To be honest, I just learned about pheromones a little over a week ago. However, since then I have been very intrigued by them and have done quite a bit of research into them since. And here are some of the more important things I have learned about them and how best to use them to your advantage (a male view):

1. First and foremost, pheromones are not guaranteed to get you the woman you want. They may and may not work on a woman you want. Actually from what I have heard, there is a good percentage of women that they have little or no effects on at all.

2. For the women that pheromones do work on, the pheromones do not usually get the women flocking all over you and wanting to have sex with you. They mainly help to make the women more aware of you and find you more attractive.

3. So don\'t expect women to be throwing themselves all over you. Instead look for the smaller things like a smile, eye contact, or a \"Hello\" from women. Then, make sure you follow up on that. Even if you are not wearing pheromones -- it is *so* important that if you like a women and she makes some kind of move on you like giving you a smile or saying \"Hi\" to follow that up with something. Do not expect her to keep making moves on you, and all you got to do is just stand there and do nothing! And let me tell you, since I am a shy guy, I have been stupid enough to actually let quite a few women make moves on me like that with no follow-up on my part. And I know from that I blew some really golden opportunities.

4. Do not give up on the pheromones. Every body is different. So experiment with different pheromone products (if possible), and try different combos and amounts until you find a good one that works for you. Then apply, and try to forget you are even wearing the pheromones.

That is a real quick run down off the top of my head of some of the more important things I believe you should remember when using pheromones. However, I know I have forgot some other important things, if not tons of important things in some of your opinions. But even with all of the information I may have comprehended, it is still hard to remember and process it all, then spit it back out into words.

But I would like to hear what you all have to say about my little list of some of the more important things to remember when using pheromones. And anything you would like to add to the list. I look forward to hearing from you all on this subject. Take care...

-Dave (no my real name is not JoeyJoeJo)