Hi .
I\'ve heard that NONE is better for woman with +20 years and NOL is for younger 14-17 .
So my idea is :
I don\'t wanna \"look\" good for only younger or older girls .I want them both !!! So ...I think that the best thing to do is use the Jambat mix (APC+NPA) .I have bought the NPA (1oz) for 17 U$$ (+12 for delivery) .And where can I get some NPA for a good price ???
To make the jambat mix (70-30) is :
34ml APC - 14ml NPA
17ml APC - 6 ml NPA
The NPA come with only 5 ml ,so I don\'t wanna buy 3 (90 U$$ +delivery) to make the jambat mix !It\'s become too expensive ...
Plz somebody help me !!!