i decided to give another try to using Attraction alone, 1 spray under each arm. then i went over to my gf\'s and we were playing around in bed (she\'s in a dorm and has a roommate, so no crazy nakedness at the time, but anyways...), and a couple of times she started burying her nose under my arm. one time after doing that she suddenly started getting very seductive and started sucking on my fingers like ya know and she was getting all rev\'d up. nothing could really happen at the time since her roommate wouldnt leave, grrr, but i could totally see she was reacting very positively. so i\'m thinking that the armpit trick seems to work well w/ multiple products, gotta start trying more different ones.

later on she came over to take a study break (we\'ve got exams this week). i had earlier put on 2 dabs of AE and a spray of Edge over each spot. i also had sprayed Realm for women on my shirt. well once again she got very aggressive and pretty horny and ended up doing more than she usually does , so that was very cool.

i just thought i\'d bring that second part up as a note to some of the people who had been asking if they could stop wearing pheromones once they got really into the relationship. you really dont have to wear them for everyday w/ your person i think, but wearing them when you guys are gonna start fooling around is awesome because it makes the relationship much more passionate. this would be something to consider for people who want to spice up a staled sexual relationship.

well i\'m gonna head back up to hang out on my cloud for awhile, have a good one you guys...