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    Default The most important things I have learned about pheromones

    To be honest, I just learned about pheromones a little over a week ago. However, since then I have been very intrigued by them and have done quite a bit of research into them since. And here are some of the more important things I have learned about them and how best to use them to your advantage (a male view):

    1. First and foremost, pheromones are not guaranteed to get you the woman you want. They may and may not work on a woman you want. Actually from what I have heard, there is a good percentage of women that they have little or no effects on at all.

    2. For the women that pheromones do work on, the pheromones do not usually get the women flocking all over you and wanting to have sex with you. They mainly help to make the women more aware of you and find you more attractive.

    3. So don\'t expect women to be throwing themselves all over you. Instead look for the smaller things like a smile, eye contact, or a \"Hello\" from women. Then, make sure you follow up on that. Even if you are not wearing pheromones -- it is *so* important that if you like a women and she makes some kind of move on you like giving you a smile or saying \"Hi\" to follow that up with something. Do not expect her to keep making moves on you, and all you got to do is just stand there and do nothing! And let me tell you, since I am a shy guy, I have been stupid enough to actually let quite a few women make moves on me like that with no follow-up on my part. And I know from that I blew some really golden opportunities.

    4. Do not give up on the pheromones. Every body is different. So experiment with different pheromone products (if possible), and try different combos and amounts until you find a good one that works for you. Then apply, and try to forget you are even wearing the pheromones.

    That is a real quick run down off the top of my head of some of the more important things I believe you should remember when using pheromones. However, I know I have forgot some other important things, if not tons of important things in some of your opinions. But even with all of the information I may have comprehended, it is still hard to remember and process it all, then spit it back out into words.

    But I would like to hear what you all have to say about my little list of some of the more important things to remember when using pheromones. And anything you would like to add to the list. I look forward to hearing from you all on this subject. Take care...

    -Dave (no my real name is not JoeyJoeJo)

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    Default Re: The most important things I have learned about pheromones

    Hi Dave,
    All looks on target to me. I would just add that women have a different list of things that they are interested in in a mate than men do, and raw chemical animal attraction is not usually as high on the list as it is for men, so.... the old social skills as well as those wonderful human qualities like warmth, tenderness, honesty, sense of humor etc. are going to come in mighty handy when searching for Ms. Right. Having a nice bod a few bucks and a nice car wouldn\'t hurt either, but hey it all depends what type of person is Ms Right for you, doesn\'t it?
    Thanks for your take on the pheros,

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    Default Re: The most important things I have learned about pheromones

    I believe that Pheromones are a tool, to get the woman\'s attention. Then you need the social skills,breaking the ice starting a nice conversation. Smiling is the most important thing also making eye contact. Women approach men who are smiling and having a good time. If she faces you her body as well, it means she\'s interested. Twirling her hair is another sign and if she licks her lips you\'re there! In the end it depends on the woman so don\'t be offended if she\'s not interested just go on to the next one. Like I said you have to break the ice say something like \"Can a beautiful woman like you use some pleasant company?\". Don\'t give her a chance to reply just introduce yourself after the question, say your name is so and so. Remember you have to be sincere

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    Default Re: The most important things I have learned about pheromones

    That\'s very good for one week of using pheromones. It took me months to realize that my presence didn\'t make girls wet. But you\'re right, pheromones are more subtle than that.
    Two things I\'d like to add:
    One is, don\'t place too much emphasis on the \"hits\" (eye contact, smiles, \"helos\". I once followed a girl all over a supermarket trying to get her to smell my pheromones and she didn\'t even glance my way. But when I gave up and just started a conversation, she ended up being very receptive. I\'ve had many similar experiences. I\'ve also had a few experiences of a girl smiling at me and then acting tense or nervous when I talked to her.
    The second point is that Bruce is probably right about pure sexual atraction being further down on women\'s lists. But pheromones seem to make me apear funnier, smarter and more reliable in women\'s eyes. I think they have a way of magnifying your strong points; so play them up.


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    Default Re: The most important things I have learned about pheromones

    I started using a combo of attraction/ old PI about 2 weeks ago. BTW Bruce thx for the quick delivering (only 8days to Europe). At first I didn\'t really notice any difference, but after a few days I found the women (even the men actually) at work were more friendly to me, even the ones that most of the time just are a pain in the *ss. However this week I got the biggest surprise of my life, a women I have been working together with for over 5 years all of a sudden told me she has a crush on me. guess what , she told me she started to have those strange strong feelings for me about.....indeed.....2weeks ago, rigth when i started to wear the pheros. I feel guilty now actually coz she\'s married and has kids, so I\'ll stop wearing the pheros at work. Well if you ask me , pheros indeed don\'t make women jump on you or beg you to sleep with them. But i am absoutely convinced that pheros have an influence on peoples mood. I also am sure that pheros can make emotions stronger, or bring up hidden feelings. The woman I was talking about probably didn\'t get a crush on me coz of the pheros, that feeling was probably there for a few years already but the pheros just made it stronger. Well i can only say that for me these things work, just hoping for a girl that isn\'t married

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    Default Re: The most important things I have learned about pheromones

    Greg mentioned that pheros have a way of magnifying your strong points, which I think is very true from my experience. But I couldn\'t help but think of the movie Swamp Thing when I heard that, because that movie was all about something that magnified your strong points.

    Anyway I am happy to see that Dave came to so many insightful conclusions so fast. It took me a while to determine the actual effects, but one thing I have to add is that once you are intimate with a woman, I think they do help with the sexual aspect a lot.

    The subtle effects are nice. I started wearing PF at work and it seemed normal conversations, such as at lunch, lasted longer with both males and females, and a female coworker started subtly brushing up against me more often. One thing that I find interesting is I don\'t think people who are affected are really consciously aware of the effects.

    One time I tried an older product (I can\'t find this product anymore--it was from a direct-mail ad) out on a female friend, and she didn\'t think I was wearing anything, but when I said I was she said, \"wait, I have been more giggly today.\"

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    Default Re: The most important things I have learned about pheromones

    Another thing I just thought of that I would like to add to this list is the thing about wearing too much of the pheromones. Now when I first heard that if you wear too much of the pheromones that it can actually work against you and could even repeal women, I thought that was a bunch of BS and that here was the catch to these products that I thought seemed so great. So I thought that when the products don\'t work that people will just keep on using the excuse that you must be putting on too much.

    Then I thought about it more and read more about how this could happen. And then I finally came up with a really simplified way on my own of explaining how this could very well happen. I am actually surprised I have not seen anybody anywhere explain how using too many pheromones can hurt you in this simplified way -- as I believe this is probably one of the best ways to explain it.

    First just think if you are wearing basic cologne or if a woman is wearing perfume. If anybody wears too much it\'s not going to help him or her it only to hurt him or her. I mean when I smell somebody wearing too much cologne or perfume I start to get a headache and don\'t even want to be anywhere around that person. Same thing you would think goes with pheromones. The women that smell the pheromones may be smelling them with a different part of their nose and may only receive its effects sub-concisely, but I am sure sub-concisely they are being told something like, \"Hey, way too many pheromones here, I don\'t like this so much. Let get away from this person.\"

    So I have come to the conclusion myself that I really do believe wearing too many pheromones will not help you, but very well could working against you -- and that is not what you want or bought the stuff for. So my advice would be just be very careful of the amount of pheromones you wear. Like I have heard others say - start with putting a small amount of pheromones on, and then work your way up until you find an amount that works for you.

    I hope this also helps people and has given them a little better insight into the area of how wearing too much of the pheromones can actually truly hurt you.


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