Ok I just had a though. I am very new to this forum so forgive me if this is already common knowledge. I once read an article about women that insist on having their newborn babies stay with them in their hospital room. Evidently this is the most critical stage for family bonding. If memory serves, the woman secretes a pheromone that causes tremendous bonding between the whole family or anyone present, this ensures the man stays around, the baby know her mom, etc... So my point is this, where can I find this stuff if it even exists, seems to me that this might elicit a different feeling, maybe love instead of sex? I also read once that when a man and woman are engaged in sex that the woman bonds to the man due to a \"chemical\" release. Is this just another pheromone. Or is this the same bonding pheromone as mentioned above and if so are these pheromones commercially available? Thanks for reading and any info you have.