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    Default Illogical Times

    Hey im just inquiring

    as to how some of the scores have come about on the arcade. People have obtained signficantly higher scores and

    managed to do it in a fraction of the time. This is only really an issue in games like Chopper Challenge where it is

    at a fixed rate. For example on the high scores for chopper challenge


    you will notice that the time in second place is significantly lower than the scores further

    down. And I know pausing is what most people will say but I don't really think that that is the case. And besides I

    don't believe you can pause in Chopper Challenge...Any ideas? I guess it could be a lame attempt of exploting flash

    but surely one would be intelligent enough to at least wait for time to pass?

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    Chopper Challenge allows

    you to play the game as many times as you want, and only report the highest score you receive during your session.

    The "Length" of time played is not each individual game, but your overall session. So someone who does really well

    on the first trial may have a high score with a low time. And someone who tries over and over and doesnt ever get a

    high score may do poorly and show a long length of time.
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    Ah that explains it

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