Jackson said in a telephone interview.

    Oxytocin was known for years to be involved in labor and it is the hormone

    that causes the "let-down" of milk in breastfeeding babies. Only in recent decades has it been found to have a

    function in men -- in sexual arousal and function.

    This could suggest other uses for Viagra and related drugs,

    Jackson said -- perhaps promoting social bonding. "What I hope is that people read our paper who can test these

    ideas in animals and humans," Jackson said. "I hope that this doesn't cause some wild orgy of inappropriate

    recreational use."

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    wow it's amazing how science

    keeps finding new shit. In all my medical books I have no mention of this info. only that it controls the

    contractions of the muscles of the uterus and contracting the mamaries. Glad I am not a doctor. schooling for


    Oh I heard from some chick she hates viagra. she says the penis has no personality. it's it is just

    stiff like a rod. She can't tell if she is doing something right or wrong.

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    This would be interesting

    if the oxytocin in Liquid Trust had the same effect as endogenous oxytocin.

    But, alas, I am coming to doubt that

    as I have been testing LT a lot this past week. First of all, I have whiffed a large amount of Liquid Trust and find

    that it has no effect on me. And despite trying up to eight sprays around my collar, it seems to have no effects on

    the people around me.

    I know it's not a pheromone and can't expect it to act like SOE or A1, but aerosol

    oxytocin in this form really doesn't seem to have any effect at all that I can discern.


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    Quote Originally Posted by CAtriathlete View Post

    despite trying up to eight sprays around my collar, it seems to have no effects on the people around me.

    I tried 16 sprays and noticed no effect.

    Other than being soaked with a flamable liquid.

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