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    Hi there!! I am a totally newbie on this. I am male aged 20, fairly active. I ordered primal instinct as my first. Did I buy the right product for a newbie? And what should I expect the first day when I wear this?

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    Hi, Primal! Welcome to the board.

    As a youngster (no offense) you\'re probably high in androstenone already. Since PI is also very concentrated androstenone, I\'d go very light in your first application.

    I\'d suggest, one dab (put finger over mouth of bottle and quickly invert) spread equally behind both your ears vs. one drop. Make sure you cover the PI with a good cologne.

    If nothing happens, then next time go for one drop spread equally behind both ears.

    Just my $0.02 wirth... [img]images/icons/smile.gif[/img]

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    Of course you can use a perfume. Personally, I often mix PI with \"perfumey\" e-oils (e.g., ylang ylang, patchouli, bergamot, etc.). The idea is to provide some type of covering for PI to mask the often reported strong phero smell of PI.

    As for results, that will vary depending on how much PI you use, the effectiveness of the cologne/perfume masking, your natural phero \"output\", and your personality. As Bruce is often quoted, \"Smile at someone today.\"

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    Sounds like a good idea

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    Thanks for the advice!! In this forum, I have heard a lot of people discussing mixing of PI and cologne (as you said)and mixing of pheros themselves. What does that mean? putting both liquids into one bottle or use one first then putting on the other. Please Reply!!

    And like how many days will it take for PI to reach me from your place to Alabama?

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    hi primal!

    im a newbie like u. im using PI for about 3 days now. i got my package excactly 5 days after purchase and im from atlanta.
    honestly, i don\'t know why they say primal got strong odor bec. i really don\'t smell nothing at all but it\'s been proven that the user usually experiences sleepiness during the first few days like im experiencing now.

    as far as the results and expectations, i think it\'s not yet working for me. be careful with dogs though, u might want to read my post \"DOG in the Headlights\" its about my very first encounter with PI.

    I don\'t get DIHL like they said but i sure noticed different treatment from people, the associates in stores are extra courteous and smiling, almost laughing already. But im not pretty sure if that\'s bec. of pheros. I mean, that\'s how they\'re supposed to act with customers.

    I usually put 1 drop spread behind each ear then i spray my fave cologne candies OR Gio Armani. For some reason, im beginning to think that my cologne started to produce a diff. smell than what im used to. it became a little off when before they\'re usually sweet smelling scent. I don\'t know again if it\'s bec. of pheros.

    I haven\'t made a decision yet but if i still don\'t get nothing within the next few weeks, i might try another product from this site to be mixed with PI. I hope somebody gives us a very effective mix-up so we begin to experience results.

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    Hi again!! Why do we have to use a cologne with Primal Instinct? Can I use a perfume, like \"EGOISTE\"? Would it do help or ruin the effect of PI? Also, what results should I look for? Can I expect every girl smiling at me? Come closer to me, uncontrollobly? [img]images/icons/cool.gif[/img] Lots of questions but Wow!! these things looks exciting. [img]images/icons/laugh.gif[/img]

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    Redcapp: I\'ve not noticed that PI alters the scent of cologne or e-oils. However, PI, being so concentrated, will produce a phero smell that one can detect if the cologne/perfume/e-oil masking is not sufficient. What you\'re probably detecting is the PI phero smell coming through your cologne.

    Primal: Since PI is oil based, it does not seem to mix well with colognes (my experience is the oil and water mess), but PI does seem to mix well with e-oils and perfumes that are oily.

    As for the actual mixing: posters on this board have done both the \"add phero and masking agent to a separate bottle\" and the \"add phero to body part and then add masking agent to same body part\".

    The key to the bottle mixing is to mix solutions that have equal bases (i.e., oils w/ oils, alcohol w/ alcohol).

    The one exception to this rule is if you\'re mixing something that has di-propylene glycol in it. This particular agent is used by the perfume industry to combine incompatible liquids (e.g., alcohol and e-oils) to product perfumes and colognes. APC is one such product that is light in pheros but mixes readily with both PI (oil based) and NPA (alcohol based).

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