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Pheromone Products – Super Primal Oils (SPO)

Product Details
Product: Super Primal Oils (SPO)

Manufacturer: Unknown
Ingredients ratio: Contains androstenol
Total pheromones: 2.4mg (no certain figures are known)
Ingredients concentration: 0.4mg/ml (no certain figures are known)
Size: 6 ml
Carrier: oil
Scent: Scented, fragrance depends on variety chosen
Dosage suggestion: 2 or 3 drops
Application suggestion: Neck, wrists and other pulse points
Suggested combos: Use with TE as described in the Newbie Kit section
Add a few drops to a bath
Additional information: This product is something of an enigma. We are not certain exactly how much androstenol it contains, but some speculate that there is a good amount. The 0.4mg/ml figure is our best bet at the moment. As you can see from the LS store there are several fragrance options. Should be considered as a cover scent for most of the heavy unscented products.





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If you are new to pheromones or are a first time user, please take a look at the Newbie FAQ and Product Guide first as these should answer most of your questions. If anything isn\'t answered properly here, or you want more information, visit Love Scent and browse the forum.

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