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    You said you\'ve tried Lure for men, and that it attracted almost every female that passed you by? What do you mean, what happened? How much Lure did you put on? Any other experiences, or was that the only time, to your knowledge, Lure attracted a lot of females? Was that the only thing that you were wearing, phero wise? Tap me a response. Thanks - Mobster [img]images/icons/cool.gif[/img]

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    To answer your question, yes Lure was the only thing I was wearing. I bought it on a whim after reading about pheromones ealier that day. I wasn\'t wearing that much, being that Lure is kind of strong (for my taste anyway). I put like a drop behind each ear and maybe like two drops on my shirt just in case.

    I got the same reaction while paying a bill for my cable. A couple of women like walked up to me and struck a conversation.

    I must say that I was skeptical about pheromones until I actually tried the Lure. I also bought some \"Pure Instinct\" but I haven\'t put that one to the test yet. (And yes it is \"Pure Instinct\" not Primal Instinct\".

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    Mobster... I\'m sorry, I missed the first part of you question....

    What happened was, I went to this club and sat in a chair at the bar. It was like women who passed by and some who had passed by and were sitting further down the bar than I was would only order their drinks from where I was sitting, most of them striking up small conversations. One women even pulled up a chair next to me and started discussing her boyfriend problems with me. Then there was the bar tender. She would only leave from in front of me to poor drinks and come right back in front of where I was sitting. I was drinking Club Soda after a while and she made sure that I had some waiting before I finished the one I was drinking.
    Guys were even coming up to me telling me that I had the most popular seat in the club with all the women coming up.

    It was GREAT..

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    Hi . . thats pretty interesting . .

    How many drops do u use when ur not in

    club s ?


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