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    Default Skin, Clothes or Hair??

    I understand that pheromones last for hours on skin and days/weeks on clothes. Is that generally true?

    What about putting pheros in your hair? Would that be an effective way to use them? Would they last longer than they do on skin??


    (this is my first post)


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    Default Re: Skin, Clothes or Hair??

    Hi, Carlos! Welcome to the board.

    From what I both read and experienced, pheros do last longer on clothing and hair then on your skin, primarily because pheros are naturally broken down by the bacteria on your skin.

    And yes, the placing pheros on your hair and clothing are effective ways of using them.

    Good luck! [img]images/icons/wink.gif[/img]

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    Default Re: Skin, Clothes or Hair??

    Depends whether it is an oil or alcohol based product as well
    Oil is better on skin (Slow realise)
    Alcohol is better on hair and clothing

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