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    Default Pheros

    I just want to say that this may be

    the best scent out there. The only problem is the products lack of diffusiveness.

    Is there anythign that can

    be done in order to make it more diffusive?
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    Try spraying a little

    alcohol based perfume very finely over the Pheros ( which is oil based )...

    I find that it actually brings out

    the diffusiveness in Pheros but in turn, doesn't last very long.. The scent will fade after 1 hr or so.


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    I agree, bjf. The scent of

    Pheros beats anything else out there. But again it seems to fade to quickly and does not diffuse well. I have not

    found a "cure" for either myself.

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    do you guys mean that "you"

    can't smell it anymore or even other people can't smell it no more. because i find that after awhile of smelling a

    certin smell, my brain blocks it off. so i can't smell no more, except for like once in a while the smell would pop

    back up then gone again. if its like what i just said, then don't worry the smell is still there, your brain just

    stoped focusing on it.

    have you asked anyone if you can smell it when you coun't? try that, say, hey i put this

    colonge on and i can't seem to smell it no more, can you still smell something? give them snift.

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