I\'ve read some posts and found out that Lure for men has great effects on girls because of it\'s androstenol. They said that \'nol is like a sweet scent to women and it can actually bring \'em to you. While PI on the other hand can backfire because eventhough androstenone can make them sense your \"alpha-male\" type, they might get a little scared and may not act like they\'re really noticing you.

As for now, Im only using PI and not noticing DIHL yet nor any conversations from unknown girls but i do get a lot of respect and kindness from people i\'ve always been working with.

I\'m planning to get Lure for men and i just want to know if it will be better to try it by itself first or will it have more effect when used with PI? What other product would you recommend with PI aside from Lure?