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    Default The Women\'s Products

    The Women\'s Section of the Cookbook:

    - Introduction

    Hi, and welcome to the forum! You say you\'re interested in pheromones but you don\'t know what to get? Join the club, \'cause we didn\'t either! But we\'ve tried a few things and over time have come to some tentative conclusions.

    I hope you\'ll venture a purchase of at least one product, if you haven\'t already, so you can do some field work and then come back to share your results and observations. If for nothing else, do it for the sake of science!

    Maybe you\'ve bought some pheromones and now you\'re wondering what to do with them and what to expect. Here\'s a little about some of the products and how we used them.

    - Unscented or lightly scented products

    * APC - nice, clean scent
    * Passion Copulin Concentrate (PCC) - cucumber/melon scent
    * Primal Instinct/Women (PI/w) - no scent

    PCC is just copulins. PI/w is mostly -nol, with a little copulins added.
    APC contains -none.
    You can wear these products without a cologne cover.
    The effects of -nol have been studied longer than the effects of copulins; however, we are coming to some conclusions about copulins based on our experience:
    Copulins make both you and your guy more emotional, or at least, more emotionally available.
    Copulins work well to help initiate sex and seem to incline a couple toward lovemaking; even if it is hot sex, or \"erotic encounter\" sex, there will be a more emotional quality to the interaction.
    If you wear copulins just because you like to, as an every day thing, be aware that too much can make you feel pms-y. Experiment to find the level you like the best.

    Elana on APC:

    \"I ordered APC before I found this forum. So far I have gone out with my APC twice. Both times had hits. The first time I really didn\'t want to count, because it was in Home Depot. Most women do very well in a hardware store. I still don\'t know if that was because of my APC. Today I am certain that it was. I was standing at the counter at the dollar store purchasing a pocket atomizer. All of a sudden the cashier looks me in the eyes and say\'s \"You have beautiful eyes.\" I smiled and said thank you. He then said \"wow, you have a beautiful smile.\" We finished the purchase and as I walked away he said \"Have a great day, Beautiful, and come back and see me.\" He was probably about 10 years younger than me.
    Because I now know APC has such a low concentration, I really didn\'t expect to see any results. Both times, I completely forgot I was wearing it (until the flirting started.) As for the amount I used...I used tons of the stuff. I made a line from my wrist to my inner arm. I did that on both arms. I had some on my neck, behind my ears and even some in my hair.\"

    Marisa on APC:

    \"I gotta love APC. It\'s so funny, but yesterday when I was wearing it with one of my favorite perfume Magic Noir I had such nice conversation with a customer (female). And she came back to thank me again and she kept saying how nice and funny I am. And after her, a very young guy (the most he could be around 25 y.o.) was flirting with me. Absolutely open - in front of others! He could see my wedding ring for sure, but... I know I look younger. But not SO BAD! :-)\"

    - The stinkers:

    These products need to be mixed with cologne or have a cologne sprayed on over them to disguise their smell.

    * AE = Alter Ego
    * TE = The Edge; also marketed as Pro Edge
    * NPA = New Pheromone Additive

    The Edge (TE) is similar to NPA (New Pheromone Additive).

    EW = Essence of Woman

    The thing is, about five minutes after you get past being so mad at yourself for spraying on something that smelled so bad, you\'ll start to be preoccupied with very sexual thoughts. The stuff makes the wearer and the wearee aroused, somehow in a more graphic way than the other products.
    So hold your nose and go for it.

    Here\'s how some of us did it:


    \"I have similar reactions too. [arousal] It does stink, but I mix it with AEw (3-4 drops AEw + 1 spray TEw). AE\'s scent covers the TE smell and there\'s no problem at all as soon as it\'s on my skin. This mix makes me feel really great.\"


    \"I have some mixes of TE/w, EW and Obsession for Women that I wear practically every night. . . Still though, my favorite is NPA/w and I like to dab a little out of the bottle and apply then layer with cologne. I like both the NPA/w and TE/w which I guess is the same as ProEdge. It turns me on too. I wear it with Obsession and some EW mix and it is the absolute hottest mix I\'ve found for turning on both me and my partner.
    TE/w on torso rubbing a little on wrists while spray is still wet. Or NPA/w on wrists and neck.\"

    - The copulins:

    * PCC = Passion Copulin Concentrate
    * EW = Essence of Woman (this is a beta test product available only to experienced pheromone users, that you can get with a $50.00 purchase of any Stone Labs products)
    * PI/W = Primal Instinct/Women\'s formula -- this is mostly -nol with just a trace of copulins


    \"I use PI/w + PCC (just a smidge of PCC) and I always get the desired effects. Of course there are a lot of \"hits\" from this combo but they\'re mostly the kidding around kind of come-ons.\"


    \"I can\'t tell you what AEw smells like ! I just like it very much and don\'t wear any cologne on it. It\'s quite fresh, not heavy at all, not too light. Not sickening. It has essential oils in it. I wouldn\'t be surprised if there was some agrume e-oils in it, just a bit sweetened. I put 3-4 drops of AEw in a small cup, then add 1 very short spray of TEw. I then put the mix behind neck (like the guys do for SOE), behind ears, on right wrist (it helps test the smell too), torso, neck and the rest on the tshirt I wear.\"


    \"I mixed EW with :
    plain water : 1 drop EW for 1 oz (30 ml) water - right today, it stinks
    (2nd mix) 2 drops EW + 400 drops ethanol 90% - right today the smell is ok (I think I added some mandarine e-oil to cover the smell)

    I never mixed EW with perfume (it would have been Kenzo for men), I think it\'s better to have independent products. Only EW has to be mixed with water or ethanol.
    One other thing : I mix only what I need, day after day, I never prepare a mix in advance.\"


    \"First of all I was suprised it didn\'t smell much ...just a bit metallic/water smell, rather pleasant! Well, I sprayed a bit onto some paper and wiped it onto my neck ...go upstairs to my partner and whamo! Mega stiffy, he had that shine in his eye and dilated pupils, I really \"don\'t\" look that good in the morning, y\'know ...the bleary bloodshot look really doesn\'t look that great!!! He said I had the same glint (is that DIHL?) Well I ain\'t tellin\' him!\"


    \"The killer EW Sex Test Mix #1 was...3 drops love scent pheromone additive, 1 eye dropper full of AFA, 3 drops of EW, then the cover scents were...2 to 3 eye droppers full of each, musk, vanilla, amber oil then some L\'air Du Temps perfume to fill the small bottle that I had. Eye droppers were 0.9 ml that I used. Then you shake it real well each time and use only a drop and put on another cover scent on top of it all. It worked for me on getting gay and bi ladies. I\'d really would like to see how it would work on another woman wanting to pick up chicks. Let me know.

    I also tried something different with my EW sex test #1 I only put a tiny drop of it on my finger and rubbed it behind each ear. Then I put on some androstenone pheromone concentrate on my arms, a spray or two of The edge for women on my neck and chest, a drop or two of Primal for her on my shoulders, and a swipe of Passion down below. I rubbed all the stuff all over, then I sprayed on some L\'Air Du Temps and went out to meet my lover who I have been trying to meet up with for 4 months. Well it was a very good night. He really opened up for the first time. And also he got very turned on this time and made all the first moves! I usually have to kiss him first and come on to him first. Not this time! It was great. He was totally into me for once. He hasn\'t acted like that to me in years! And VERY talkative, something he\'s not. Then when I get home my husband takes one look at me [BTW,my husband knows about my lover] and gets so turned on that he has to make love to me right there and then! So EW sex test #1 works on men if you only use a drop of the stuff and then use the other stuff I used. So sex test #1 works straight up on gay and bi women and a drop in combo with other stuff works on men.\"

    Bassman on EW: (Bassman\'s male, btw)

    \"Ok. I have done some calculations. I\'ve come up with a range of application for EW. Actually, it\'s pretty broad, but I\'ll break it down.

    My mix:
    0.018 ml (4 drops from the teensy little needle of a 0.5 ml syringe) in 30 ml of Healing Garden Tangerinetherapy body spray. The lemon balm, citrus, peppermint scent covers EW quite nicely. Dosage: 1 to 2 sprays from one of Bruce\'s atomizers. I\'ll spare you the math. Dosage is 0.09 to 0.18 mg EW (expressed as concentrate, and yes, I\'m glossing the fact that ml EW != gms EW).

    Womans mix:
    Two drops (I gotta assume what that means, I\'ll go with 30 drops per ml) in one ounce cologne. Dosage: 4 drops (again, I\'ll assume 30 to the mil). Works out to 0.29 mg EW. Makes sense to me. I\'ll bet Woman is more comfortable smelling like pussy than I am She\'s using a smaller fluid amount of a more concentrated mix - her cologne provides better coverage than my body spray. Yup. Yup.

    Woman\'s EW Body Spray: 5 drops EW in one gallon distilled water

    FTR Variation: 5 drops EW in one gallon spring water; decant one cup of this mix and add one drop of EW. Apply as fine mist spray all over, cover with light cologne or rose water; nice with one drop of -nol (PI/w or one of the essential oils with -nol sold on this website) applied on neck and wrists.

    FTR\'s Favorite Touch Me Then Try To Leave Mix (T5L Mix): 2 drops EW concentrate, 3 drops PCC, 1 drop -nol stirred well into a jar of Touch Me Then Try To Leave Body Cream by Benefit.\"

    from Oscar:

    Both the Cookbook and the Product Table fall a bit short on providing hard numbers on the concentrations of the Women\'s products. Maybe this will help.

    The products for women (plus \"unisex\" products and men\'s products that women sometimes use) listed in order of decreasing potency are:


    Essence of Woman (EW) - 75mg of Copulins per 7.5 mL bottle.
    10mg/mL of Copulins (1%)

    Primal Instinct for Women (PI/w) - 11mg of A-Nol per 10mL bottle with an undisclosed quantity of Copulins.
    1.1 mg/mL of A-Nol + ? Cops (.11%)

    Perfect Ten for Women (P10/w) - 5mg of A-Nol, 3mg of A-None, 1mg of A-Rone, 1mg of Cops, per 10mL bottle.
    .5mg/mL Nol, .3mg/mL None, .1mg/mL Rone, .1mg/mL Cops, = 1mg/mL total (.1%)

    Scent of Eros for Women (SOE/w) - 4mg of A-Nol, 1mg of Copulins.
    .4mg/mL of Nol and .1mg/mL of Copulins.

    SOE unscented - 4mg of A-Nol and 1mg of A-Rone per 10 mL bottle.
    .4mg/mL of Nol and .1mg/mL of Rone, = .5mg/mL total (.05%)

    NPA/w - supposedly 2.4 mg of total pheros per 5mL bottle.
    A-None is the only disclosed component, though I don\'t believe it\'s the most prominent. There are reportedly TWO secret ingredients, which I would speculate to be Estratetraenol and Androstadienone. Estratetraenol is probably the main ingredient.
    Total concentration is .48mg/mL (.048%)

    Alter Ego for Women (AE/w) - 3.375mg of total pheros per 7.5mL bottle.
    .2mg/mL A-Nol, .15mg/mL A-Rone, .1mg/mL A-None = .45mg/ml total (.045%)

    Alter Ego for Men (AE/m) - 3.375mg of total pheros per 7.5 mL bottle.
    .2mg/mL A-None, .15mg/mL A-Nol, .1mg/mL A-Rone = .45mg/mL total (.045%)

    Androstenone Fragrance Additive (AFA) - 1.5mg of A-None and 1.5mg of A-Nol per 7.5mL bottle
    .2mg/mL A-None, .2mg/mL A-Nol, = .4mg/mL total (.04%)

    Pheromax for Women (P-max/w) - 2mg of A-Nol and 3mg of Cops per 14mL bottle.
    .36mg/mL total (.036%)

    Passion Copulin Concentrate (PCC) - 1.25mg of Copulins per 5mL bottle yielding a concentration of .25mg/mL (.025%)

    Passion Pheromone Attractant for Women (PPA/w) - 2.25mg Of A-Nol and .75mg of Cops per 15mL bottle.
    .15mg/mL of Nol and .05mg/mL of Cops = .2mg/mL (.02%)

    Attraction - 2.1 mg of A-Nol and 1.2 mg of A-None per 30mL bottle. The un-scented Attraction is probably the more suited for women.
    Roughly a 2:1 ratio of Nol to None = .11mg/mL (.011%)

    The Edge for Women (TE/w) = Same mystery ratios and components as NPA/w at .1mg/mL (.01%) Also available in Vanilla scented and the Edge Essentials for women.

    Super Primal Oils- Speculation has the A-Nol concentration of these somewhere between .1mg/mL (.01%) and .4mg/mL (.04%) range. (Admittedly a pretty wide range.) A-Nol only.

    The Reagent Grade individual Chem-Set Pheros would fit in just above or below P10/w as they are all 1mg/mL (.1%) concentration, and I suppose the CS A-Nol would be a suitable product for women\'s use as well.
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