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    Default My expirence at a club...

    While reading some of the other posts about this seemingly breakthrough product, I still had many doubts. How could this thing really increase my chances with the opposite sex? So, yes… I did fork over the doe to buy this product. The other night was my first real test- I apply the oil lightly upon my forehead and neck. I then used a strong after shave and masked the strange smell of PI as well as I could. Later, I hooked up with some buddies (all male) and headed out for the club in downtown Seattle. As I walked into the club, I noticed right away the eeriness of it all. It seemed as if every female who walked by me at least tried to make eye contact. I was amazed. However, the opposite was not true. When I approached a female- she only noticed me after I walked by. Right away, I noticed a cute blond following me around with her friend. A buddy of mine pushed me into her and we made our introductions. Things went well and before I knew it SHE WAS BUYING ME DRINKS. I couldn’t believe it… When has a girl much less noticed me and now she was making all the moves. I then found myself tipsy upon a dance floor laden with people. I felt her soft skin pressed against mine and realized she was grabbing me (down there) right in the middle of all these people. Again, I found myself awestruck at the sudden rush of unpredictability… She wanted me… Regardless of the situation or the others around us- she seemed to be so into me; hanging upon my every move. Did I sleep with her, you ask. Actually, against all odds- I told myself no before I even entered the club. Something inside me broke off the enchantment and I realized that this was nothing more than satisfying my physical needs. She was upset when I told her this… and would not let me leave without at least giving her my number. Again, I was not the person pursuing the attraction, it was all her. I left with a good feeling, a feeling I hadn’t felt before. I felt unconquerable.

    Things to keep in mind: THIS IS NOT A LOVE POTION. In fact, without a smile on your face and a quick wit, this stuff is useless. 1) Make eye contact with every girl within 5 feet. 2) Have a confident look upon your face. 3) Say something different when you finally break the ice. 4) Don’t expect a miracle 5) Always try and get a laugh- no matter if you have to stand on your head. 6) Be disagreeable (sounds weird, but girls like this stuff) and follow up with a well based view. 7) Offer a drink only if you know you are getting your money’s worth J . Other than that, BE YOUR SELF. How many times have you heard of people saying - this is not how you acted last time we met… Take the beer goggles off and let loose. Hope this helps- Stay clear of letting yourself be deceived into thinking that all women will want you while wearing this stuff. It does help but without the follow up it is like waving a Taxi without any money.

    ~C Style

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    I agree with you, most guys think if they buy this stuff it going to be a Girl magnet. In reality you have to do it yourself,with confidence making eye contact and smiling. Pheromones is just a tool to get her to notice you.

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    Hehe I like that taxi analogy.


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