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    Default Best women\'s product(s)?

    I\'m thinking of buying a women\'s pheromone product for my sister, who recently became single again. What products have women here been having the most success with? How are you applying, and are you mixing with any conventional fragrances?

    Thanks in advance!

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    Default Re: Best women\'s product(s)?

    What a nice generous brother you are. Well I donīt know for sure really I think xcite wipes seem to be the ones everyone has been raving about the most. I havenīt tried them out yet (Iīve only got the intro pack)
    I got AFA and to me itīs practically scentless once itīs applied before, in the bottle it smells like vodka or some other liquor but not as yummy. So it seems to be very good for mixing with your own fragrance.
    Does your sis know youīre buying her pheros?


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