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    Default OK guys; newbie(41); has read alot but need advice

    I\'ve spent the weekend reading all I can and think I\'ve got the bare basics down but need your advice. I put in an order last night for AE and Attraction. I plan to purchase SOE and PI in a month or so.

    As I stated above I\'m 41. My personality is level headed and friendly. As far as looks go; since all the women(married) I work with can\'t believe I\'m still single and tell me not to settle for anything less I would have to say \"average to above average\". (I\'m not being vain guys just going by what the ladies say). The last relationship was very stressful; more of a fatal attraction. Friends always ask why I end up with whackos. Maybe I need counseling. lol I\'m looking to get more respect from all and more hits. I have to be honest I think many take me for granted. I guess it comes with the personality. I\'m the guy everybody likes and comes to if they have a problem or need advice but sometimes I think that can be a liability. Guys like that are taken for granted and I\'m proof of that. I mean I\'m not walked over but it seems sometimes they don\'t take me seriously. I\'m thinking I need to take something to be more dominant.

    I have to admit my attitude has changed some. You see I have been working out at the gym for some time and I\'m in pretty decent shape for my age. I agree with many of you that stated attitude is important. People have stated I look good so to say the least my attitude has changed. So as you can see I have the attitude now I want to try pheromones. I just want to come across as more dominant but not to the point of turning people off. I have to admit the idea of fear in other guys sounds tempting but would rather have respect and friendliness; ok a little fear. lol

    Hopefully the products I bought are correct. I would appreciate the more experienced for their advice on products. I would appreciate any stories from guys my age.

    This forum and you guys are GREAT. I could read this all night. Again thanks for your time in reading this.

    Darrell (Milwaukee)

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    Default Re: OK guys; newbie(41); has read alot but need advice

    Ya did good for starters. Email Bruce and ask him to include a SOE gelpack (gratis) with your order. I don\'t know if he still does that automatically. That way you could try Soe before wasting ummm I mean spending your money on it.


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    Default Re: OK guys; newbie(41); has read alot but need advice

    Well, from your description of the desired results and the fact that you mentioned that you are in the process of getting SoE and PI/m, KR#1 would be the perfect candidate for what you want.

    - Krish

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    Default Re: OK guys; newbie(41); has read alot but need advice


    I\'m 45 & been using pheros for a few years.

    Conventional wisdom on this forum seems to indicate that older guys do better with products with higher -none concentrations, like Primal Instinct, which you pan to order.

    Also, you mentioned that you\'d like more respect, instead of being considered a nice guy and being taken advantage of sometimes. Primal Instinct is probably the optimal pheromone preparation to wear when seeking respect.

    Please note that Primal Instinct is easy to overdose on -- more than two drops is pushing it, three is probably maximum. Any more than that, and people will steer a wide berth around you -- with the exception of a few women over 65, who will think you\'re the greatest thing since sliced bread.

    As you\'ve no doubt read, it\'s largely a trial & error process to find what works best for you. But considering your age and your goal of respect, you should be well pleased with Primal Instinct.

    NPA (New Pheromone Additive) and Androstenone Pheromone Concentrate (APC) are also excellent products I would recommend to you, and they also work well when used together.

    Alter Ego (AE) is a popular all-around choice.

    WAGG has no effect on women when I wear it, but it definitely makes me feel more serene & confident.

    Attraction I didn\'t feel was worthwhile for me; it\'s not very concentrated, if I remember correctly.

    SOE is great for making others comfortable around you, but I don\'t get sexual hits with it, and too much of it gives me a headache.

    Perfect 10 (P10) is certainly a good product that provides consistent results (but it is a little pricey -- they\'re pretty proud of that stuff over at Stone Labs).

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