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    Default Shipping mistake... lucky?

    Hi folks

    I ordered some NPA/m from a competitor (I wanted to order from love-scent but the intl. shipping from here cost more than the product) - and it arrived today. One problem, they\'ve sent me AE instead.

    Now... I know the AE is a much more expensive product, but I don\'t know too much about it.

    1) Should I contact the company and demand they send me the correct product, and state that I refuse to pay to ship the AE back to them (why should I have to pay £11 postage to send it back to the states due to their negligence)

    2) Just keep my mouth shut and play around with the AE instead (I\'m a mone newb - I wanted the NPA/m for its pure -NONE content, sexual hits, and enhanced alpha signature)

    If 2, then can someone please give me some advice in regards to AE? What kind of hits does it usually produce? Is it easier to mask the odour with cologne than NPA? etc

    Any advice appreciated!

    Thanks in advance

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    Default Re: Shipping mistake... lucky?

    I don\'t know what is the source of your AE and if you didn\'t order it from LC, perhaps what I can say isn\'t true at 100%.

    The AE sold by LC is the best standalone product and does not stink. In fact, it has a pleasant scent (I don\'t know if your AE has that scent also). This LC\'s AE doesn\'t need to be covered, although you can do it.

    The NPA has what is called a \"cat piss\" smell, so you have to cover it with a cologne or anything else you like.

    The average working ammount is 2-4 drops of AE, well rubbed in your skin (unless you want to use it also in your clothes).

    The AE is the best standalone product and it can provide you social and sexual hits (although these ones aren\'t as strong as the sexual hits provided by the NPA, in theory).

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    Default Re: Shipping mistake... lucky?


    So the fact that I got a $50 product for the price of a $30 product, and the fact that AE is more of an \"all rounder\" means I should keep my mouth shut yeah? Yay [img]/ubbthreads/images/graemlins/smile.gif[/img]

    Yes, it does have quite a pleasant smell, but I\'ll still augment that aroma with one of my own colognes.

    Right, think I\'ll go and give the AE a test-drive today! Oh, that\'s a point - I smeared a tiny drop on my upper lip a while ago to see whether I\'m ultra-none-sensitive, and I\'m not - but I did get a really giddy high feeling for quite a while, and also had \"butterflies\" in my stomach..... is that normal?! It was almost as if I\'d DIHL on myself! I have a resting heart rate of 50, and also noticed a while later my heart rate was resting at about 80 which is unsual for me

    As a side note, reading the various bits I can find about Pherogel - it seems to have the same mones in the same concentration ratio as AE - does that mean it\'d be useful to take out clubbing with me for a handy mid-evening top-up? Bear in mind that we usually dance for about 8 to 10 hours (NON-STOP), until about 7am - meaning a lot of sweating, and I imagine anything I applied at the beginning of the evening will have long worn off by mid-morning

    Cheers! [img]/ubbthreads/images/graemlins/laugh.gif[/img]

    ps. I think after this debacle, I\'ll be using love-scent to get my supplies - just wish Bruce would sort out the intl. shipping. It quoted me $25 or something to ship a $20 product to the UK)

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    Default Re: Shipping mistake... lucky?

    Keep the AE. It\'s a good product and multifunctional. NPA/m is very sexually focused and is more likely to give you negative reactions (ODs).

    Still, NPA is great so get some it you can.

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