May 2001

Letter from the prez...

Hello Readers,

Thanks for all the great feedback this past month. I\'m sure Dale, our new editor will put it to good use. I even got a few corrections from Canadians and Australians about the proper spelling of the word \"eh?\" I\'ll be more careful... eh? I don\'t think anyone mentioned the fact that Pher News has historically been late every month, but under Dale\'s new directorship, we are looking at the second issue in a row coming out more or less on schedule. Wow!

Congrats also go to our two \"free pheros\" winners for the month. Douglas and Karen can pick a bottle of something from They will get an e-mail confirmation shortly about that. Don\'t forget to send in a survey yourself this month (see below). You just might win something. The odds are quite good.
And as always....

Don\'t forget to smile at someone today!
Bruce Boyd
Owner and CEO of
Pheromone Research News
Dale Andrews
editor <>

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*Last Month\'s Survey & Contest Results
*Pheromone Q and A
*Feature Article: The Mysterious Third Pheromone
*This month\'s \"Free Pheromones\" Survey/Contest
*New Products
*User Corner; Reader Pheromone Stories


This month\'s drawing winners are:

Douglas and Karen

They will each get a free bottle of a popular pheromone product of their choice.

Last month, we asked readers to share their opinions about this newsletter. We received a large number of replies and gained some great ideas for making Pheromone News more useful, informative and entertaining. Most of your replies were very positive and some were downright flattering. We appreciate your thoughts and comments.


1. What\'s your favorite feature of the Pheromone News?
- I enjoy the research data the most.
- User corner of course. Love those success stories, can\'t get enough of them.
- I particularly enjoy the responses from others to the surveys.
- Your feature article.
- I think it might be the editor\'s covering letter. It makes readers get interested in the Pheromone News.

2. What issues/questions would you like to see explored in future surveys?
- How have pheromones made a difference for you? Have they enhanced an existing relationship, or have they assisted in new opportunities? In what way?
- True success stories.
- (I\'d like) more on how pheromones can affect us, the users. I realize most people seem to be interested in attracting someone, but I also realize what we smell, sense, etc, affects our own emotions and attitudes.
- More about the female side of it. When surfing the web, most of the pheromone products and articles were for men, but please don\'t forget the women! We also want to know more about it, and we also want to have a varied choice of products.
- I would like a more in depth report on the newest products, like the smell, what goes into them.

3. What do you feel is the least useful feature of the Pheromone News?
- The questions and answers section makes this seem a little, well, hokey, like one of those weightlifting lists where they say \"Dah.. what are the benefits of <insert extraordinarily long, obscure supplement/hormone/enhancement here>, doc?\"
- The user corner, it\'s too short.
- The research articles. If the product works, that is all I care about. I don\'t need to know why any more than I already do.
- Actually I think they\'re all useful. You want to know the scientific facts, you want to know what other users have experienced and you want to know what kind of products are available, so I would keep it the way it is now.

4. What issues or topics would you like to see featured in upcoming issues of the Pheromone News?
- More user comments and Q&A
- Perhaps a list of what colognes and pheromones have the best overall results when combined.
- I\'d just like to see the research continue to get published. The more research I see on the subject, the more I am won over.
- Best Perfumes. Other types of seduction tools like NLP, Psychic Seduction, Hypno Seduction, etc.
- Men\'s responses to pheromones used by women. That would be very, very interesting.

5. What could be added to Pheromone News to make it even better?
- Perhaps an HTML version of it would be easier to read.
- Links to research sites.
- A question and answer section, where readers submit questions for answers in future issues.
- It\'s very good on its own, just need more people stories in the user corner. Stories of normal people.
- More articles about seduction and a longer Q & A section.


Q: What kind of reactions can I expect while wearing pheromones? What should I look for when I\'m talking to women while I\'m wearing a pheromone product?

A: It can depend on the product you\'re using, but generally it takes a little time to get \"good\" at using supplemental pheromones. Many successful users have been perfecting the art for months or even years. It is a little like getting a musical instrument or a tool of some sort. It takes a while to learn how to use it.

If you want to meet a lot of new people, you will still have to initiate most encounters. However, if you are simply out and around others, and look relatively friendly (\"safe\", I guarantee that you\'ll notice your level of attractiveness to others has changed when using a reasonably potent pheromone product. If you use too much of a product you\'ll probably notice a decreased response from others, and if you don\'t use enough you may notice only a slight change. However, once you discover the right amount, you will notice the optimal increase with that particular product. From there, application points, combinations of products and/or combinations of pheromone products with traditional colognes are directions that will bring even further, synergistic results.

After a while you start to take for granted the new levels of social respect you command, but most distinctively I remember the very first time I wore a pheromone product, and the first time I used a product called the Edge. Both experiences were in small shops, while being waited on by female staff. On the one occasion, two female employees kept me detained for about 20 minutes while they learned everything they could about me. On the second occasion the woman waiting on me was aggressively helpful, and towards the end got a bad case of the giggles. These women didn\'t jump over the counter and tear off my clothes, like some marketers of pheromone products would have you believe, but there was unmistakably something funny going on. That is what I advise you to be on the look out for.

All the Best,

Bruce Boyd
Pheromone News
Legal Disclaimer: I am not a doctor, and therefore none of the information contained in this newsletter should be construed as medical advice. It is only my personal opinion based on research papers and books I have read on pheromones, my own personal experiences and those of others who have written to me.



If you\'ve used a pheromone product in the past, you\'re likely familiar with androstenone and androstenol. These human pheromones are used - individually and in varying blends or concentrations - in virtually every pheromone product on the market today.

Yet, according to Phil Stone, a third pheromone has shown enough effectiveness to merit its use in a commercial product. The pheromone is called androsterone and is an ingredient in Alter Ego, a product for males that is manufactured by Stone Independent Laboratories.

To find out more about androsterone, Pheromone News recently interviewed Phil Stone.

Pheromone News: Why use androsterone in a pheromone product?

Phil Stone: \"Basically, it was just one of the many steroid backbone compounds we were looking at, as far as having a potential for use in a pheromone product. There are obviously many more that qualify as having some type of influence, subconsciously, and this was at the top of the list. Really, more than anything else, it was a trial and error type of thing. Over the past two years we\'ve been doing trial and error on different blends, working them up one at a time, trying various concentrations and different blends of different pheromones. This one, time and time again, has shown the most potential.\"

PN: Are there any formal scientific studies supporting androsterone?

PS: \"We\'ve done quite a few little informal studies, as well as a couple of formal ones we\'re waiting to publish, looking at various demographic groups and determining which (pheromones) have the most effectiveness. We worked with two groups, in doing two double blind studies in 2000, and those we\'re trying to get published right now. It\'s kind of a hard sell because we\'re dealing with some stuff that\'s not generally accepted, but we\'re hoping to have something published as early as June.\"

PN: What are the benefits of using three human pheromones in a product?

PS: \"It\'s generally accepted that androstenone can produce or signal something of an aggressive effect in men, which is also responsible for a great deal of the attraction we find from women. For a long time, we\'ve been coupling that compound (androstenone) with androstenol. Androstenol is generally accepted - when it\'s used alone - to be more of a male attractant, actually. When you combine the two together, it\'s not necessarily a different effect, but for our purposes the numbers go up. We\'re looking for women who would choose A over B in a double blind, with studies that entail anything from two tissues with different blends, to studies in the field where blends are applied to test subjects and we can get readings from that. It\'s not anything that can be published and it\'s not that scientific, but time and time again we see that combining androstenol and androstenone will get a higher response from women, or more attraction.

\"And we found that when we add androsterone, the numbers increase by over 30 per cent from just the combination of androstenone and androstenol. Right now, we\'re also looking at individually adding androsterone to either androstenone or androstenol, and that\'s at an early stage but it looks interesting.\"

PN: What kind of effects would someone notice using a product with androsterone?

PS: \"Among people using our product, the most common comparison is with Primal Instinct (a popular androstenone-only product). People are noticing that Alter Ego seems to give a much stronger \"hit,\" and that\'s obviously subjective, but it\'s the feedback we\'re receiving.

\"One of the interesting things we didn\'t necessarily look for when doing our own studies is that people seem to notice a kind of mood-enhancing, calming effect. We\'ve heard this time and time again from people using Alter Ego on a daily basis, and there are literally thousands of them now. I don\'t know whether to associate it more with the fragrance or the pheromones, but almost half of the feedback has mentioned some type of feel-good response.\"

PN: Does the addition of androsterone mean people should apply more or less of the product?

PS: \"This is kind of a new frontier, but the theory that\'s accepted right now is that each individual person has their own pheromone signature characteristic. You produce various amounts of pheromones at different levels than other people. There seems to be definite evidence to lead us to believe there\'s a most effective, efficient concentration. It\'s a matter of trying to attain that by increasing your own signature by various degrees, and noticing the different results.\"

Survey/Contest time!


According to many experts in human behavior and relationships, we often mate and marry those who are similar to us. Among other things, we\'re said to look for similarities in socio-economic status, religion, culture and education.

This month, we\'re asking the following questions:

1. When it comes to selecting a long-term romantic partner, do you look for certain similarities? Which ones?

2. How important are the following characteristics when it comes to selecting a long-term partner(please rank from 1-10, with 10 being most important):

_____ Culture or nationality
_____ Physical attractiveness
_____ Socio-economic status (i.e. wealth or social standing)
_____ Religion
_____ General level of education
_____ Values
_____ Geographic location (i.e. raised in the same area)

Send your answer to: <>
Please don\'t mail this entire newsletter back to us (for many reasons).
As usual, we will pick prize winners *at random* from the survey entries at the rate of at least 1 per 50 entries, with a minimum of 2 winners each month. Last time there were 93 entries (down from 107 the month before) and 2 winners, which gave entrants a 1 in 47 chance of winning!

Once again, send your completed survey to: <>

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Alter Ego
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Alter Ego contains THREE pheromones (androstenone, androstenol and androsterone) and represents a big leap forward in pheromone technology. Alter Ego has a mild, natural fragrance that fades into a unique musky essence.
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User Corner

I just tried the new Primal Instinct, and additives or not this stuff works...the attention from the women was mind blowing. Three dates for this weekend alone, not to mention a funny story about the way it commands respect. My car needed to go in the shop and all the local shops were busy, but one told me over the phone to stop by to see if they could fit me in. I arrived and there must have been 10 customers ahead of me, all anxious to get in and get out. Well, after waiting 15 minutes or so I went up and asked the girl behind the counter (who was a blue eyed, big-busted beauty) what the chances were of getting in. She smiled at me and said \"Your chances of getting in were pretty good,\" with a smile on her face a mile wide. She handed me the forms to fill out and a piece of paper. When returning to my seat to fill them out I noticed that she wrote her phone number and address - and also, \"are you married? If not call me!!!\" Talk about your lucky day. Two more women asked if I was busy this weekend as well, all in the same day. This just from wearing PI and Andro 4.2, along with Bare Seduction and Tommy Boy!!

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