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Top 10 Pheromones – Check out the List of the Best of the Best Comments Off on Top 10 Pheromones – Check out the List of the Best of the Best

Have you ever wondered what the Top 10 Pheromones are?  We have compiled a list of some great pheromones, all of which are available on  We hope this list gives you some ideas for your next online pheromone purchase.

Top 10 Pheromones

Chikara Pheromones Rise Above the Competition Comments Off on Chikara Pheromones Rise Above the Competition

Our day to day lives is hectic as the people worry endlessly about their finances, their successes and failures, and their ability to balance their love life. Living has become more and more difficult so when products like Chikara come along, you need to grab the goat by the horns and give yourself a leg up. Chikara is the name of one of the indigenous four-horned goat antelopes in Nepal and parts of India (catch that reference!). Chikara pheromones are a brand of human pheromones that can be used in the same manner as perfume or cologne.

Do Liquid Trust Pheromones Work? Comments Off on Do Liquid Trust Pheromones Work?

Liquid Trust Pheromones are a product of an Internet based company Vero Labs, to project a feeling of trust on the opposite sex. The manufacturers claim to project a passionate aura around the wearer which triggers the receptors for the feeling of trust in the participant’s brain. Check out more in-depth details about Liquid Trust Pheromones.

Essence of Woman Pheromones Comments Off on Essence of Woman Pheromones

Essence of Woman Pheromones is a product containing copulin. It drives men crazy with lust for you because Copulin is the natural scent excreted by a woman when she is at her sexual peak. It makes men want to “copulate” with her and is aptly named copulin because of the effect the pheromones have on men. Essence of Woman Pheromones liquid has been developed to simulate the actual smell of “sex” that an aroused female would project to a male.

Where and When are Pheromone Parties Comments Off on Where and When are Pheromone Parties

Pheromone parties are on the rage and are becoming more and more talked about. These parties capture much interest, as to some, they fall under the categories of being extremely unusual or taboo and maybe even weird. Whether it is interesting or just weird, these parties have received much publicity in recent years. So what is it all about? Well, firstly, Pheromones are chemicals that are released from the body, which influences another person’s behavior and even their moods. This chemical is usually discussed in reference to creatures in the animal kingdom. From ants to lions, pheromones are said to be what encourages them, on their quest to selecting the right mate! So why shouldn’t we as humans give this concept a try!

The Inside Scoop on Pheromone Parties Comments Off on The Inside Scoop on Pheromone Parties

Yes, Pheromone Parties. Parties where people are asked to wear a shirt for a few consecutive nights and then bring it along with them in a plastic bag. These bags are then numbered (only the owner of the shirt knows their own number) and placed on a table for everyone to sniff at their leisure. When someone finds a shirt that they consider to have an attractive scent, a picture is taken of them holding the bag. The pictures are then put up on a projector so that if the owner of the bag finds the person who chose it appealing, they can make contact.

Pheromones – Androstenone vs. Androstenol Comments Off on Pheromones – Androstenone vs. Androstenol

Both Androstenone and Androstenol are pheromones that are secreted by men and women when they sweat. However, these two pheromones have some key differences. Androstenol is secreted within the first 15 minutes of perspiration, and it is effective only in fresh sweat, before it is overcome by bacteria. On the other hand, Androstenone is formed when sweat becomes older and is exposed to oxygen. The pheromones also differ in their levels of production throughout the lifespan. While Androstenone is produced steadily throughout adulthood, Androstenol is produced at a peak from adolescence to mid-twenties, after which it drops off dramatically.

The Truth About Aphrodisiacs and Pheromones Comments Off on The Truth About Aphrodisiacs and Pheromones

So what is an Aphrodisiac anyway? An Aphrodisiac is simply anything that sexually excites members of a specific social group. In the case of humans it stimulates a sexual desire or response for sexual activity. The name itself refers to Aphrodite – the Greek goddess of sex. A number of items are alleged to be Aphrodisiacs. Often however, it is usually a sort of placebo type effect that is wrongly thought to cause the sexual desire.
Several chemicals tested under laboratory conditions, such as Alkyl Nitrates, Melanotan, PEA and Bremlanotide have produced sexual response in humans. Often, as expected simply increasing levels of the hormone testosterone will cause a noticeable increase in sexual drive.

Are Pheromones a Type of Aphrodisiac Comments Off on Are Pheromones a Type of Aphrodisiac

Can pheromones be used as Aphrodisiacs? First, let’s learn a little about pheromones and aphrodisiacs. Pheromones are substances that are released by animals and humans and it’s used mainly to attract the opposite sex and stimulate his sex desire, while aphrodisiacs are substances used by humans to increase his sex desire and to improve his/her sexual ability.

The Pheromone and Aphrodisiac Connection Comments Off on The Pheromone and Aphrodisiac Connection

Though pheromones and aphrodisiacs both have the reputation for stimulating sexual arousal and attraction, they have little else in common.

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The Edge The EdgeComments Off on The Edge
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Pheromone Products – Essence of Woman (EW) Pheromone Products – Essence of Woman (EW)Comments Off on Pheromone Products – Essence of Woman (EW)
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