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    Default YES cologne - good or bad product

    Hi to

    who ever will read this.
    Recently ive been doing some website search and i came across a site where i found

    pheromones.So ive decided to purchase one bottle.Since it was within my coutry it didnt take long to deliver.After i

    received it ive applied the product behind my ears and wrists and one spray on my shirt. Went out and absolutely

    nothing. The thing is the product ive purchased is YES cologne and from what i saw on forums no one talks about it.I

    dunno if they work or not but i need some comments on that product or any other product that i can purchase next

    that would work.By the way im 22 years old

    Thanx to everyone who will post any comments on that.

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    Default Re: YES cologne - good or bad product

    YES was the first pheromone product I bought a couple years back. I felt like it worked fairly well (OK, at the

    time I thought it was great!). I used to to put a shot in each pit, which muffled the scent of the cologne they use

    as a carrier (which I wasn\'t very fond of). I have since gotten better results with other products, but I

    wouldn\'t have been willing to lay out cash for more products if I hadn\'t seen a some measure of results when

    I bought YES.

    What sort of results? Women initiated contact during conversation (hand on the forearm to

    interrupt, hand on the shoulder to emphasize a point), sat closer and were more friendly/flirty. I didn\'t

    personally get anything that was as overtly sexual as some of the results I\'ve seen with other products (out and

    out goofy grins of lust, serious eye contact, blushing at the mere hint of innuendo, and aggressive flirtation), but

    since I had been getting next to nothing before YES, I was impressed with the difference.

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    Default Re: YES cologne - good or bad product


    Im sure there are people here that can post somethink regarding
    my topic.So if someone can tell me whats

    a good product to buy that would work please send a post.
    Much appriciated

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    Default Re: YES cologne - good or bad product

    Nobody uses it and few have tried it.

    The higher concentration products are used. Sorry.

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