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    Hello. I purchased a bottle of pure instinct from a local retailer for $12.95 and I was completely blown away by the results. To be blunt I had the most intense sexual expereince of my life and with my EX girlfried whom I no longer sleep with, erm, well, planned to longer sleep with .. oops. Anyway I am curoius if anyone else has used it or namely, if anyone knows anything about it. The bottle is vague and sais \"sex attractant\" it does contain pheromones but does not state what type. $12 seems cheap compared to the products I have seen online so I am guessing it is animal pheromones? Anyway maybe it is an earlier version of Primal Instinct? Bottle sais formulated by Jelique Products in Orting, Wa... sound familiar to anyone?

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    I wrote them a message quite a while back to see what I could find out about the product and possibly selling it at Love Scent, but I never got a reply. The name seems like a rip off of the original trademark/name Primal Instinct, but other than that, I don\'t know anything about it.

    On a related note, a customer in Australia sent me a bottle of a product he said he didn\'t like for some reason. It is also called \"Pure Instinct\", but it made by a company in Orlando Florida. (Tang and Co.) It is a small blue bottle, which states androstenone as one of it\'s ingredients on the back.


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    Hey JohnyBoy,
    Thanks for reminding me about Pure Instinct. I bought some years ago and was disapointed by the lack of results, but I loved the scent (it\'s a fresh sort of unisex blend that\'s oil based and lasts a long time). I still have the bottle, so I\'ll try combining it with Edge. I don\'t remember how much I paid for it. But I think $12.95 is a good deal for the scent alone.

    PS I checked the bottle and it may not be the stuff you are talking about. It\'s the one from Orlando that states it has androstenone.

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